Withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan (55 photos)

In preparing the material used photos from the site of the Russian Union of Afghanistan Veterans
 - February 15 - the day of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

Conclusion part of the 40th Army in January and February continued according to plan. In this communication from Kabul through the Salang Pass reliably protected against possible attacks by the Mujahideen, especially Ahmad Shah units Ma-court.

The last battle in the South Salang occurred in January, just two weeks before the final withdrawal of our troops from Afghanistan. This fight was fierce. Our soldiers have made efforts not to hit by dushmakov civilians who were in the area. Crowds of civilians accompanied with open hearts of our soldiers ... And yet the battle has begun! Not without loss!

By this time, were curtailed garrisons, many outposts and blocks stretched columns, carried away by the general stream to the north, home. Military camps were transferred to the Afghan side.

war in Afghanistan lasted nine years. Total losses:

1979 - 86 people
1980 - 1484 Human
1981 - 1298 people
1982 - 1948 people
1983 - 1446 people
1984 - 2346 people
1985 - 1868 people
1986 - 1333 Human
1987 - 1215 people
1988 - 759 people
1989 - 53

Total Soviet army, the leading active fighting on foreign soil in the mountains, lost an average of 1,668 people a year. Enemy losses over the same period accounted for, as is typical, a few more - they say that a million. Purely for reference: in road accidents every year in Russia killed more than 35,000 people. More 80,000 a year goes missing. What can I say - in Russia for a year drowning drunk more than were killed in the war for nine years.

Tellingly, the war in Afghanistan is not quite with the Afghans. We were active against Pakistan, whose territory is dushmanskie base. No less actively worked against us the US, which is just across Pakistan funded and supplied the enemy. For example, money raised on Osama bin Laden. Helped weapons Communist China. Delivered mines Italians.

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