We destroy myths and facts

Today, we continue to destroy the well-known historical facts, which in fact are erroneous or hyped in the media.
Previous parts can be seen here in this photo John Lennon playing guitar with Che Guevara.

Can you believe it? And rightly so, because nothing like that.
Someone masterful Photoshop. This "someone" slapped on the guitarist Wayne Gabriela Guevara's face - of the famous revolutionary. At the bottom of the real picture of Lennon and Gabriel.

Is it in the picture, hugs Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy?
No picture on the left is the most famous work of the famous artist Alison Jackson, who is known for his works, executed with the help of the twins.
On the right side of this picture, made on May 19 in 1962, the year, Monroe and Kennedy at a public event to raise funds for the Democratic Party in New York. In fact, despite the rumors, this "sweet couple" has never been caught red-handed.

Beijing. Smog. Dawn.
This photo appeared on the Internet only once, and it serves as a clear example of the fact that even the "honest" photography can lie because of the lack of information.
The picture was presented in the framework of the "dark world", where the only glimpse of the sun comes from the giant screen. Smog in Beijing is really terrible, but not as much.
And the screen is set in the province of Shandong in Tiananmen Square. It shows a promotional video, and the rising sun - part of this advertising. Roller scroll from time to time, and no matter how dense smog.

Photo from a psychiatric hospital Soviet times (1952).
No, the left is not a supernatural phenomenon that has turned out as a result of the terrible experiments in the Soviet hospital. It is not a mental hospital and no Soviet Union, it's just a photo from Pina Bausch dance show in 1952. Another picture from the same play to the right, made in 1977th. Just some of the horror enthusiasts and decided to put a little gossip.

Photo of John F. Kennedy's daughter Caroline.
Site of historic photographs recently presented this picture on your website. Because of its popularity, they presented a retouched picture, which she and her father allegedly put on a mask. One can see the professional worked.

Are children sent by mail?
Very beautiful photos. If you look at them, just like in the photo. But those stories, which they have acquired, just awful. Is someone able to stick to the brand and to send a child to the postman in a nearby town?
These photos were taken a completely different case. But around 1910s Americans forwarded his children by mail, but that's just not the way it is depicted.
Six-year-Maya Pirstof "Send" February 19, 1914, the year in her grandparents in Idaho for 73 kilometers. It issued as a package and left in the care of a conductor, because it was cheaper than buying her own ticket. The 2009th Catherine Steinberg explained a few points in this regard:
"It is obvious that many were amazed at these pictures. I met with the historian Nancy Pope in the National Postal Museum. She said that these pictures - in fact staged. In addition, do attempt to carry children in the luggage department is very rare and there is no evidence of this, except these 2 pictures. »

Syrian baby sleeps next to the graves of his parents.
Left photo went around the world with the word "Syria. The boy is sleeping next to their parents ».
In fact, this is another statement. Photograph - a young 25-year-old man by the name of Abdul Aziz al-Otaibi. He wanted to create photo galleries, which would show the love of a child to his parents. Location shooting is a few hundred kilometers from Syria. As the photographer, "I'm shocked how people have turned my painting!».

Ella Fitzgerald was denied a concert in the night club "Mokambo" because she was black (1954).
At least, it did not start just because the manager of the club did not think it quite popular. And he believed it so until such time as Monroe did not reserve a table. And since the beginning of the 1950s in this, one of the most glamorous clubs in Hollywood, visited a lot of black artists.
In a book about Monroe, who came out in 2012, Michelle Morgan (compiled biographies Monroe) wrote:
"... Black artists were there long before Ella, among them Dorothy Dandridge, and Eartha Kitt. But the club's manager Charlie Morrison did not want to see her in her institution. But thanks to Monroe as soon as Ella went over the threshold of the club, the club's popularity increased even more. »

Does this person make death masks of the soldiers?
No, these masks were intended to veterans of World War I, which became ugly because of the unexploded ordnance.
They were made to give a little confidence mutilated soldiers. Not in all cases, plastic surgery can help.

Carved Buddha statue at the Monastery of Nguyen Khang Taksang.
This is a photo from China, Hunan. Just a few enthusiasts decided to make a 3D model of the Buddha statue and place it in the top 10 in any magazine dedicated dreamers.

What is it? The first mobile phone?
This photo with the title "the first cell phone" has gone through many, even respected media. But in fact, it represents a portable radio.
Just back in 1920, the phone was already known, but the radio only comes into use masses. Especially in the picture there is no evidence that this is a wireless radio.

Fey Photo Basin on the Isle of Skye in Scotland.
No, the picture was taken in New Zealand Shotover the river. Photographer simply applied some kind of filter, but even without it, the picture is very beautiful. Although without this filter photo is not traveled around the globe to the floor.



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