Britney Spears as a way to deal with Somali pirates

Royal Navy servicemen used songs of American pop singer Britney Spears, to scare away the Somali pirates on the eastern coast of Africa, according to The Mirror.

According to the newspaper, the military lose hits «Baby One More Time» and «Oops! I Did It Again »on powerful columns directed towards the pirates. According to 34-year-old Rachel Owens, merchant navy officer, is, oddly enough, is really very effective way to deter pirates on their high-speed boats. As shown, the hatred of Western music makes the pirates get out away from coastal areas.

According to Owens, it's so effective remedy that courts rarely have to use the support arms: "As soon as they hear Britney pirates, they are removed as quickly as possible».

Stephen Jones of the Association of Maritime Safety (Security Association for the Maritime Industry) told the newspaper that the American police and military and previously used music to quell the unrest. He jokingly added that if you use a song Justin Bibiera, then it will be a violation of the Geneva Convention.

By the way, the music of torture are taking place.

Inmates include music at top volume, including at night, depriving them of sleep. At night, the lighting is usually accompanied by torture chambers bright spotlights. According to a source from the FBI, at Guantanamo applied following tactics: for 16 hours prisoners were forced to listen to loud music, then attacked four o'clock absolute silence and darkness. [3]
Most of the prisoners of Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib - the Arabs who have never heard the western heavy music. In Arab countries, rock music is uncommon and unpopular, and in some countries even officially banned. [4] Therefore, a collision with aggressive music additionally causes victims culture shock.
Sergeant Mark Hadsell, who participated in the operation in Iraq, says [2]:
"These people had never heard of heavy metal. They can not stand it. If you get to listen to music 24 hours a day, fatigue weaken the function of the brain and muscles, slow down your thinking and your will be easy to break. That's when we come to examine them. »
Witnesses describe the impact of torture on victims as shocking. Biniyam Mohammed, a former prisoner of the US prison in Afghanistan, said: "During the 20 days we were forced to listen to loud music day and night. People were screaming and beating their heads against the wall. Many went mad. "


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