Great news: orphanage in Krasnoyarsk became the champions of the football world!

We have reason to be proud: in Warsaw ended with the World Cup among children's homes. Young athletes from Russia beat their peers from 27 countries in the world and have won prestigious tournament! < Website Congratulations to the guys on the victory! We are proud of you! More news about:

In the group stage Krasnoyarsk defeated Ireland, Slovenia, Serbia, Palestine and Thailand. In the quarterfinals of FC "Totem" has beaten the national team of Ukraine, and in the semi-finals - a team of Hungary. In the final match of the Russians beat the French team. Russia won on penalties. According to the captain of the team, victory - a great holiday

. "It is not every day you win a world championship. I am very happy. I used to smoke, but when I saw the guys play football, join them. Already I do not smoke "- Paul, the team captain

. The president of the club said that the orphanage children develop not only athletic skills: "The children that we are engaged in, even for a month completely changed for the better. Our football club is cooperating with the children's home, and together we are working with children "- Sergei Gorbunov, the president of football club«

Totem ". FC "Totem" has existed since 2005 and has already become a world champion and Europe in Poland among children's homes, and in 2011 won the tournament, "Hope for the Euro". In 2010, the club became the champion of Russia among children's homes.

In the Russian team participated 10 athletes from 12 to 16 years. This boys from poor and disadvantaged families, which have taken on the care of the orphanage.



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