5 most dangerous places on Earth

The tourist season is still in full swing, so if you want extreme travel - be warned: not only here!

Our beautiful planet is rich in exotic, but disastrous corners -Tell only some of them.

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1. Somalia

In the world a lot of very, very dangerous cities with the highest crime rates. For example, one million Mexican Ciudad Juarez, which in recent years called perhaps the most criminogenic city in the world. Shocked the planet mass massacres of women in 1993 took place right here - 370 victims were girls. What can I say, even if it is a beautiful city "mulatto in white pants" - Rio de Janeiro or the mecca of world fashion - Paris - punched tourists do not recommend to visit alone, especially young ladies. But sometimes in the list of the most dangerous places can get and the whole country. The first place, of course, takes the birthplace of modern pirates - East African state of Somalia, not to delay "bloody ulcer" of our planet.

Although the state is difficult to call it - as such it did not take place. The best thing so far managed the local population - is to create anarchy, crime and fast. Even to the shores of Somalia should not swim too close - there are operating terrific Somali pirates whose victims now and then become vessels flying even at a very considerable distance from the Horn of Africa. North of the state is in a state of chronic civil war, as the capital Mogadishu with the romantic name - have been trying to divide among themselves the various clans and gangs. Murder, rape, robbery in broad daylight, the dismemberment of corpses and complete impunity - it's all of Somalia.

Among other "public entities" in the Federal Republic of Somalia and has a patrimony of the so-called Islamic Emirate of Somalia ("Jamaat al-Shabab") - a radical Islamist movement, having regard to the "Al Qaeda" is working closely with the same radical Islamists neighboring state Yemen. All this crazy brothers controls rather impressive size the south-west and central Somalia.

2. Burn! Grande or Snake Island

But this, at first glance, it is a paradise, located in the Atlantic Ocean - just 35 km from the coast of the State of São Paulo (Brazil), fortunately, for some time closed not only for tourists but also for visitors at all. Although, of course, if you really want - maybe you and miss. Just before that, probably, you will have to sign the appropriate paper that in his untimely death, you do not blame anyone ...

Burn! Grande - the home of one of the most dangerous snakes in the world - the island botropsa. The bite of this creature causes a rapid necrosis. And not just numbness, and a kind of rot from the bite and to the bone. Decays with all human or animal body - completely. About pain, which is a similar process, can not speak, but the result is always the same - imminent death. This is understandable, not for nothing Botrops insularis venom is considered one of the worst in the world.

They say that once on the island was a lighthouse that served people, but after one night of the snake crawled into it and bite absolutely everyone - the lighthouse was replaced by automatic. Last working day. Since 1985, the Brazilian authorities took the island under his protection, and declared it a unique nature reserve, which is almost completely untouched by man and is the largest in the world natural Serpentarium.

Per square meter of the island in the middle here we have from one to five deadly poisonous snakes, and the branches of trees just uvesheny vipers. Eat these ASPs migratory birds that unsuspectingly land here, sit on the branches.

Burn! Grande - the only place on the planet where the snakes were able to completely displace people. Particularly daring, however, still have chosen the water around the island - there are common fishing and diving.

3. The road of death

The North Yungas Road, or as it is called, the road of destiny or road death - ranks third on our list and is one of the most dangerous roads in the world. It is situated in Bolivia and runs over a precipice, where the average depth of about 600 m. The length of the road - about 70 km, width greater part of it - 3, 2 m, the highest point - 3, 6 km.

Most often this way forced to use trucks and buses that can razminutsya here with great difficulty, and then only in some places. And in some places the road narrows so that it can pass only one bus, and even then, they say, one wheel hanging over the abyss. Alas, this is the only route connecting the city of Coroico (tropical Amazon region) and the capital of Bolivia - La Paz. There is simply no other way.

And already extremely narrow roadway constantly eroded by tropical rains that continue here from November to March. Gloomy picture is completed by a thick fog limiting visibility to zero, landslides and clay, rocky, slippery, and sometimes altogether destroyed road surface. The final touch - mossy numerous crosses, "placed" on the side of the road, broken trees and rusting "remains," fell into the abyss of machines that never for a moment forget about give mortal existence - no drivers or passengers. The only hope is prayer.

Each year at The North Yungas Road killed about 200-300 people. Despite all this, the road of death - is one of the favorite tourist destinations. However, tourists prefer to go for it on the bike, rather than on buses and cars. But the road of destiny spares no one - only here in 1998 killed 18 cyclists.

4. Mount Washington

The height of Mount Washington, the north-eastern United States - only 1917 m, and although it is the highest in the region, the US, the uniqueness of it is not that. Mount Washington has long belonged to the world record for wind speed ever recorded on the Earth's surface (wind speed, for example, a tornado can not be accurately measured from the ground, so it is measured by satellites, so the maximum wind speed measured is on land owned by Mount Washington). Particularly windy turned out in April 1934 - the speed of air masses then reached 372 km / h (103 m 3 / s). Meanwhile, the weather station is located on the mountain and the observatory, which, however, able to withstand wind speeds up to 500 km / h. From March to April winds blow here to an average of 16 hours of 24. In addition to the windy weather is characterized by extreme instability, the intersection of winds blowing from different directions. And here is cold, and very. In January 2004, there was -42 ° C with the wind 39, 1 m / s. Under these conditions, the temperature there is not as -42 and as -75 ° C!

It is not surprising that the motto of the local observatory is: "The place with the worst weather in the world." However, tutoshnie beauty now and then attract extreme tourists.

5. Danakil Desert

This place is also called "Hell on Earth". It is a place of extreme heat (50 ° C) and toxic gases escaping to the surface from the bowels of the earth. And yet there is no place to take a step out of the volcano. But the landscape here is so amazing that you have the feeling that you were on another planet. We can say that this is partly true - and there is little oxygen, a lot of scorching heat, toxic gases and sulfur from the lake.

The fact that this is where the fault passes huge Arabian tectonic plate that separates the African plate in half. At the site of fracture formation of two new "daughter" plates, which scientists dubbed the Somali and Nubian. In general, hectic place: frequent earthquakes form dips, erupting volcanoes - on the contrary, a new "land." Beautiful, dangerous, unusual! But at least harmful to health. Inhaling the vapors escaping from the earth, we can make your life shorter than for many years. And in the desert you wait half-savage Ethiopian tribes, "hardened" violent climate, that for a piece of bread and a few dollars can kill anyone.


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