National Geographic in January (28 photos)

In the selection of photos National Geographic and National Geographic Russia.

Off the coast of South Georgia


Paul Nicklen

Giant iceberg with penguins off the coast of South Georgia - a typical pattern for this place. This island - a paradise for millions of seabirds and seals.

White bear with cubs


Alexei Bezrukov, Tatiana Bashnaeva

The usual scene for Wrangel Island in April. Bear with cubs after a walk back in the den. Such a wealth of animal species on the island of Wrangel, not found anywhere else in the Arctic

Freediver, Dahab


Andrey Kamenev

The best conditions for freediving - Egyptian Dahab. Today free divers dive deeper here dolphins and submarines. And their possibilities seem limitless

Lion and lioness, Botswana


Sergei Gorshkov

In the local lion pride pair of dominant males - two brothers. In the photo - one of them. Brothers make love with the same females. Children have also common.

A girl and a locomotive


Artyom Dolgopolov, Roman Palchenkov

In frizlayte real images combined with the artist's imagination. This image, guileless work, according Dolgopolov and Palchenkova, especially like many fans Freezelight

Merced River


Michael Melford

Yosemite National Park, California. 184 kilometers, protected since 1987; another 13 miles - since 1992

People amphibious


Andrey Kamenev

16-time World Champion Natalia Molchanova owns 30 world records in freediving. On account of her son Alexei (in the background) - a world record for diving fins long: in 2008 he dived to 250 meters

Hummingbirds drink nectar ohromy


Christian Ziegler

Emerald green and sickly blue flash means that hummingbirds gathered for dinner. Only the birds are not aware that they themselves will be the main dish: on a nearby flower hiding young boa.



Dave Sherwood /; «Turtles in trouble»

This arribadu - arrival of thousands of Pacific Ridley (Lepidochelys olivacea) - can still be seen on some of the beaches of the west coast of Central America. In the morning dried up white turtle returning to the ocean.

Meadow steppe


Andrey Kamenev

Pieces of meadow steppe fox tail, tansy, Ivan hemlock tea and quickly win back the space itself, where the taiga and tundra were injured man and his pets.

Place des Vosges, Paris


William Albert Ellard

It is the oldest square in Paris. Is a perfect square with sides 140 meters. Elegant Place des Vosges plan - a merit of Henry IV

Fox, Svalbard


Paul Nicklen

To feed their young, foxes prey on Atlantic puffins and other birds and their eggs deferred. Winter for scraps these predators are combing the snowy plain.

Wildfire, Siberia.


Mark Thiessen

Sun through the smoke - a romantic view of the dramatic events.

Rain over Kansas


Jim Richardson

To find the most advantageous place to shoot and make this picture, Jim Richardson had to chase the storm 113 kilometers.

"Gold Fields" is considered one of the most picturesque villages, the favorite of tourists who come to admire the Bandarban district, central district of Bangladesh. Golden field is one of the mountainous regions in the south of Bangladesh. When the sun's rays pour their light, it seems as if the hills spilled liquid gold. This picture captures a photographer and traveler M Yousuf Tushar.

In the picture Jim Richardson (Jim Richardson) - one of the most beautiful places on the island of Lewis, in Scotland, a town named Rodel, where over the salt lakes Outer Hebrides stands an old church. The ancient structure, it was built in the XV century for the militant leaders of the Clan MacLeod. This was done in order to maintain morale within the clan, because at that time the church was not only the temple of God, but also a symbol of worldly power

Great Wall of China

Man-made miracle, grandiose buildings of all time, a symbol of China - as soon not call the people what is officially called the Great Wall of China. This building is protected by the state and is one of the new seven wonders of the world. On one of the segments of this very wonder of the world and resting girl, captured by photographer Byron Yu.

At first glance - abstract painting in dark colors. In fact, it looks so early in the morning, before sunrise, the working day of the Chinese farmer who wanders alone to your workplace along the huge rice plantations.

If you are going to visit Thailand, knowledgeable people choose to travel in November, namely, the end of the month, the day of the full moon of the 12th Thai lunar calendar. And all because at this time the Thais celebrate strikingly beautiful and romantic holiday Loy Krathong (or Loi Krathong). It is called a holiday honoring the Buddha and the goddess of water Phra Mae Khongkha, what along the rivers and other bodies of water pumps allowed (krathongs), in order to be cleansed of sin and at the same time to pay tribute to the goddess of water. And if this festival will coincide with the festival of lanterns floating Yi Peng, which is celebrated in the same month, the night black sky run thousands of sky lanterns. Photographer Patrice Carlton managed to capture on camera is a spectacular sight.

Icelandic horses are so severe that they can be used outdoors all year round. They are not afraid of cold, blizzards and snow, thanks to the thick skin and dense thick hair on the sides, back and legs. This photograph was taken by photographer named Marketa Kalvachova in late December of last year.

In Singapore at Marina Bay Sands, at a dizzy height of the 55th floor (about 200 meters) is one of the "most-most" pools in the world. Its size, this outdoor pool exceeds three "Olympic" and settle it on the platform as a huge gondola, which would be longer than the Eiffel Tower, if it occurred to someone to set it upright. The cost of this project was bewildering 4 billion pounds sterling, and all the beauty on your photo captures Chia Ming Chien.

Italian region of Tuscany is famous for the fact that its territory is hilly two-thirds mountainous and a quarter. And this amazing landscape in a picture, sponsored by the photographer and traveler Jure Kravanja, drew his attention completely by chance, but thanks to all the colors in which it painted the sun illuminating the overcast sky.

September morning in the Netherlands are usually stunning looks flawless, and all thanks to the fact that very often this time of year there are amazingly beautiful fog. And caught in the frame of the photographer child, hurrying to school on his bike, probably had no idea how beautiful landscape, a drop-down in front of him and behind him, and in general all around. Tinted by the rising sun, orange mist looks truly magical.

Argued that in Iceland volcanoes and glaciers are the eternal struggle in which has not yet won none. Sights of this cold island, home to the once infamous volcano Eyjafjallajökull and nadymevshego are numerous ponds with hot water - geothermal springs that attract tourists. One of these ponds filled with crystal clear turquoise waters, rich in silicon, drew the attention of the photographer named David Remacle.

If the photograph picturesque streets of the Canadian city of Ontario through the rain-drenched window of the car, produced amazing shots resembling paintings, painted with oil paints. See this photographer Frederic Mercnik, waiting out the rain one afternoon in his car, and whiling away the time, amused with the camera.

In shallow waters of the Bahamas, to the east of the airport Norman Kay, is a sunken airplane Curtiss C-46, which crashed in the fall of 1980, performing anti-drug raid in Medellin, Colombia. The author of the image, the photographer Bjorn Moerman, managed to capture the view from the window of an airplane Cessna C172, which drove him to rest at the same Bahamas.

Lake Champlain is informally called lake-border guard, as is a large part of the New York Vermont, it stretched far to the north, right up to the Canadian province of Quebec. Champlain also called "Cold Lake", it is easy to see why. This scenic area is famous for its quaint villages, on one of which the photographer Alan Nyiri «caught" double rainbow of stunning beauty.

Majestic, not aging, amazing place - Westminster Abbey in London. For spiritual inspiration here come the members of the royal family, which is not surprising. It was here annually celebrate the Holy of Holies - the Christian Gospel.


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