The photos that shocked the world (34 photos)

Warning, not for the faint of heart

Photography, in the decades that it exists, and will leave an indelible mark on the soul of every person. Many photographers have achieved what can still achieve no cameraman - is captured in the eternal memory of those split seconds that shook and turned the world, forced to experience feelings, to smile and even to shudder from the very world in which we are all with you live.

Tragedy of the XX century - hundreds of them ... the blood, pain and suffering - that brought the revolution, world war, political upheavals and terrible incident. And all of them, as a rule, carefully photographed and logged.

The child in the womb

Take a closer look to this photo. This is one of the most remarkable photographs that have ever been made. The tiny baby grip stretches from the womb to squeeze the finger of the surgeon. By the way, a child 21 weeks from conception, the age when he could still be legally aborted. The tiny handle on the photos belongs to a child who was born on December 28 last year. The photo was shot during an operation in America.

The first reaction - to recoil in horror. It looks like a close-up of some kind of terrible accident. And then you notice, in the center of the photo, tiny hand, grasp the finger of the surgeon.

The child literally grabs life. Therefore, it is one of the most beautiful pictures in the medical record, and one of the most extraordinary operations in the world. It shows a 21-week fetus in the womb, before the operation on the spine, which needed to save the child from severe brain damage. The operation was performed through a tiny incision in the wall of the mother and is the youngest patient. In this period the mother may choose to have an abortion


The most famous photograph that has not been seen & quot ;, - as Associated Press photographer Richard Drew (Richard Drew) calls his picture of one of the victims of the World Trade Center, jumped out of the window towards his own death 11 September

"On that day, which is greater than all other days in the history was captured on the camera and on film - he wrote later Dzhunod Tom (Tom Junod) in 'Esquire', - the only taboo by common consent steel pictures jump out of windows of people." Five years later, "falling man" Richard Drew is a terrible artifact of the day that was supposed to change everything, but did not change

The explosion at the Vietnam

Photographer Nick Ute made a photo of the Vietnamese girl fleeing from the exploding napalm. It was this picture made the world think about the war in Vietnam.

Photo 9-year-old girl, Kim Phuc June 8, 1972 went down in history forever. Kim first saw this picture 14 months later in a hospital in Saigon, where she was treated for terrible burns. Kim is still remembered as the day of the bombing, she fled from his brothers and sisters and can not forget the sound of falling bombs. Some soldiers tried to help and doused it with water, not knowing that it will make even more burns. Photographer Nick Ute helped the girl and brought her to the hospital. Photos First hesitant to publish photos of nude girls, but then decided that the world should see this picture.

Later the photo was named the best picture of the XX century. Nick Ute Kim tried to protect from excessive popularity, but in 1982, when she was studying at the Medical University, the Vietnamese government has found it, and since then the image of Kim was used for propaganda purposes. "I was under constant supervision. I wanted to die, this photo haunted me, "- said Kim. Later, she managed to escape to Cuba to continue his education. There she met her future husband. Together they moved to Canada. Many years later, she finally realized that he can not run away from this picture, and decided to use it, and his fame to fight for peace.

Buddhist monk

Malcolm Brown, 30-year-old photographer (Associated Press) from New York, called on the phone and asked to be at a certain intersection in Saigon the following morning, as should happen is something very important. He came back with a reporter from The New York Times. Soon a car drove up, out of it came some Buddhist monks. Among them - Thich Quang Duc, who sat in the lotus position with a box of matches in his hand, while the other began to pour petrol on it. Thich Quang Duc struck a match and turned into a living torch. In contrast to the weeping crowd, seeing him off, he did not utter a sound and did not move. Thich Quang Duc wrote the then head of the Vietnamese government a letter asking them to stop the repression of the Buddhist monks to stop detentions and to give them the right to practice and spread their religion, but got no response

The death of the boy

The death of the boy's Al-Dura, shot the reporter of the French television station when he shot and killed by Israeli soldiers, being in the hands of his father.

Portrait of a "shahid" al-Dura spread to stamps, books, songs and posters. But Jewish activists in France, questioned the authenticity of the pictures are a stubborn group, stretching for several years, demanding that French television revealed as those parts of the shooting, which were not included in the broadcast, excerpts showing the Palestinians train in mock incident firing as a result of who was allegedly killed al-Dura

Burial of an unknown child

December 3, 1984 the Indian city of Bhopal have suffered from the most large-scale man-made disaster in the history of mankind. Giant toxic cloud released into the atmosphere by the US for the production of pesticides, has covered a city, taking in the night life of three thousand people and 15 thousand in the next month. In general ease of release of toxic waste has suffered more than 150 000 people, not counting the children born after 1984

A mouse with a human ear

Surgeon Vacanti Jay (Jay Vacanti) from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston in conjunction with Microengineering Jeffrey Borenstein (Jeffrey Borenstein) is developing methods of growing artificial liver. In 1997, he was able to grow on the back of the mouse a human ear using cartilage cells.

The development of a technique for cultivating liver is extremely important. In the UK alone in the queue for transplantation are 100 people, and, according to the British Society of liver (British Liver Trust), the majority of patients die without waiting for transplants

Che Guevara

Photo taken by Alberto Korda reporter (Alberto Korda) at a rally in 1960, where between a palm tree and someone's nose can be seen even Che Guevara, claims to be the most publicized in the history of photography

The execution of Saddam Hussein

December 30 in Iraq executed the former president of the country of Saddam Hussein. Supreme Tribunal sentenced former Iraqi leader to death by hanging. The sentence was carried out at 6 am in the suburbs of Baghdad.

The execution took place shortly before the morning prayer, marks the beginning of the Muslim feast of sacrifice. It is filmed on video and now the Iraqi national television broadcast the recording on all channels.

Those present at the same time the representatives of the Iraqi authorities reported that Hussein behaved with dignity and did not ask for mercy. He said that "happy to accept the death of his enemies and be a martyr," and not languish in prison until his death

Loch Ness monster

Photo Loch Ness Monster. Ian Wetherell 1934

Lunch construction workers

The photo was taken 29 September 1932 on 69-floor building in recent months, the Rockefeller Center

Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse

At the end of April 2004 the CBS program 60 Minutes II aired a story about torture and abuse of prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison a group of American soldiers. In the plot were shown pictures that a few days later were published in the magazine «The New Yorker». This was the scandal around the presence of the Americans in Iraq.

In early May 2004 the leadership of the Armed Forces of the United States acknowledged that some of the torture methods do not conform to the Geneva Conventions and announced its readiness to publicly apologize.

According to the testimony of a number of prisoners by American soldiers raped them, they went to the top, forced to catch food from the prison toilets. In particular, the prisoners said: "They forced us to walk on all fours, like a dog, and yapping. We had to bark like dogs, and if you do not bark, then you slapped without any pity. Then they threw us in cells taken mattresses, water was poured on the floor and forced to sleep in the mire without removing hoods from the head. And all this is constantly photographed, "" An American said he raped me. He painted a woman on my back and made me stand in shameful position holding a own scrotum »

12-year-old Afghan girl

The most famous photograph Stephen Makkyuri (Steve McCurry), made by him in a refugee camp on the Afghan-Pakistan border. Soviet helicopters destroyed a village a young refugee, her entire family was killed, and before you get to the camp, the girl did a two-week road in the mountains. After the publication in June 1985, this picture becomes an icon of National Geographic. Since then, the image wherever unused - from tattoos to rugs that turn a photo into one of the most publicized photos in the world


Stanley Forman / Boston Herald, USA. July 22, 1975, Boston. The child and the girl fall, trying to escape the fire

Mushroom cloud

Mushroom cloud over Nagasaki, author unknown

Girl draws' house »

Poland - a girl Teresa, who grew up in a concentration camp, draws a "house" on the board. 1948. David Seymou

Terrorist attack 9/11

Terrorist Act September 11, 2001 (often referred to simply as 9/11) - a series of coordinated suicide terrorist attacks that occurred in the United States. According to the official responsible for these attacks lies on the Islamic terrorist organization "Al-Qaeda».

On the morning nineteen terrorists, presumably related to the "Al Kaide", divided into four groups, captured four scheduled passenger airliner. Each group had at least one member that has passed initial flight training. The hijackers flew two of the airliners into the towers of the World Trade Center, American Airlines Flight 11 into the tower WTC 1, and United Airlines Flight 175 in WTC Tower 2, with the result that the two towers collapsed, causing serious destruction of the surrounding buildings

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls froze. Photo 1911

Hungry boy and a missionary

Mike Wells, United Kingdom. April 1980. Karamoja Region (Karamoja), Uganda.

White and colored

Elliott Erwitt Photo 1950

The officer shoots a prisoner

Photo officer shot in the head handcuffed prisoner, not only won the Pulitzer Prize in 1969, but also completely changed the attitude of Americans to what happened in Vietnam. Despite the obviousness of the image, in fact, photography is not as straightforward as it seemed ordinary Americans, was filled with sympathy for the executed. The fact that the man in handcuffs - Captain Viet Cong "warriors of vengeance", and on this day he and his henchmen were shot are many unarmed civilians. Gen. Nguyen Ngoc Loan, shown in the photo on the left, all his life haunted his past: he refused to be treated in an Australian military hospital, after moving to the US, he was faced with a massive campaign calling for his immediate deportation, the restaurant he opened in Virginia, every day He was attacked by vandals. "We know who you are!" - This inscription pursued General of the Army all his life

Freezing rain

Freezing rain ... It sounds innocuous enough, but nature is often throws up surprises. Freezing rain can form a thick crust of ice on any subject, even destroying the giant pylons. And can create incredibly beautiful works of art of natural origin

In the photo the consequences freezing rain in Switzerland

Father and son

Jean-Marc Bouju / AP, France.

March 31, 2003. An Pressing (An Najaf), Iraq. Man tries to soften the harsh conditions of his son in jail for prisoners of war.


Documentary Patterson-Gimlin, in 1967 depicting a female Bigfoot, American "Bigfoot" is so far the only clear photographic evidence of the existence in the land of the living relic hominids referred to hominology term "Guoming." At the same time, there is a fair amount of fuzzy, blurry images are not suitable for scientific analysis. It is a testament to how difficult the subject is photographed these primates. As a rule, meeting with them occur at dusk and unexpectedly, so shaken by the witness at the critical moment is usually not just forget about the presence of a camera or camcorder, but even weapons

A soldier facing death

Republican soldier Federico Borrell Garcia depicts the face of death. The picture caused a huge shock in society. The situation is absolutely unique. Photographer for the time of the attack made just one shot, at the same time made it at random, without looking through the viewfinder, he did not look in the direction of "model". And it is - one of the best, one of his most famous photographs. It is through this snapshot already in 1938 the newspaper called the 25-year-old Robert Capa "greatest war photographer in the world»

The boy returned to Grozny

Lucian Perkins / The Washington Post, USA.

May 1995. Chechnya.

A young boy looks out from a bus loaded with refugees who fled from the epicenter of the war between Chechen separatists and Russian near Shali, Chechnya. The bus returned to Grozny.

Sailor kissing a nurse

Alfred Eisenstaedt (Alfred Eisenstaedt, 1898-1995), a photographer working for the magazine Life, strolling through the area photographed kissing. He later recalled that he had noticed the sailor, who "was hovering over the area, and kissed indiscriminately all women in a row: young and old, thick and thin. I watched, but did not appear the desire to photograph. Suddenly, he grabbed something white. I barely had time to pick up the camera and take a picture of him kissing a nurse ».

For millions of Americans, this photograph that Eisenstadt called "unconditional surrender", became a symbol of the Second World War

The human embryo

Nilsson has received international acclaim in 1965 when LIFE magazine published a 16-page photo of a human embryo. These photos are immediately replicated in Stern, Paris Match, The Sunday Times and other journals. In the same year published a book of photos Nilsson A Child is Born, vosmimillionnny edition of which was sold in the first few days. This book has withstood several reprints and still remains one of the best-selling illustrated books in the history of this kind of albums. Photos human fetus Nilsson managed to get in 1957, but they were not yet sufficiently spectacular to show them to the public

Victory Banner over the Reichstag

Photography, which was caught planting the Victory Banner over the Reichstag spread around the world. Eugene Chaldea, 1945

A woman confronts Israeli police

Settler resists an officer of the Israeli army outpost Amon, West Bank, February 1, 2006

Jewish settler opposed to the Israeli police, which leads into force of the Supreme Court decision on the dismantling of nine houses in the outpost settlements of Amun, the West Bank, February 1. The residents, who were joined by thousands of other protesters erected a barrier of barbed wire to protect their houses and clashed with police. More than 200 people were injured, including 80 police officers. After hours of confrontation, the settlers drove to the place, and came the bulldozers began demolishing

Famine in Sudan

By the early summer of 1994, Kevin Carter (Kevin Carter, 1960-1994) was at the height of his fame. He had just received a Pulitzer Prize, a job offer from the famous magazines fell one after the other. "I congratulate all" - he wrote to his parents, - "I can not wait to meet you and to show his trophy. This - the highest recognition of my work, which I did not dare to dream ».

Kevin Carter received a Pulitzer Prize for his photo "The famine in the Sudan", taken in the early spring of 1993. On this day especially Carter flew to Sudan, to shoot scenes of hunger in a small village. Tired of shooting people dead from hunger, he went from village to small bushes overgrown field, and suddenly heard a soft cry.


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