19 hilarious notes that only children could write. The very spontaneity!

All the children - it is a kind of art. He still does not know that such a ban. They have patterns and clichés, as well as the scope and limitations set by society. Children's fantasy in full swing, and creativity of them and whips! If it is the desire to develop a child, you see, from the small scribblers Pasternak increase or Brodsky.

Information and entertainment online resource prepared for you 19 hilarious notes that only children could write. When I read these masterpieces of belles-lettres, my tears flowed just the same hail of laughter. The very spontaneity!

Hello you people, Alice!

All kids dream about my grandmother-superwoman ...

family hierarchy.

diminutive form for wimps! Soon there will be a continuation of "Grandfather", "Mama," "Dad» ...

Cherished desire.

The main thing - to be able to skillfully put pressure on pity.

This is for the pope, suffering from myopia.

I have his problems ...

And then the child has suffered ...

By Maschke's girlfriend or something?

From the song words can not erase!

And this is a family tyranny.

Repetition - the mother of learning?

Children - generators neologisms.

The brutal boy.

Do not come near me. I'm offended! B>

It seems that there is not summer camp and a concentration camp.

From the series: "I will take revenge, and revenge my terrible!»

Oh, this present generation!

Such a purpose you can imagine! Children look at the world is simply incomparable! These notes kids so much warmth and sincerity ... Although, it is worth noting some of the masterpieces are not so innocent. Share the good portion of humor with his comrades.

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