Long before the 15 first photos that turned the course of history. The unique images!

You must have seen many historical pictures that turned your view of the past. That now seems usual and customary when something has been done for the first time. Today the team of entertainment magazine Ofigenno.cc has decided to introduce you to the unique historical images. Each of them was a breakthrough in a particular field of photography. Tell me, do you ever wondered when and who made the first photograph? I could imagine that this now popular self made in the nineteenth century? Photo took really long way to go before being brought before the public in the form to which we are accustomed. A virtual tour of the exclusive photographs that changed the course of history, starts right now!

First Photo
To be precise, this is the first picture that survives to this day. It belongs to the hand of the French inventor Joseph Nicephore Niepce. He managed to get this shot in 1826. It is believed that the first photographs of Niepce did back in 1822, but to this day they have not survived. In the frame has a name - "View».

First Photo man
Another Frenchman, this time Louis Daguerre, in 1838, was able to capture a picture person. What is most interesting, the survey lasted seven minutes on one of the boulevards of Paris. During this time there have passed a lot of people, but because of the long exposure to the frame, they never were. An exception is the one person in the lower left corner of the photo.

The first color photograph
It was presented by James Clerk Maxwell in 1861, at a lecture at the Royal Institution in London. The idea of ​​the image he nurtured for six years. For those who do not understand - a tricolor ribbon tied in a bow. One hundred years after that, the company "Kodak" has demonstrated that at the time to get the negatives green and red shades was almost impossible. Maxwell managed to accidentally by mixing completely different colors.

The first photo rocket launch from Cape Canaveral
The launch of 2 Bumper V-took place in July 1950. Photo owned by NASA.

The first digital photos
Long before, in "Kodak" invented his first camera, was made the first digital picture. To be precise - is a digital scan of the film (1957). The picture shows a three-month son of an American engineer Russell Kirsch. The original image size - 176h176 pixels.

The first self
First fotoavtoportret the world was made long before the era of Instagram. The exact date of the photograph is unknown, but researchers attribute it to the autumn of 1839. Shooting took the author less than a minute, and as a result we have here is a clear dagerotipichesky avtoportet.

The first aerial
This impressive picture Boston aerial view - the world's first example of aerial photography. This happened in 1860 thanks to the able hands of James Wallace Black, who flew in a balloon Samuel King.

First Photo Space
Here's our planet from a distance of 65 miles. Made in 1946.

The first photo President
The well-known tradition of taking pictures of US presidents starts in 1843, when this photo was taken by John Quincy Adams, 6th President of the United States. However, at that time he had already left his post.

The first photograph taken from the air
You'll be surprised, but the first aerial photos are ... birds. In 1903, inventor Julius Noybronner attached a special device (consisting of a camera and timer) on the neck of a dove. Incidentally, the German army used these devices for military intelligence.

The first pictures of the crash
The crash happened at Fort Meyer September 17, 1908. On board were the pilot, Thomas Selfridge (crashed on the spot) and inventor Orville Wright, who survived.

The first color underwater photography
It was made in 1926 in the Gulf of Mexico jointly naturalist William Lonely and photographer of National Geographic Charles Martin.

First Photo fully illuminated Earth
The first picture, which depicts a fully illuminated Earth, known as «The Blue Marble» («Blue Marble"). It was made December 7, 1972 a team of spacecraft "Apollo-17».

The first picture of Mars
July 20, 1976 the spacecraft "Viking-1" made a unique photo. Later, it was used to study the planet's surface.

The first 3D-portrait of the president
This image - a great example of that technological progress does not stand still. Scholars of the Smithsonian Institution and the Institute for Creative Technologies US printed portrait of Barack Obama in the 3D-printer. To this end, the White House has mounted a special installation of 50 LED lights and 14 video cameras to transmit images to 3D-camera. Experts note that this accuracy when copying a real object has been achieved for the first time. We attach a video so you can see the process of creating a modern masterpiece.

I think some of these images have become revolutionary for you a real discovery, and shed light on how the developed picture. As you can see, the inventors made a huge leap in fotomasterstva from random black and white photos to cutting-edge 3D-technologies. I assure you that the world has so many amazing things that you would not even know. Show the collection of friends, she was very informative.

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