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Since then, as the ultra-modern rover "Kyuriositi" landed on Mars in August 2012 and began to study in detail the surface and atmosphere of the Red Planet, the press began to appear more and more mysterious images. However, strange images appeared long before the journey "Kyuriositi." Those sphinxes, traces of Bigfoot, UFOs, and even human finger - all of this with you the fruit of our rich imagination, or something really worthy of attention? Mysterious images from Mars rover 2012 "Kyuriositi" regularly sends pictures of the Red Planet, scientists suggest that thinking. NASA already has some very strange photos, explaining that scientists can not yet. For example, what kind of white light dances on the horizon of the planet and what strange, though subtle, balloons flying in the sky?

The same picture, but in a different color. In the sky above the horizon is clearly traced strange NLO.

Although NASA representatives did not comment on these pictures, hunters aliens somehow believe that these objects - spacecraft of extraterrestrial civilizations, who look after our "absurd" attempt to explore the Red planetu.

Photographic Experts believe that these "strange balls" - only image defects, so-called "dead pixels." Strange discoveries on Mars messages that found on Mars finger appeared in August. In fact, it was the pictures of the Martian rocks, one of which strikingly resembled palets.

Another photograph stone turned upside down ... like tapok.

If you look at yet another lonely stone, it may seem that some strange creature looks at us:

Face on Mars This story appeared in 1976, when NASA announced the exciting pictures of the Martian mountains made spacecraft "Viking 1". Mountain top with something reminiscent of a human face with eye sockets and nozdryami.

After 30 years, that person still generates a lot of mysterious myths and theories, and many people believe that the person is - the work of an ancient Martian civilization, similar to the one built on the land of the Sphinx and piramidy.

A bird's-eye shadows that throws a mountain, really resemble the face. However, photos of the same mountains from other angles that were made spacecraft "Mars Express" show that this mountain is nothing like a statue cheloveka.

In the scientific world, even coined the term pareidolia, which represents a kind of visual illusions, when a person sees on the photo and picture what is actually there, but the details of the object add up to a certain image. Pareidolia associated with our increased sensitivity to detail. We are so accustomed to seeing human faces that we see them even where they do not really have. Tree on Mars - another illusion visual vospriyatiya

In 2001, 7 years before the death of the famous writer fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke, one of the authors of the famous movie "Space Odyssey 2001", announced that saw pockets of vegetation, including trees, new photographs from Mars that were made by the research station "Mars Global Surveyor ยป.

Branches that Clark took to the trees, in fact, Mars researchers called "spiders". They really look like tree branches and vary in different seasons due to the melting of carbon dioxide ice caps, which are located at the poles of the Red Planet. When the ice is converted into CO2 gas, it begins to flow, creating a "threads." Man on Mars - curious picture from Mars on pictures obtained by the Mars rover "Spirit" in 2007, we can see the figure of a man who is dressed in a robe and bowed in a posture of prayer. Of course, this is just a stone that in the photo looks like a human. Also in 2011, the Italian Matteo Janne said that he saw one of the images of Mars photo of Mahatma Gandhi in the profile, and even said the exact coordinates of mesta.

It later emerged that the sharper picture is just a banal crater:

An interesting photo was taken in September 2012. The picture shows the figure of the Sasquatch! At least, this is how we predstavlyaem.

Source: www.infoniac.ru/news/Chto-vidyat-na-Marse-zagadochnye-snimki-s-Krasnoi-planety.html


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