Returning from Afghanistan

Fotorgraf Layledzh Snow made pictures and interviews with the soldiers of the 1st Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland before sending them into Afghanistan, after three months of service, and after returning home. Their faces easily read that through which they had to pass. No war is justified, it is a lot of grief many tears, and the war in Afghanistan, no one needs, because many children, boys, sons, husbands were killed there. Only politicians do not think so because for them all these people one big cannon fodder ...
13 photos from here

1. Private Chris McGregor, 24 years old.

March 11, Edinburgh: "Of course, I will miss my family, but other than that I'll be very bored and their dogs. They help me to avoid stress and do not go crazy. Will miss TV. About the worst case I try not to think ".

June 19, district 19, Nad Ali, after the explosion of a homemade bomb: "Most people are accustomed to being away from home, but for me it's hard. Here you can survive by fear. But if you die, then nothing can be done about it. If the chief at the top could do something, the soldiers would not have died. All would have been alive. Still painful to hear that someone was killed. Do you think that the experience of his relatives. For what they died and what we achieve here? Now I do not know what to say. This Afghan soldier had just lost both legs ... I do not know ... "

August 28, Edinburgh, after being evacuated from a knee injury: "My legs just gave up. I think because of the weight on me - something about 60 kilograms. The body is telling me that we should stop, and I keep it moving. I made the legs go, they begged to stay. When the soldiers returned, they are full of adrenaline and anger. I also had to take courses in anger management, after Afghanistan. If you find me again, I'll just walk the dog. It's better than being in tension and lash out at people. The first thing I did after the return - after a hug, kissed all of whom missed - took their dogs and went for a walk with them. We walked and walked many miles and I did not even think about where I am going and what comes ". 2. Second Lieutenant Adam Petch, 25 years

March 6 Edinburgh: "I'm a little worried, but really want to see how it is. It is one thing for which I went into the army, but I do not know what to expect ".

June 19 District 19, Nad Ali, after the explosion of a homemade bomb: "Today, the first time I witnessed the detonation of a homemade bomb on and loss of rights. First, when it is necessary to carry the victim to a safe place, no time to think. But then you begin to understand what happened, do you think that it was possible to prevent it, that it was your fault, I think, is going through the rest. Prior to this operation, since our arrival, it was too easy, and I knew that we must remain vigilant and cautious ".

October 10 Edinburgh: "We took one area, and if moved ahead by more than two or three hundred meters, came under fire. At the beginning of the service we could patrol a few kilometers, and nobody can touch him. I think our presence there is still something to me. "

3. Private Sean Patterson, 19 years

March 11, Edinburgh: "I said goodbye to her family in advance, because I hate goodbyes. I will miss them. But I'm not afraid, on the contrary it can not wait. When I joined the army, I was 15 - that's all I wanted, and now I can not wait to get there ".

June 20 Tumston Camp: "It was terrible. When we got to a safe place, I burst into tears. All were crying. I could not sleep. I thought of the house and looked at the stars. I was then a little vacation, and I was tormented by nightmares and memories. I woke up in a cold sweat. When I came back and we came under fire, and two others were taken away because of the wounds to the limbs. Shit was like to watch again and again. Not pleasant. Before leaving on patrol, I pray, and constantly think about what I'll be back a whole or without legs. And every time I'm afraid. And it infuriates me. Before returning home is 84 days. "

October 7, Edinburgh: "People think that you can just go through life, but not so simple. You may knock down the bus, and that was all over. You never know what can happen, especially in the war. You can go on patrols and get her. I think we should leave and let the Afghans themselves to deal with the problem. We have lost so many guys. Many return without arms or legs. How do they get a job in civilian life? I do not see the point in all this. We do not get any benefit in Afghanistan. That's their problem. Let them examine themselves. "

4. Private Joe Yavala, 28 years

March 9 Edinburgh: "I will miss my family. I was in Iraq, but in Afghanistan was not. I do not know what to expect, but I want to get there as soon as possible ".

June 19, Nad Ali, after the explosion of a homemade bomb: "I had a strange feeling. I heard an explosion and heard on the radio that the injured man. It was the first injury, I personally witnessed. It was pretty unpleasant. He is seen as a doctor working on his wound - he had no legs. Then I went to the scene of the explosion and found the shoes floating in the water. Just an empty shoe ".

October 10 Edinburgh: "In the morning when I wake up and at night before bedtime. And there I was praying all the time, thinking about the family and the house. Sometimes I just prayed while on patrol. I was scared. Especially in the battle, when you do not know what might happen. I was expecting the worst. Now I'm a little bit angry, sometimes I have the temperature rises sharply, especially if I'm sitting in the room for a long time. Sometimes I miss the guys. In the first few days I had trouble sleeping. I dreamed of different things that have happened in Afghanistan. Sometimes I wake up at night screaming. "

5. Private Steven Anderson, 31 years

March, Edinburgh: "Frankly, I think it would be terrible. It will be hard work and a lot of losses. I'm not afraid of death, and loss of down. It would be even worse ".

June, a patrol base Paymon, Above Ali: "It is difficult to describe the condition as there dirty. When you call your girlfriend, she asks with your voice ... and you're tired, you're dirty, you want to drink, and you have not eaten properly for days. Very little water. Just dry. The first patrol I was scared, but I remembered the training and calmed down. I did not get in a shootout, and I hope that this will continue in the future and I will return home with the whole hands and feet, and a full complement of fingers on them ".

October, Edinburgh: "We are going out there and trying to win their hearts and change their minds ... but these people live to 45 years old and dying because of poverty and lack of medicines. And they somehow relate to life. The child died from the disease, and they shot his corpse and brought to a military camp - said that he was shot during a firefight. And demanded money. How can I change the way of thinking of such people? "

6. Corporal Steven Gibson, 29 years

March 11 Edinburgh: "I'm not afraid to go home. I have two children and a third will soon be born. I love them and my wife is not the most light. Do not go back to them and not see them again ... What could be worse? "

June 10, the Nad Ali: "A lot of guys with a Bible - they know the difference between life and death is measured by a pair of seconds. I read to the 27th page. I had never read the Bible. This place opens your eyes. You know that somewhere a soldier was seriously wounded, and thinking about his family. And reading the Bible do you like to reconcile with someone, someone in heaven ".

October 15, Edinburgh. After a back injury in the explosion of a homemade bomb: "I always had the image of St. Christopher, along with tokens. Except one day, when I could not find them and put replacement. And three hours later an explosion. I do not know how to describe it. It's like ... when you lose consciousness, a strange feeling. I did not hear the explosion, I just flipped and rolled. Everything was fine as long as ten minutes is not exhausted adrenaline pumping. I was in the back as though stuck something. I fell to the ground and writhed in pain. I did not want to go home, but I had no choice. Without a shadow of a doubt declare: still hard to adapt. I still look back. I came out of the house for cigarettes and constantly think about Afghanistan. "

7. Private Matthew Hodgson, 18

March 11, Edinburgh: "Yeah, I'm looking forward to it, but most of his own death afraid of losing friends. I'm afraid of losses. They will be very much ".

June 19, Nad Ali, after the explosion of a homemade bomb: "It was very scary. You see an explosion and you think someone got? It was not a pleasant sight. Then you realize how real is happening, and try harder not to think about. Not thinking about it. It was pointless patrols, an Afghan soldier lost his leg on it. For what? "

October 12, Edinburgh: "Trying to explain how it was, but people can not understand. It was not enough food, not enough time to sleep. After the patrol you just dying of thirst. And at times it was quite scary. When you first get into a firefight it is just something like "Get down!". And then you realize that you were shot, and you could die. But then you do not think about it, just do your thing. Now I'm home and I was upset lesser things. Before me, nothing scared. "

8. Lance Corporal David McLean, 27 years

March 10 Edinburgh: "I'm not particularly worried. I am a soldier, and it's my job. We have been trained to be good at last visit in combat ".

June 12, the patrol base Paymon, Nad Ali: "Until now, nothing really happened, all was quiet and I was a bit boring. When we are at a checkpoint near the channel, all ten of us. Eating something stinks, and you are sick of standing pasta and rice. what is missing? Houses, women, booze. It's simple ".

Oct. 11, Edinburgh, after being wounded in the leg, "I was only 10 days prior to departure. I walked in front of the patrol. We crossed the ditch, I turned around to help who was walking behind me. When we came out of the bushes, someone opened fire on us. I felt something warm on his leg, we took shelter in a ditch. Guys came running with a stretcher, but the ditch was too narrow and I had to evacuate on their own. Then I did not think about what was happening, I was filled with adrenaline. Within an hour I was loaded onto the helicopter and the next day I was in hospital Selly Oak in Birmingham. "

9. Private Fraser Peyrmen, 21 years

March 11 Edinburgh: "Yeah, I'm afraid homemade bombs, but still can not wait until we fly away. I'll miss the girl and pizza ".

June 11 patrol base Paymon, Nad Ali, "It's okay, just very hot. Local quite friendly, we buy their watermelons. But when I first came under fire, I was only thinking about what I'm doing here and I want to get out. The sleeve pocket burden of St. Christopher, and without him not to go out on patrol ".

October 6 Edinburgh "to the sound of gunfire quickly get used to and no longer afraid. One day we were surrounded on all sides and we were stuck for the whole day. People were running around. I can not believe that I did not have six months, but it's great to be home and see the relief on the face of the mother. I stood in the shower at least half an hour and was happy opportunity to wear normal clothes. It will take several weeks, but I get used to and everything will be OK. "

10. Second Lieutenant Struen Sanninghem, 24 years

March 9 Edinburgh: "I want to get there quickly. This is what we have prepared ".

June 12, the patrol base of Zil, Nad Ali: "It is important to be sure to fear simply is not perpetuated. Training does not include the fear. Afghans with whom we work are pretty good guys, and nice to see that they learn what they teach you. We were lucky with the students, unlike some others. What am I missing? Yes, just enough ... Although there is not enough rain and cold water ".

October 14 Edinburgh: "In the battle once afraid or rejoice, you just need to finish it. For two and a half months I lost four wounded. For the first time, I personally did not take part in the patrols, and it's crazy. Do you feel responsible, but can not support the people. Just sit at the radio station. Useless. It's worse than being under fire. Then we were ambushed. And that's when I thought, for me it's over. Now, when I returned, I became much calmer. I have seen the worst and I saw something that did not want to see more than ever. These situations help to appreciate life and what you have, and do not worry about the little things. "

11. Lance Corporal Martin Rankin, 23 years

To: "Do not be afraid. Just worried. I would be bored for friends ".

At the time, "We do not have enough people, but we are coping. On the radio we heard talks of the Taliban, who want to attack us in the patrol base. Their commander said it would be easy. I constantly think about the enemy and the various versions of events. Like: what will I do if ... I'm not afraid, local adequate, and no one is attacked. No one was shooting at us, I'm not afraid. I want to try it, because it is something for which I am here, not for the sake of local shaking hands.

12. Private Ben Freighters, 21 years

March 11 Edinburgh: "Yeah, I'm scared. I'm afraid not vernutsya home. Will miss gulyanok with friends ".

June 10, the Nad Ali: "Easier than I thought, but it is very hot. Just go crazy. We had to train in some hot country, so we were ready for this. It is quite easy, and patrolling like walking, but who knows what can happen. Due to the fact that the quiet, I think of home, and miss the soul and clean clothes ".

October 6 Edinburgh: "Guardsman Wharton of Scots Guards regiment. I will never forget the day when he was wounded. We patrolled, and tracked down the rebels ambushed us. Wharton did not find shelter, and he got up. Submit it and cause the helicopter - it was just a nightmare, because we were in the water up to his neck. And now we are at home? Strange. Quiet. I get bored after 10 minutes, if I'm sitting idle. I constantly have to be doing something. "

13. Alex McBroom, 24 years

March 11, Edinburgh: "I'm not worried, after all, it's my job, but I will miss my family, and the carpet slippers - I know it sounds strange, but a lot of these things are changing".

On June 12, a patrol base Paymon, Nad Ali, "I opened my eyes to many things, especially after what he saw in the Afghan National Army. But now we are at the basis of life here and Paymon monotonous. I miss my wife and children. MISS walking on the carpet. I'm not scared. Last time I was scared in Northern Ireland, but it was a long time ago ".

October 12 Edinburgh: "There is always the fear, the experience: what happens if I undermine? When this happened, it was the biggest surprise and the greatest fear of my life. I went to Afghanistan to give back to the soldiers who were there before me. Why do I have to sit in the warmth and comfort, if not fulfilled its part of the job? But I seemed to be two lives: one around danger and death, and the other I look out the window in Edinburgh and see people with pink hair, these civilians. another world. I've always been a believer and lately many times appealed to God. I am grateful that someone cares about me.

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