Alcatraz - the most famous prison

Preparing an escape plan for months, has been carefully thought out, it was perfect. Usually in the evening June 11, 1962. Everything seemed ordinary. However, for the three prisoners it was different. Frank Morris, John Anglin and Clarence dare the impossible - to escape from the most secure prisons of the United States. This prison-fortress towers in the Bay of San Francisco, two kilometers from the West American metropolis. She instilled fear even the strongest criminals. Who violate public order - go to jail who violated the orders of the prison - got to Alcatraz. Her nickname "The Rock." There sat the king of the underworld of Al Capone. It is the most famous prison in the world. Look inside?

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Today, after more than 50 years, knows all the details of the legendary escape. The main question remains open: whether the three detainees that night were able to reach land? However, let us all in order. In the 60s prison Alcatraz (Eng. Alcatraz) the criminal world is considered a last resort. This maximum security prison was set up in order to collect all the "bad eggs" in one basket. Frank Lee Morris (AZ concluded in 1441), and two of his accomplices, John and Clarence Anglin - professional criminals and true master of escape. From the first days of stay in the "Rock", they began to look for options to think the unthinkable and an escape plan.

The main obstacle on the path to freedom was, of course, ice water in the San Francisco Bay. To aggravate the situation further, and a strong current. The distance from the island to the Californian metropolis - one and a half miles (2, 4 kilometers).

In addition it was necessary to get out of the main body of the prison, unnoticed overcome fence with barbed wire. But first it was necessary to get out of the chambers.

The task at first glance, was not solved. Inside on one overseer had three inmates, which is four times more than in the regular routine of prison time. Permanent and detours around the clock extremely complicated task. Undermining is not possible to go through the bars - too. However, Frank Morris (high IQ) and his accomplices have found a way. Finding that the concrete walls of the main body of the old buildings were not so strong, they decided to wade through a hole ventilation grilles, size 13 to 24 cm. In order to widen the opening, the master of escape at night worked hard sharpened spoons. To hide the traces of night work, they fashioned layout grids, which puts to the wall. In addition, in the case were stacks of magazines, accordion and other things overall.

To escape was not noticed until the morning, the prisoners created out of papier-mache effigies. Hair carried out of the barber shop, the paint can be obtained for drawing.

For the back of the camera has the technical path-mine, where there are pipes.

According to him the night of the escape, the prisoners climbed to the top floor of the housing. There through the sunroof, which was opened with the help of a homemade drill, they hit the roof.

Drainpipe went down.


A few months working on the future fugitives life jackets and inflatable rafts. They are masters of their rain jackets and glue. All the tools and materials they managed to get through contacts with prisoners in the kitchen, workshops and so on.. All was perfect and according to plan. Apart from the fact that originally were going to run four, but one of the prisoners (Euler West) could not in time to get out of the camera. Frank Morris, John Anglin and Clarence, being near the shore, inflated converted accordion raft and floated away.

More nobody has ever seen, they are missing. Catch or discover body - failed. Today, already half a century later, they continue to search. In 1997, the FBI has transferred the case YuEs marshals. They are in the United States are searching for an escaped convict and returned to prison more than 100 thousand people annually. Did the prisoners to cross the San Francisco Bay? We found one oar, two life jackets and rubber bag with a photo, and where the raft? The bodies have not been found. If they managed to get on the ground, why not professional criminals took over the old case? These and many other questions still remain open.

Less than 12 months after that (successful) escape federal prison case was closed.

There have been other attempts to escape, but they were unsuccessful and ended in failure.

A few words about the everyday life of the prison.

The basic principle in the work of the prisoners were raspersonalizirovanie. Everything becomes equal, whether it be a bank robber, ubitsa, the brightest representative of the US Organized Crime Al Capone or the famous American gangster George Kelly Barnes ('Machine Gun Kelly, "Eng.« Machine Gun »). It was not a penal colony. The major change was not re-socialization, and undermining peace.

Sometimes it brings to the island the noise of the big city and the stunning views of San Francisco even more pressured prisoners. Everyone dreams of escape. There have been cases of riots and hostage-prison guards.


1 could shave once a week, hair cut - once a month.

The dining room is usually given one and the same, namely pasta.

The gift shop is now possible to buy a mug, which shape and type similar to the original.

There were areas where the prisoners worked.

There was a library.


It could one day a week to play a musical instrument.


Even knit (men's prison).

Prisoners were playing chess / checkers. Puts in his chamber half of the field and talking with neighbors in the camera, make moves.

With further cameras could talk through "the toilet" link. When the water is drained from both negotiators, the pipe for some time was free.

Who violate the order of the expected number of special measures. The very mention of "Block D" bringing terror and fear on prisoners.

It housed the camera a long imprisonment. Walking can be once a week.


And the so-called "hole". As punishment cells - prison within a prison.

The "holes" almost no light, no heat. There were kept prisoners for a long time. In order not to go mad, one of the prisoners (in his stories) tore off a button, threw her up, took a few oboroov and darkness vslupuyu hands began to look for it on the floor. And so over and over again until steranes hands and could not feel them. In one of the 6 spetskamer did not have light and prisoners were placed there only in underwear.

There were also extremely long isolation chamber. Prisoners (serial killers, and so on. N.) In these years were alone and had no "exit to the world."

Rules in the room for meetings.


In the premises the guards and the prison administration.



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In a nutshell, what it was on the island to a maximum security prison, built in 1933. Originally, the island was a lighthouse. During the "gold rush" in the mid-nineteenth century San Francisco Bay courts overflowed. There was a need to protect the bay, so there built a fort with more than a hundred guns.

Later, the island was created by a military prison.

Federal security prison was closed in 1963. In the late 60s the Indians occupied the island, according to the law about the possibility of their free migration.

Later, all dispersed.

Since 1971 Alcatraz - the museum complex, opened it to tourists.

Alcatraz frequently appeared and appears in films. The most famous prisoners in different times were Clint Eastwood ("Escape from Alcatraz», Escape from Alcatraz, 1979) and Sean Connery ("The Rock», The Rock, 1996). Here is an interesting place.



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