Guantanamo appeared in January 2002, when there were transported from Afghanistan first 20 people accused of "involvement in fighting on the side of Islamic extremists" - the Taliban. From 2002 to 2006 she passed through more than 750 foreigners seized by US forces during operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. All of them, according to the US military took part in operations on the side of "Al-Qaeda" or the Taliban. About 250 people during this time released, transferred to other prisons or issued by the country of which they are (among extradited seven citizens of Russia). Names of the other until April 2006 kept a closely guarded secret "security reasons." In April, the Pentagon submitted a list of 558 current and former Guantanamo prisoners from 41 countries. As of April 2006 at the prison had 490 prisoners, of which only ten were formally charged. The majority - the citizens of Saudi Arabia (132), Afghanistan (125) and Yemen (107).


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