Tourist wander the world in '23

44-year-old traveler, furrowed the globe and has the title of "the first tourists who visited the war-torn Mogadishu," has decided to finally unpack my backpack after 23 years of wandering.
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1. Mike Spencer Bown in Mogadishu. Photo: Mike Spencer Bown / SWNS

Mike Spencer Bown (Mike Spencer Bown), emanating walk all over the world and has visited over 23 years of continuous travels 195 countries finally coming home.

2. Mike Spencer Bown in the sands of the Sahara in southern Algeria, in June 2013. Photo: Mike Spencer Bown / SWNS

Mr. Spencer Bone can be called the most persistent traveler in the history of mankind. He made a single marathon from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, visiting all the countries that lie between them.

He became the first tourist in war-torn Mogadishu, during the US invasion of Iraq hitchhiking reached hometown of Saddam Hussein, and lived with pygmies in the Congo.

3. Mike Spencer Bown in Pakistan. Photo: Mike Spencer Bown / SWNS

4. Mike Spencer Bown in Mongolia in 2009. Photo: Mike Spencer Bown / SWNS

5. Mike Spencer Bown at Lake Namtso in Nepal. Photo: Mike Spencer Bown / SWNS

6. Mike Spencer Bown with their partner Travel Molly at Lake Namtso in Nepal. Photo: Mike Spencer Bown / SWNS

7. Mike Spencer Bown Korean national costume in Seoul. Photo: Mike Spencer Bown / SWNS

Mr. Spencer Bown lost count of arrest and detention. But despite visiting some of the most dangerous places on Earth, he escaped serious trouble or disease, except for two short bouts of malaria.

Most of his visit, he hitchhike, but - unlike most other travelers - it was delayed for a long time in the countries he visited.

And all this - with the same reliable backpack, which he first left his native Canada in 1990.

8. Mike Spencer Bown at Dragon Tree on Socotra. Photo: Mike Spencer Bown / SWNS

Mr. Spencer Bown said: "Every day of my adult life - a real adventure.

When I was 21, I started thinking about my future and asked himself: anyone ever tried to start walking the entire globe? I thought, if not, then why do not I try it? So I hit the road ".

He added: "On Earth lives of more than 300 people visited all the countries of the world, but I do not think they're real travelers. They - the passengers in the full sense of the word, they do not travel, and make a trip. "

9. Mike Spencer Bown pilgrims Tibet. Photo: Mike Spencer Bown / SWNS

Over the years, Mike visited Indonesia 20 times, twice visited Egypt, India six times, five times in Cameroon, Peru twice, three times in China, dozens of times in Africa and almost 50 times in Thailand.

He financed his travels, completing quests different companies: Bali silver trading, exporting furniture from Java and precious stones from Africa.

He says: "I have never had a problem with money. I go to the calculated risks. To camp, spending the night alone in cheap hotels, stay with local people and do what they do. In third world countries is easy to make money if you know how (and you know if you will live there long enough). If you want to make a tour around the world, do not expect to lower than 200 dollars a day, that is not enough for any budget. Forget about the "vacation" and start to live with the locals. If you do not know the price of something, then most likely you can not afford it ".

During his odyssey Mr. Spencer Bown often looked death in the eye in the mountains of Nepal and repeatedly ran into the barrel of guns. He drove on a reindeer sleigh with drunken Yakutia in Russia, helping healers in Mali and sailed in a canoe past the sleeping tigers in Bangladesh.

The most memorable moment was his visit to the Somali capital Mogadishu in 2010 godu.G Mr. Spencer Bown went there in search of the legendary beaches, called the most beautiful in the world, and there came to vrazhdebnost.Somaliyskie immigration officials considered him a spy, and he was only with difficulty managed to convince them of his loyalty.

"Somalia was the last and most dangerous country on my list. When I was in Mogadishu, I realized that I did it, "- he said.

10. Mike Spencer Bown in Papua New Guinea. Photo: Mike Spencer Bown / SWNS

11. Mike Spencer Bown with his companion Molly in Iran, 2003. Photo: Mike Spencer Bown / SWNS

12. Mike Spencer Bown with the conductor in the Mongolian Altai Mountains. Photo: Mike Spencer Bown / SWNS

Mr. Spencer Bone traveled to Afghanistan in the back seat of a motorcycle - sipping wine during a firefight Taliban - and in Iraq during the Second Gulf War.

In Pakistan, he was detained by the CIA in South Asia has picked up a mysterious strain of herpes, and hanging out in Antarctica with penguins.

Other adventurers saw him living in a tribe of pygmies BaMbuti (Bambuti) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, hunting antelope and fleeing genocide Hutu rebels (Hutu).

But despite some risky situations, he says that he never intentionally sought danger.

He says: "The greatest danger is not the country, and groups of people in the" bad "areas on the outskirts of the cities that are not part of the community - beware of such areas.

Many of the most interesting places is a real danger - there you can easily kill. "

13. Mike Spencer Bown on the background of gorillas in Rvande, 2010. Photo: Mike Spencer Bown / SWNS

14. Mike Spencer Bown during the second hike to Machu Picchu in 2009. Photo: Mike Spencer Bown / SWNS

15. Mike Spencer Bown with reindeer herders in Russia. Photo: Mike Spencer Bown / SWNS

16. Mike Spencer Bown in the Karakoram Mountains, Pakistan. Photo: Mike Spencer Bown / SWNS

17. Mike Spencer Bown other in Pakistan. Photo: Mike Spencer Bown / SWNS

Mr. Spencer Bown, fill in during his marathon more than a dozen different profiles to obtain passports, completed his journey to Ireland last month, where he spent a few weeks before heading to his mother's house in Calgary, Canada.

After many years of solitude, he finally met a woman on Facebook, which is waiting for him in Canada.

But when asked if he was ready to settle down and finally stop their odyssey, he says: "At long enough - at least for now".

18. Mike Spencer Bown BaMbuti with the Pygmies in Congo. Photo: Mike Spencer Bown / SWNS

19. Mike Spencer Bown in Tehran, 2003. Photo: Mike Spencer Bown / SWNS

20. Mike Spencer Bown with his companion Molly (Molly Macindoe) with herders in Yakutsk, Russia. Photo: Mike Spencer Bown / SWNS

21. Mike Spencer Bown in Damascus, Syria. Photo: Mike Spencer Bown / SWNS

22. Mike Spencer Bown fuck with pygmies in Tari, Papua New Guinea. Photo: Mike Spencer Bown / SWNS

KIT RECOMMENDED Mike - what to bring on tour around the world:

1. Mosquito Net
2. Old shabby backpack least attractive to thieves
3. Knife for cleaning Mango, to deter potential burglars
4. Sturdy shoes
5. A set of questionnaires to obtain visas and many photos
6. The metal cup
7. shirt with a collar to visit the embassy
8. khaki shirt from quick-drying fabric with lots of pockets - helps to impress officials
9. An impressive business card with a good logo
10. Waterproof cover for documents

23. Mike Spencer Bown in Kyrgyzstan. Photo: Mike Spencer Bown / SWNS

24. Mike Spencer Bown in Somalia against the background of rusty skeleton of an American tank. Photo: Mike Spencer Bown / SWNS

10 golden moments: that it was necessary to test and to see MIKE

1. To visit the cemetery of blue whales, the island of South Georgia, Antarctica
2. Run from the police on a boat on the Niger Delta, Niger
3. Participate in a sprint down the black cone of a volcano in Guatemala
4. To be released after the capture of pirates in Puntland (Puntland), Somalia
5. Meet Sikh pilgrims in the Golden Temple of Amritsar, India
6. Communicate with the penguins under high blue ice floes, Antarctica
7. Go to Angel Falls dolblёnnom canoe, Venezuela
8. Meet face-to-face with silver mountain gorillas in the Virunga Volcanoes National Park (Virunga), Rwanda
9. Walk the Path of the Incas in Machu Picchu, Peru
10. Think about the world in the base camp of Everest



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