Total for 1 day this couple aged by as much as 70 years ... Now they have to take a difficult decision!

You probably refers to the generation of those who remember the story quite popular in the Soviet era films "Adam marries Eve." For the uninitiated, the film takes place during a meeting of the dummy Court, which decided the question of whether Adam and Eve had become husband and wife.

Sweet couple Christie and Tavis before a wedding, and had to go through some trial and take part in a hell of an interesting experiment, "100 Years of Beauty: aging." It is worth noting that young people little more than 20 years. Lovers were able to see how they will look like years from now 20. But that's not all ... With a light hand of professional make-up girl and her beloved first artificially aged up to 50 years of age, and then to 70 and even up to 90 years. They will have to take a very serious decision. Crazy experiment will help the pair to dot the "i" and answer the question, which affects their fate: "Do they want to be with each other the rest of his life?". Perhaps their response will surprise you ... Emotions lash over the edge!

As it is touching! Tavis admitted that, no matter how looked Christi, he will always love her. When the couple was asked what would be their last words to each other, Christy said: «I would have told him how much I love him». I> That's true love! In my opinion, these two have been tested in the five-plus. Share this romantic experiment to those you care about.


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