12 unjustly neglected yard games, which is unlikely to know your child. That was the time!

So it's time to welcome school holidays. Today's children are unlikely to know what the summer to wake up, wash, ran something bite and scoot into the yard. In place of this happiness, alas, came all sorts of gadgets that only create the illusion of real life. Whether it once we were even afraid to go to the apartment to drink water, so that parents do not drove us home. And our traditional "Mom, please, five minutochek!" Usually lasted more than one hour ... Whatever you may say, and in fact had yard socialization with all its charms and peculiarities was at a high level. Today, friendly staff site Ofigenno.cc will remind you of the incredible yard games now unjustly neglected children. That's where the life is seething!

This is perhaps one of the typical girls' favorite games. The main and the only attribute of this fun - laundry gum (first used classic white, a little later appeared on the market variation of acid colors). The optimum number of players - 3, at least - 4 (then played by pairs). Each participant has to perform special jump combinations at different heights - from the ankles to the neck. As soon as she was wrong - I was on the other party and waiting for their turn. Position rezinochki "pozhope", "just do not jump from the balls!", "Let the cabbage rescue" - these are now obscure Pearl knew all the girls of the time ...

This game was considered almost forbidden, and often carried away from parental eyes, because it has contributed to the emancipation of the then youth. All participants sit in a circle (trying to comply with the order of the boy-girl). The main attribute - a bottle (from the yogurt, soda pop, the "starshakov" prokatyval option and with a bottle of beer). One player turns the empty bottle in the center and then to kiss on who found the neck. The lip or cheek - the players agreed to a particular situation. Moreover, in every yard had its own quirks and features of the game. It must be confessed, often played in the bottle and on the strip, but it is, as they say, is another story ...

All players sit in a row, select one leader, who holds in his hand or clenched hands ring. Participating folded palm boat. Anyone who is alternately bypasses each participant with the words: "I wear my ring, and someone gave it" (recall that in every yard variations of street folklore may vary). Next leading pronounces these words: "Ring-ring, go out on the porch!", During which the one who was the "Lord of the Rings", should instantly get up and run, while the other participants are trying to arrest him.

Probably not such a person, who has not heard about this legendary game. This game - Champion titles as well as the number of times played. The main principle of the game: Select one lead, which should catch the (touch, to get the ball) escaping on all four sides rebyatnyu. At the same time the kids loved to tease the leading words "Kvachik-kvachik Give Kalachik." There were all sorts of variations of the kwacha, which complicates the task of playing: wood, iron, plastic (it needs to touch certain subjects), "above the foot from the ground" (if you vylazish to something above the asphalt - kwacha can not you get it), CIF - when thrown into each other something of a mild (usually a plastic bottle). Often, this game called catch, tag, tag - in each locality had its own options. However, no matter how called this game, it always ended the same way: wet, sweaty, but extremely happy we got home and slept soundly, looking forward to tomorrow's street dose of adrenaline.

Now on the pavement in the courts rare to find any inscriptions or drawings - children are chopped prefer computer games and hang in a social network. But before the space in the yard on asphalt even worth it to look: it was up and down is lined classic. Crayons or paint them (white color), or a piece of brick. Classics - a cell with the numbers in sequence. Each participant tries to get in the cage and pebble doprygat to it on one leg, then in the same way had to come back. A huge plus games classics - an unlimited number of participants.

Dead Man's Bluff (hide and seek)
Select one lead. He goes into a corner, or simply pressed against the wall and starts to count aloud, and the other children at the time scatter in all directions and try to hide in a secluded place. When the host starts the search for the players after the cherished phrase "One, two, three, four, five - I'm going to look!", His task is not only to find the man, but also tempted to run to the place and touch the wall faster than the player with the words "tradi- ta-ta for ... (name). " Those who found the first blinking on, and the last one - the winner in this approach.

All players sit in a row, is a leading ball. He approaches each player having the same set of questions, "What is your name", "How old are you", "Where do you work," and so on, while offering the most incredible options. Participant must drop the ball as long as desired to hear. The main task - to be careful and catch the ball when the master threw him with the words "Jinn." Then the kids themselves invent answers. Many still passed the ball with the word "genie", and then they had to be stinkers Zadrotnymi who live at the dump. Believe me, rebyatnya laugh with these jokes right up abdominal cramps!

hide and seek
All the players are divided into two teams: "bandits" run and hide, and "Cossacks" sent on their quest. When the "robbers" make an attempt to escape, the left arrow on the pavement (ground, trees, house walls, in doorways), the purpose of which - the most confusing team "Cossacks." Also escaping to post a special catch-up notes with the tasks in the most unexpected places (under stones, in crevices benches in tree hollows). "The Cossacks" benefit only when they know the secret word (previously invented runaway) or are all "bandits." I remember in our yard nobody wanted to catch up with all dreamed of being "thieves" and escape. But something in it there!

Bouncers / Vybivaly
Two players - "bouncers" are on different sides of "barricades", and between them there are all the other players. The task of leading - knock the ball every single one (of course, the players all the forces trying to wriggle out of the ball). When the heart remains one participant, he must evade "attacks on both sides" as many times as his age. What do you say, sometimes "bouncers" were really ruthless and thrashed by the players so that Mama Do not Cry!

Chains forged
The game can be played only if there are at least 6 participants. All wishes are divided into two teams and are opposite each other, at the same time join hands, forming a kind of "chain". The distance between the teams about 7-10 meters. The first team starts the game cry: "Chain-forged chains, break us." In this adversary he answered together: "Who?". The team that started the match should consult and decide who will be the broken their chain. Anyone whose name was called, there were scattered urine and tries to break the hands of the players of the opposing team. If this happens - he takes himself one of the participants - if not, it becomes hostage to the opposing team. Plays the team, where eventually there was one player. It seems to me that our cries heard then all residents of nearby houses, from newborns to deaf grandparents.

"Braving the waves, the sea two worries, the sea ... Sea worries three figure stand still on the ground!" As a leading says this magic spell, all participants run, jump, have fun, yell. At last word freeze at random and try not to move, and the master is trying to catch the eye of one who nevertheless began to move. Also known option when leading at the time, "includes" figures, and those must show Zagadai object or creature. The winner is the one who showed the greatest skill in the demonstration pieces.

Traffic Light
Finely slice brick or two imaginary lines drawn between them are all members. Leading gets back to the players, and calls any color quickly turns to face them. If clothing or accessories participants superzabavy has a color, it lights up "green" and it passes freely from one point to another. But if there is such a color, you have to cross so that you are not caught "traffic light". I remember how we had a debate about this a la: "It is not a lime and a lemon!", And precisely heard the whole yard. By the way, there is also a variation of this game - "music light." Leading mentally pronounce the alphabet, and the participants had to say "stop". For a letter, he stopped at this and we had to remember the song. Oh, how many new hits we invent if only to run without hindrance ...

Yes, it was truly an exciting time! Unfortunately, many children today are not even aware of this method of hanging, and very vain. Be sure to show your child the game: they are fun and interesting, and the benefits of staying in the fresh air and I did not say anything. And please share with us in the comments which of the street games and how you remember in your yard like fun was called, our editorial staff very interesting!

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