The phenomenon of school parents. Technique productive intervention

There are situations in which we intervene, no matter what grade our child. The smaller the baby, the faster should be our reaction.We are not the subject — the quality of education and the individual teachers.There are different educational system with its pros and cons. It is important to choose a school for your child was dictated not only by prestige, status, being the children of friends go there.

Remember — we intervene when we realize that the situation, not on forces to the child. Or level of competence, the authorities — not in the competence of the child. Not all conflict situations we need. to interfere, but to be NEXT to you need almost all. Solving absolutely everything for the child, not allowing him to overcome the difficulties that he is capable of — we deprive of its force, invalidities...

1. The child in the school should be safe.Safe — body, emotions, self-esteem, potential.The child should not be forced to eat. The school should be drinking water. The child should have the opportunity to go to the toilet when he needs it. We must be sure that the child is not exposed to physical and emotional violence is something we parents necessarily important in all ways to take care of. Up to transfer children to another school.

2. If the child asks for help — always respond. Whether we are effective active, or help with emotional support, advice, talking on the phone with the teacher — will be decided later. But any request for help — echo.

The situation in the school are: Communication — the relationship is child - child, child — children, child, school children, children — teachers, administration.Administrative — child — school pravilata — child and directly the perception of information

1. Younger students and Teens — focus on the setting the person's relationships.Often the child is in a "subjective reality", carrying on relationships with their classmates — their relationship in the family. If the child is in the family need to fight or to share the love and attention — he is in school can be more jealous of the fact that the friends begin to communicate with someone else. Classmates he can see brothers and sisters with whom it competes for attention and love parent — teacher.If we know that the child PTS sensitive to offense, to touch, to the volume of votes — before you worry, know whether he is beaten, shouting, "not friends." He's not lying when he says that his hurt is his subjective perception.

What to do:


take care to ensure that a child of any age feel that he has his place in the family, his individual "right to love", attention, time parents. You can take a family portrait, all on the worksheet to put the handprints and hang the masterpiece in a prominent place, to hold an exhibition of creative works of children. you need to give a little more body contact, for each child it is important to take your own time — at least 10 minutes.Sensitive to teasing and calling your sister names the child learn different reactions.A child who is jealous of his friend to other contacts in the school — explain: Draw the sun with rays. In the center of the sun (in circle) enter the name of the child. On each ray, write the name of the person who is in the space of communication. Ray — like arms that stretched out into the world. The brighter the sun, the more energy, the more rays it can produce. "You and your friend are suns. Sometimes we have the strength to reach all rays at the same time, sometimes we want to hide in a cloud — rest. But it is important to remember that we are touching someone's rays or not, the sun still warm and looking at us. But the very sun that in the sky, still, really, who and how it looks — someone with glasses, someone who is open and smiling. If your friend is now stretched out your ray of another — it does not mean that he had ceased to be friends. But he can always say — I want you to play, or I missed you... as a school child is given a "lucky charm" — its a letter or a postcard, keychain, bracelet. as part of its presence.

In school

-younger students often need to learn communication and contacts. It is important first months at school when all the kids are adapted to arrange along or with a few classmates outing at the weekend — anywhere — in a place emotionally to communicate.

Responsible for forming relationships in the classroom — the teacher. From his relationship to the child, from his contributions — depends on the credibility of a particular student and the cohesion of the whole class. Teachers — people with our projections. and often subjective attitude towards the students. Parents, it is important from time to time to come to school or call the class teacher, just to check on things. when the teacher sees the involvement of a parent he feels for the child strength and support.Teachers are accustomed to the fact that they are not satisfied, they are required, their blame — contact must begin with the words — thank you for your concern, is there something I should know, I come to you for help, please help me to understand the situation. What can I do. Prevention is what the teacher then does not frustrate the stress on the child.


When the conflict is "our child — the child of equal forces" — we try not to interfere. Give support to the child, you are more than welcome, tell your child stories from your life.


When the conflict is "our child — the child stronger" we ask our child, do I need to intervene? talk with the teacher. In extreme cases, come to school and calmly, without threats, talking with the offender in the presence of the teacher or his parents.If it is important to talk to the offender — name's teachers or his parents. If one of the parents of classmates arranges dismantlings with our child — definitely intervene. The child must feel the support protection. If it is not right — he was home his get. But in the world — we are his charms. We take the brunt of large power for themselves, leaving the active part of the child.


With a child of any age do practice: the child to imagine that behind his back, her hands resting on the shoulders, are the parents. Left mom right dad. For parents — their parents — grandparents, their parents. And so — as one can imagine. All who stand behind you, give support, strength, experience and knowledge to the child. It's the power kind, which with him in all situations. Not only in the imagination — in reality, become for the child, placing her hands on his shoulders, offering him to lean on the parents. This feeling of support the child brings into the world. You will see that even the back will be smoother :-)

If we see that a child comes with bruises, if we see that he newrotation, if the compulsive movements — tics, if he has nightmares if he complains out loud to the conflict situation — do not delay, learn from the child the details, maybe talk with someone from the friends of the child, a friendly teacher, go to school, interfering. may apply to the psychologist, the neurologist.

If conflicts "child — teacher" — the power is not initially equal.When a child is afraid of the teacher — his limbic system of the brain responsible for security, will not be included part of the brain responsible for learning.Younger students may fear the teacher, if he does not like the psycho ones, if he says loudly, if the child screamed or cursed, or he was a witness to this in class.- If the psycho is trying to build a personal contact to help teachers and baby, ask for additional personal contact along to do homework, if the child (often the only child in the family) is scared of loud voices — home play chants, and explain what the teacher says through the loudspeaker, so all the kids heard.

If the child does not coincide with the teacher's pace or we know that our baby needs more time to process information — be sure to tell about the teacher. There is a category of children who are contraindicated for the job "on speed" (will write about this very individual material).If your child has a conflict with a teacher or teachers come to school. If the child is under pressure, the teacher is not ready to go to a meeting — go to the Director. If the correct conversation with the Director in the presence of the teacher (without the child) does not work — looking for another school.

The conflict of "Child — school rules"

1. Every school has its own "Constitution". Each school has its own requirements for discipline. If we made the decision to send their children to this school, we took the whole family this Constitution. :-)

2. Is the concept of internal discipline and external. Internal discipline is the ability to say to himself — "must — do" is the ability to plan and follow planned. This quality is associated with the development of the frontal lobes of the brain and setting the person's connections between hemispheres of the brain. There are children, which is creating and development occurs early, there are those — the majority — in whom it occurs after the age of 14. Before pristroitsya inner core, required external. External — as a resource — helps in setting the person's internal. External discipline is the mode of the day. It is a skill — to bring the smallest and take an action, it's doing homework, the schedule of school bells, and... a School uniform. School uniform gives a sense of "we" and reliance on a social structure. She "embeds" into the system. BUT — it should be comfortable, with quality materials and aesthetic. If your school is too democratic attitude towards children, without limits and absolutely no rules — it is not conducive to their maturity. If the school is too prescriptive — it breaks down the core of the child. Our task is to find a balance.

"Perception of information" - a huge number of children receives the information is not familiar to the standard educational system. Bolshinstvo child ambidekstr, many children with dyslexia, MMD, ADHD. They need their approach. Now actively developing neuropsychology, kinesiology, eidetic. There are books, TED talks, Ken Robinson and other PTS of talented innovators. Open courses, alternative schools, in which the support goes to the right brain perception of information and an integrative approach to the Sciences. Now, thank God, my parents had a choice — he really is.

In whatever school went child, what would successful in school it is school and studying is only part of his entire child's life. It is important to beingness a child — was the family with her love, and sport, and communication, and creativity, and the ability to just be a kid....

Calm balanced growing children and tranquillity for their parents. published

Author: Svetlana Roiz

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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