This guy shot his mother for a year. The reason for that - amazing.

To help find the love of his mother, this guy was shooting my mother for a year and then mounted it's incredibly touching video. Until such time as shown in the video, she did what no idea. When a son named Alex included her this video, a woman overcome with emotion.

The young man begins his story by saying that the world is living large number of different people who have one thing in common - they are all in my heart wants to love and be loved. Video out very sincere. It seems that the mother of this guy's really sweet and charming woman who knows how to enjoy every minute and never lose a positive attitude.

This is a video called "In Search of Adam," because that the author of the video is called mother Eve. Alex is sure that his mother deserves the very best, including good relations with a loving man. Hoping to find a man, the guy talks about the enthusiasm of Eve. Thus we learn that, in spite of his advanced age, she continues to lead a very active lifestyle, playing tennis, yoga, skiing, cycling and dancing. She also loves nature and loves to bask in the sun. Her son is confident that the future soul mate Eve should share some of her hobbies. And the hope of the result, he left an email address at which you can contact anyone who thinks he knows this man or he is a candidate for a husband to his mother.

The way Eve responded at the end of the roller in the act his son said how for it is really important to find love. Alex hopes that with the help of her mother greeted her happiness. I liked the video? Share it with your friends!


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