10 most dangerous places in the world that is really scary to live

It would seem that today humanity is more secure than at any other time in history. We almost do not have to worry about that neighbor can kill us for the sake of the earth, and bear hunting is no longer the only way to feed themselves. Most of us live in a comfortable and safe world, even though we do not always realize. Most, but not all. On the planet there are still places where no one in their right mind would not be stopped, and that 10 of them.

10. East St. Louis

If you ask residents of St. Louis of the life in this city, you are sure to hear a story about a peaceful suburb. But how, then, the city was on the top of the ranking of the most dangerous cities in the US on an index of crime? It's all in the area on the other side of the river. East St. Louis is not for ordinary people - it is not just the most dangerous city in the United States, is one of the cities with the highest crime in the world. The homicide rate here amounts to 101.9 per 100 000 inhabitants, which leaves far behind the national average - 5 murders per 100 000 inhabitants (yes, you read correctly figures), and puts the city in the ranking of the criminal above Detroit and New Orleans. So if you find yourself in this glorious city, be sure to inspect the famous arch and even do not try to walk on the east side.

9. Cape Town

Through luxurious vineyards, famous landmarks and beautiful views, Cape Town has become a popular holiday destination. Tip to anyone who is planning to visit the city in South Africa: do not go. The most popular tourist areas in South Africa is also the most dangerous part of the country. Tourists are advised not to leave the place of rest, not to stop at a red light at night and never, no way, in no case do not move alone. The city has not recovered from his long years of forced segregation. Residents of the suburbs, as a rule, are below the poverty line, so that there is flourishing criminal organizations. The level of crime in the city is one of the highest in the world. Of course in Cape Town is something to see, but I would like people to know before the trip that awaits them here.

8. Caracas

Rolling hills, rich culture and a sea of ​​cocaine - that's what most people know about the Venezuelan capital. And, even kidnapping. Caracas is the title of one of the world's most dangerous cities is partly due to the high level of murders, but for the most part because of the huge number of abductions. Caracas kidnapped everybody: men, women, children, tourists, once even unlucky player to Major League Baseball. Abductions are flourishing in the city due to the bad economy and the non-interference by the police. The drug trade in Venezuela so badly affected Caracas that crime has become the only source of stable income in this city. In summary: if you want to go to Caracas, in your interest to your father turned Liam Neeson


7. Istanbul

Istanbul entered in this list not because of crime. While in the city, and there are areas where it thrives, its level still does not improve the average for the world. The fact that the city was built on one of the most dangerous fault zones in the world - the North Anatolian. Since 1939, along this fault occurred 3 earthquake, each of which killed more than 1,000 people. Scientists predict that in the next 15 years, the city will collapse earthquake of magnitude of at least 7 points. Earthquakes are perhaps the most devastating natural disasters, and the "promise" that one of them may begin at any time, discourage any desire to be held in Istanbul next vacation.

6. Sumatra

Speaking of natural disasters - the Indonesian island gets them off. Most of the cities in Sumatra are at the foot of a volcano, or a fault, or in hurricane-prone area. Earthquakes around the world is causing tides. The whole island - is one big disaster is just waiting to happen. In 2014, due to natural disasters more than 2 million people fled Sumatra. It is because of the constant threat of various natural disasters and Sumatra is one of the most dangerous places to live, and even just visiting.

5. North Korea

About this country closed to outsiders, little is known, and even less is known about her good. Although the probability of murder in this country is very small, live in North Korea means constantly hungry. And if you try to do something in order not to starve to death, you run the risk of ending up in prison or be executed for treason. Treason is considered, for example, the opening of a private business or making money. And to escape from it will not work - if you go south, you executed for what you sympathize with South Korea. Change can be considered anything that is not like Kim Jong Ynu. Perhaps the most dangerous thing in North Korea - not its people. Foreigners are often accused of crimes they did not commit, and over the years held in custody in connection with these false accusations.

4. Baghdad

The city is so dangerous that the majority of UN member states are advised to visit it only when absolutely necessary. Since 2012, the number of attempts to overthrow the unstable Iraqi government skyrocketed. However, such attempts have only led to an increase in the number of victims. Visitors are recommended to move around the city in a helicopter or in a car with armed guards, if the helicopter is not available. Every major terrorist group has links in the world in the city and planned to attack here. If you somehow find yourself in Baghdad, be sent immediately to the international Green Zone - only there you will be safe


3. Pripyat

In the comics, the characters often get their superpowers due to nuclear radiation, which somehow came into contact. However, the number of such phenomena in the history of mankind is still 0. The proximity of nuclear radiation is not only reward you with superpowers, but also likely to kill. Although she immediately Chernobyl accident in 1986 killed only 31 people, long-term consequences and its impact on the residents of the city are still in question. It's been 30 years since that day, and the town of Pripyat still abandoned and considered dangerous for visitors.

2. Outback in Australia

The only thing that people are strongly aware of this Australian wilderness - all that lives here, will try to kill you. That's not quite true - Outback got this reputation because it is inhabited by the most dangerous species of snakes and spiders in the world, but it's less of a lost tourist concerns. Over the past 20 years in this area there have been no reported cases of death from the bite of a poisonous substance. The number one killer in the Outback, and your main enemy - the sun. People just are not accustomed to direct sunlight, especially if they come from areas where there is more shade and shelter from the sun (ie, virtually any other place of the planet). If you decide to walk through the outback, do not forget to prepare a hat and a large supply of water. But even if you are ready to defend themselves from the sun, heat, still you would get. And if not the heat, crocodiles.

1. Ciudad Juarez

No matter how much advice on tourism in Mexico, publishes reports, which states that Juarez is now safe - this is still hard to believe. Drug cartels have caused serious damage to the city, which is often called "the most dangerous place in the world, apart from the active war zones." One of the most pressing problems - prevailing in the city of femicide, that is, the killing of women solely because they are women. This alone has been going on for over 20 years. Those women who do not kill, starts taking drugs, or forced to work in one of the cartels. And that's just the women, the men in Juárez also have hard times. Through drugs, aggressive police and the high level of poverty live in Juárez is dangerous regardless of gender. Let shine here and put things on the eve of the Pope's visit, Juarez is still dangerous enough to lead this list.

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