Judge gratifying familiar and pointless ...

Can you bring me an anathema, but frivolous, speculative arguments about the sins of the people introduced me to a state touches of irony. How can you talk about someone else's sin, carrying behind his wallet? As you can tell others to whom and where to go, not bothering to observe the roadside signs of their own way? How can you talk about love, not knowing about its goodness in your heart? How can we talk about someone's "duty" without being their "lender"? How can impute to someone about 10 commandments, not follow them in their lives?

Sin ... Really, people judge the sins of others as something, what are great specialists.

To live with the unloved person, not to enjoy life, to complain, but not create, complain about life more often than thanking, to lecture, without changing yourself, do not respect their parents, or children, because they are not as we would like, not being worthy parents to their children or attentive to their parents; strive to meet the ever-changing certain standards of society, but do not seek to be a not gravitate to God in his own soul, to pray out of fear, not out of love, choose to receive, but not willing to give before, komu-to belong, but not belong to himself, condemn, without delving into the motives to accuse anyone for their problems, but not to seek a way out, whining, but idle ... but just to live without Love - not a sin if

? To live the way we feel, as we consider appropriate and right for themselves, to have an opinion, not thinking patterns of the crowd, to take responsibility for their choices, their decisions, rather than follow the imposed will of grafted standards and staunch views on how how to be and how to live.

Who needs"? Ask yourself at your leisure. Of course, all of this at all egregious cases have bottomless convenient word "selfishness". Everyone who dared to dispose of himself by his own understanding of his life, will be ruthlessly convicted of "terry", "heartless" selfishness, because ... very very afraid to be yourself, and suddenly cease to comply with the crowd or even just someone whose expectations on your account, you voluntarily shouldered his shoulders. And it is very inconvenient to others.

There diametric difference between the inside and the choice to be a "selfish", which you immediately strung worm on the hook for "fishing" for your pleasure. Selfishness - is to impose on others their limited living standards, to force others to live as you want, or do you think you need to live or simply vÁm convenient.

How painful can cause discomfort chosen someone his own life. And as annoying to the wrath of a heart-rending someone daring to peel yourself from the pinned to the comfortable life of dogma, invented once someone for granted and the only true.

And then another and be happy in your choice, to meet the same people, new friends, to breathe the rarefied air, filling the lungs to the fullness, to do what you love, to be with those you love. This is happiness. Not in ease and carefree life - and in fullness.

If you think that this is impossible - so you fit to be nailed. You scared to even try to live differently. It is terrible even to allow his life to shine in you. And what will be only "worse"? After all, I will turn away friends, neighbors, parents, children, husband, wife, and another half of the world, these same solution without residue in the imposed once they changeable standards, just as you are chained to the germ in the subcortex postulates crowd . Yes, it's quite possible that your own life, its goals and objectives, lie in a qualitatively different plane, but also where there is air, peace, people, just another quality, -. More close to you in spirit and essence
< br> So, let us not dissemble, all this - a matter of choice. People are so many forces are working to meet the specified emasculated templates vykraivaya a single life in the image of a single all patterns that do not forgive someone's otherness, do not forgive someone else's happiness and can not accept. People do not forgive someone's choice to be yourself, not for someone or against someone.

They fiercely "shame" and "brand" the natural, the natural right to be themselves, to follow nature, the soul, his heart, the right to choose, which one makes himself. To belong or not to belong, to follow or not follow, or may not be - all this is the choice of everyone. And if you choose one, then by what right anyone else can not choose both. After all, the measure of responsibility from anyone for his choice no one takes.

So what is the nature of such gromoverzhnogo indignation? After you have made your choice, too. Perhaps your problem Shchekotov repressed, compressed, elastically tightened sincere feelings, abandoned on the margins of his own life, while you are fighting fiercely for the perfect cut every living single measure? ..

Perhaps you think that it is impossible to live in society, still less possible - to interact with society, - without betraying his self, while remaining true to itself without losing dignity, honor, not caving under set yesterday, today, tomorrow, every time a new measure.

"Impossible" - a stable, protective crazy option, which a priori opponent of any change. Even easy repairs in the apartment - a hysterical stressful for him, rather than a positive update, and even more so - to repair their lives. After all, and as good as usual and regulated, to which such seizures and searches of yourself? True?

It is much easier to "give them all what they want", to find the source of irritation to the outside and knock him all his lurking, pinned tightly dissatisfaction with life. You wonder why it is so important to us to blame, lecture or condemn? Why is it so important to fit under all the tangible, visible, clear-cut, understandable framework we? Umostit everyone and everything in her "Procrustean bed»?

It's comfortable. Even if it is a negative judgment or attitude, it suits more than the need to respect someone else's choice. This is more convenient than to take something incomprehensible to us as something that deserves to be - as a million other things that are far from our meager and very limited understanding of the world and the perception of being in this world totally different seven billion people
Even twins born with their unique otherness, and in one case in a million - they are born even different color. Nobody should anyone be like. And we all know this, but this knowledge itself somewhere in our present, and the desire of all to brush one grandmother's comb - living somehow by itself, in a parallel reality in which we jump once podvorachivaetsja case, and immediately "took out wide leg" grandma's comb and let's not scratching their braids.

We have many argue about the morality of someone whom, and even to love, someone who appreciate who and when to do, in what form we present it in a file that's who lynch whom and how to punish anyone mercy, but to remember our kindness.

And that, really, so usladno so enhances our own reputation, our own importance in the world, and so ... artfully conceals our own fears, the omissions and stalking bryakane securely stashed "skeletons in the closet».

We are so busy with other people's lives, that our becoming like an abandoned old cupboard in which to store our dusty talents and dreams, covered in sticky, tight web of our small and big tasks, our self, uniqueness, our nature.

Life takes on a marginal meaninglessness, chaotic dotted pulsation days and the growing dissatisfaction with himself, projected on the world and everyone living in it not our understanding.

Everyone dissenter, inakochuvstvuyuschy - appetite is ground in the mill of "public morality" and served for the greedy absorption of uterine, richly flavored, because many times to no avail, and chewed. Loudly munching and spitting a mouthful, deeply ideologically convinced of his righteous identity given the "right" template "correct society" in such a sophisticated way to "forgive", covers and even annihilates itself its slightly dried sins, believing that here they not so terrible as that over there, and in one way or out of these ...

For the "sinfulness" - one of the most convenient declinable concepts as lies and selfishness. Cleverly distributing Rank sinfulness through the levels, your sins - is always the smallest, smallest, and of course, venial, but because someone else - definitely should be outraged and angrily, furiously, or simply poignantly and categorically condemned, and at every opportunity virally distributed among the largest possible number of people.

It's so important, as it is possible to more brains to penetrate, rinse, and then suddenly they are wrong on this score grehopadshego dissident, inakochuvstvuyuschego zabluzhdentsa. He just has to be "remade" in "normal" live "correct" life, for what is required of him, and not the one that he himself "imagines" renegade.

Terrible to imagine what would happen if everyone will live their lives. And it's so terrible, that few people decided to continue this terrible thought. But it means something - to live my life ... Indeed, what would happen if the majority of people decide to live your life, take responsibility for it, for their actions, decisions, words and even thoughts

? Do you really believe that the responsibility can give rise to the same chaos in the minds and lives, as it is now a thriving irresponsibility? Why rant? Pick up and try on his life.

You will notice immediately that the person in charge, the person sensibly thinking no chaos, no mind, no thoughts, in contrast to the accepted as the norm, the herd phenomenon, for which the phenomenon of cognitive dissonance - one of the working tools impact
<. br> You really are deeply convinced that everything for which you were born, it fit someone or something? You were born to live. His life, first and foremost. That is, understanding the purpose of our lives, we can learn to respect the right of choice, and the life of another person. The idea of ​​God no one knows.

But enough and a simple logic to understand that to create different seven billion people on the planet, much more versatile, capacious and jewelery task than spawn, according to a predetermined pattern that is identical chelovekonaselenie. No life is not random, there is where you make it or not, but it's true.

Each of our choice, every action, every emotion, every word is a consequence, not only reflect on our lives, but the lives of those with whom we are connected to the current point in time, and even with those whose existence we do not even expect. Even if it boggles, great good - to accept it.

Equally incomprehensible paradox is that once you start to give yourself, your life, your thoughts, words, emotions, his actions at least as much attention to what you give him, the actions, the lives of others - you almost will not remain time for someone to judge meets someone your own ideas about life or not. You can check on the personal experience.

People are so different, so individual experience and the purpose of each, that you just do not have enough life to condemn all for it, but his - very quickly you might miss, squandered on illusory, apparent, someone specified. Be careful with your convictions of someone's unacceptable to you "sins." You tear off the living fabric of your soul the flesh, casually throwing it into another, hoping to subdue or destroy it "wrong" in your understanding of an idea of ​​what should be his life, believing that part of your soul is of great importance for other than yourself.

But if you throw so precious parts of his integrity to the end of life, you will pose a very pitiable spectacle of themselves devalued even what is given you from birth, and what did not even put a significant effort. Life is not static.

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Do not carry on other people's problems

Without going into the destructive distortion of the human consciousness of past ages, the list of sins of which you are now going to frighten, because today - it's everyday reality of each, enough to inspect the same period of his life. When an objective observation, you will discover how ephemeral and changeable constant "sin" in the ever-volatile, limited human perception, susceptibility to impact, suggestion, the substitution of notions, vedÓmosti and mass conformity. In such distortion of consciousness and perception is only capable people. There is no need to attribute to God the same imperfection.

Judge gratifying familiar and ... pointless. In every way. For me there is only one sin, which struck the earth humanity - live in or dislike ... is love. All other sins originate from it. After all, a heart full of love, seen a very different picture of life.

© Tatiana Baruch


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