The most famous fotofalsifikatsii (21 photos)

Since then, as there was a magic program Photoshop, without which contemporary photographers see themselves, the number of false images, spread to the Internet has increased dramatically is not known what is the motivation for the creation of such forgeries, or mischief, or the desire to stand out or introduce someone It is misleading, but nevertheless, many Internet users take the results of such forgeries at face value.

1. flight company Air France 447.

It has been argued that this photo from Air France flight 447 was made just before the fatal moment when the plane crashed to the ground. But in reality, this image - the frame of the series «Lost». However, the picture has become viral, and many believed in the reality of the image. 2. The Indian Ocean tsunami

One of the many photos that appeared on the Internet after the tsunami that struck the Indian Ocean in 2004. In fact it was a photograph, taken in the Chilean province of Antofagasta with waves, realistically added in Photoshop.

3. Children play computer games after the floods in the Philippines.

In 2012, after severe flooding in the Philippines, these images depicting children playing in a flooded room hit the net. Despite the fact that many believe in the reality of the image, the picture is a fake.

4. Tourist on the roof of the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001

Perhaps this is one of the most famous ever made fotopoddelok. At first it was believed that this photo was actually received from someone's camera found in the ruins of the Twin Towers after the tragedy, but it was later proved that this fotopoddelki.

5. Hurricane Isaac.

This photo flooded all social networks. Initially, it was stated that it depicts Hurricane Isaac. Meteorologist Josh Linker commented on the picture as follows: "This is - the image otfotoshoplennoe storm front, which appears in the foreground every time anywhere there is a hurricane threat."

6. Hercules, the world's largest dog.

Although the biggest, tallest and the heaviest dog in the world, of course, issued search Google, this guy does not appear among them. This is a real photomontage who believe gullible Internet users.

7. Shark helicopter against

What is it - Photo manipulation, may be obvious to the majority of sane people, but we live in a world where some people believe that such a picture - a reality.

8. Fairy Derbyshire

Designed for April Fool Dan Baines from Derbyshire (England) allegedly fake mummified fairy just blew in his time online. Even after the author admitted to joke that it was just a fake, some fans refused to believe in fairy tales unreal "magic fairy".

9. Bush and the book "upside down".

It would not have joked about slowpoke former US president, and as it did not look fun to this photo, it's still just a montage.

10. The Statue of Liberty in the hurricane Sandy

This is another attempt to portray the end of the world by using a graphical editor. It looks pretty realistic, but it's a fake.

11. Sharks in a supermarket in Kuwait.

No, there were no sharks to escape to freedom after a pool and swimming around the escalator in Kuwait.

12. Earth, Mercury and Venus with Mars

This picture, which shows the Earth, Mercury and Venus, photographed allegedly from Mars, was created by a software planetarium.

13. Rainbow owl.

Authors snapshot claimed that a rare rainbow owl that lives in the forests of China. In fact, it is common hawk owl, painted in a rainbow of colors using Photoshop.

14. Oil derrick on background of tornadoes and lightning.

Photo tornadoes in the background lightning is actually real. It was made by Fred Smith in Florida June 15, 1991. But the oil rig was added later in Photoshop.

15. Castle on the island.

This absolutely fantastic picture appears on the network every few years. In fact, it was obtained by combining a German castle with a rocky island in Thailand.

16. Mystic tree

Authors snapshot argued that it is a mystical tree in Africa, it really is a miracle tree found in the entertainment amusement park Disney World voFloride.

17. Rabbit mutant

This is actually a normal kitten, which was published as an April Fool's joke. At first glance it is clear that it is a fake.

18. The baby polar bear

Although the picture looks very real, in fact it is just an image of miniature toys.

19. Violet forests in Scotland.

These trees are not purple and Scottish, as many believe. It's just edited in Photoshop picture Shotover River in New Zealand.

20. Lunar watermelon.

It has been argued that this is a very expensive watermelon, which is sold in Japan. Unfortunately, in nature there is no such watermelons, it fotopoddelki.

21. Watch the patriarch

Well, of course - watch the patriarch, who became a sensation in the spring of last year, in one of his interviews, Patriarch Kirill said that the watch Breguet (worth 30 thousand euros), he does have (him they allegedly presented), but it is they never wore. The next day, the official website of the Patriarchate of all the clocks with the hands of the Patriarch were scraped to confirm his statement. However, on one of the ph hours, remove from the hands continued to be reflected in the polished table. The result was a scandal ...


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