How to become a bad wedding photographer

A practical guide for beginning photographers guru Dmitry Maystrenko.Byt wedding photographer - a difficult craft, but also the number of people with the camera today is rarely turns into quality images issued. And he took a huge responsibility, "fashionable" writers often neglect the elementary theory of the shooting.

About how the rules should follow the aspiring photographer, he told Krasnodar photographer Dmitry Maystrenko dealing wedding photo shoot is not the first year. The revelation came a few hard, but no one has talked about it so sincerely and truthfully.

Website strongly recommends that you read this article to everyone who makes photographing, and those planning to do this seriously.

- I have gone once to the site of the wedding photography. Dai, I think, look, what country lives. Looking portfolio there the photographers I vckore noticed that I repeatedly visited at first light, and then more and more obsessive feeling of deja vu - the same pictures taken as the mold with striking regularity repeated at a completely different authors, with live these authors not even in the same city. Digging in the submitted photos have little, I made a startling discovery! Photographers are clearly defined for a long time developed a set of staged shots, allowing capture any wedding, and stay in the memory of our clients bright, talented, not formulaic, and most importantly - fashion photographer!

Extremely impressed by the novelty and unique photographic freshness of these masterpieces, I took the liberty to select those images, organize them, and offer to study for beginners, passing on the most successful examples of pictures revealing all the secrets and subtleties of their manufacture.

Please after reading not judge me too harshly, perhaps some of the nuances of obtaining these marvelous photos I reveal and could not, try as he might. So!

Still number 1 "Offset»

For this picture the photographer must break all conceivable rules composite imaging, and intentionally shift the newlyweds in some corner of the frame, with place them so that they are possible, take no more than ten percent of the image area. The more empty and uninformative to the remainder of the frame, the better. Ideally, it will be just a dazzling white, as a photographer pushes their honeymoon in a corner of the frame is not to be positioned at the vacated area of ​​an object, and to demonstrate the novelty of his photographic ideas, and the freedom from the silly stereotypes like " golden section ».

Almost every photographer, no, no, yes, and will not hold, it will make "offset." It's too much temptation, a simple movement of the camera to get such a non-trivial and fresh picture, and among other things to prove his ownership progress. And then!

A similar image adorning your portfolio wedding photographer definitely gives the viewer understand what is - a work of genius, and not otherwise. After all, who else other than the genius decided to casual with such ease declare itself obsolete the notion of composition?

So undoubted winner of this section is a compilation of the next shot, where the couple in my opinion written in the frame with incredible accuracy!

Yes, I, too, they did not immediately found.

Still number 2 "Removal»

In order to get this unforgettable picture, the photographer needs a wide angle lens, and some landscape. The secret of success in the production of this masterpiece is the fulfillment of the basic requirements - need to get a pair of newlyweds was photographed very, very far away, and took a picture as small as possible space.

Ideally - they all should be almost invisible to the viewer, looking at the resulting picture, confused groping around in the field of the frame, and could not find joyful members newly founded unit of society for at least five seconds. If the viewer is placed in a short time, then the frame is considered to be failed and should be re-shoot, having escaped the newlyweds for another kilometer.

And the next picture presents us with an excellent example of how sometimes the "Delete" finds another undeniable and extremely valuable advantage: If you print it on paper, the size of some sort meter and a half, place in a suitable frame and hang on the wall, if the newlyweds suddenly and urgently need passport photos, you can always break the glass, and with the help of scissors to remove this majestic canvas a favorite size is just 3 × 4 cm.

The next picture is in addition to being recognized as the best in the collection of outstanding "deletions" will always remain for me a cause burning envy and elusive style icon - I was not able to consider it at the newlyweds !!!

Further, in the mainstream of informed refusal of the organization between the newlyweds of whatever emotional interaction, with a complete disregard for expression of the eyes and the persons photographed and demonstrative violation of all the outdated and frankly nonsensical rules portraiture, modern wedding photographer comes to the next selection frame that is simply not a stone was left of moldy notions of so-called "old masters».

Frame number 3 "eclipsed»

A true master is well known that taking pictures of people, not necessarily capture their faces. Moreover, the presence of persons at the wedding photo newlyweds is nothing else but a shameful relic of the past. Therefore, to obtain a real picture of the modern bride's face can be something to cover, such as the magazine. Fortunately, if the cover would be the portrait of a woman, and if the guy on the cover, that's okay too, because even more creative.

If the log is not found at hand, and make this a photographer unbearably want, you can cover the face of the bride's bouquet. If you want to cover and the face of the bridegroom, and the second bouquet not then have to resort to a variety of materials at hand, here is the selection of props wonderful space for imagination and creativity. Vinyl Records, balloons, sunflowers and candies, all of which can render invaluable service master spouting ideas wedding photo.

And a considerable margin ahead of all the other wins the divine work with the doormat. Too obscure, so obscure! Horizon also delivers fiercely.

But nothing will ever be able to compete with the following, the most radical and creative scenes of all time, where, in an attempt to produce on - truly significant work of photographic art photographer finally puts an end to all disputes on how to be a modern wedding photo.

The frame number 4 "Circumcision»

Here, in a bold attempt to reach new heights in overcoming outdated dogmas and establishing a new approach to weddings etched by an inspired creative cropping professional simply cuts off the newlyweds head. It turns out a memorable frame, perfectly illustrating the remarkable courage creative photographer. A newly-married couple, when they see themselves is embodied in a form of gratitude and happiness usually can not hold back tears.

No, I am confident that the modern photographer annoying presence of human faces in the frame. Otherwise, why would he persistently tried to get rid of them?

Among these inimitable example of "new words" in the wedding photos to me, I confess, it is difficult to identify the winner. Maybe frame found in the cabbage?

After the fashion photographer, working at the wedding had already made "Offset", "Delete", "occlusion" and "Circumcision," he surprised himself suddenly faced with the need to make at least a few frames, where everything is visible face newlyweds. But in this case he had stashed in his sleeve a couple of pieces that will allow him not to lose face, and with honor out of the situation.

The frame number 5 "Blink»

Feel free to spit on Leo Tolstoy attributed to the expression 'Eyes - mirror of the soul "a good wedding photographer to easily proves that it is not. He knows the secret - the best picture you get when you press the shutter release button at precisely the moment when the person being photographed blinked. Aerobatics capture couples - is to click on the button at the very short moment when the two blinked. Here the photographer has deservedly proud of himself, with a sense of deep satisfaction that presents a snapshot of the newlyweds, bowing humbly accept the deserved compliments and subsequently smug decorate this masterpiece of its portfolio. Fuck you in the ass, Leo!

Skillfully using fantasy superprofessional can create even the "Blink" by "displacement»!

And the clear winner of this collection is without a doubt the divine author of the triptych "blinked bride».

Frame number 6 "Yearning»

Earlier we learned carefully guarded secret consists in the fact that the best pictures are obtained at a time when the eyes of the bride and groom are closed. So they need to be close to that at all costs!

Photographer puts a young couple in some graceful pose, and commanded them to close their eyes. The resulting picture of the two snulyh fish that frankly thrilled, is meant to show him a photographic fixing suddenly surging unbearable tenderness and sizzling passion. Newlyweds languishing show, photographer happy.

Because quite a lasting impression that this divine setting produces on the minds of wedding photographers, the propagation velocity of the shot on the portfolio of professionals would envy even the bubonic plague of the thirteenth century, wiped out half of Europe. But pro perished not in vain, they added a priceless artifact in the gold collection.

Of course, the most popular formulation penetrated into this collection. She and deliver victory, here it is, the brilliant "Yearning" by "displacement»

Frame number 7, "Signing»

Well-known fact - not every average Russian while viewing wedding photos in a position to realize that being in the spotlight girl in a white dress and a lush, has a fiancee. In a country of universal literacy output can be only one - the main actors to sign the wedding.

With a condescending smile modern photographer remembers those ancient times, when the more blinkered and downtrodden people of the Soviet Union were made the first tentative attempts to "signing", witnesses and wore red tape with the words "Pal" and "best man." Today in the arsenal of the photographer much more inscriptions, and made it much better. Photographer brings the wedding signs with the words "bride", "groom", "Mr.," "Mrs.," and so on. He shove these tablets in the hands of the newlyweds, and - voila! - No question who is who.

After the registrar wildly creative photographer removes the main banner, a sign «Just Married», and shakes it in front of a young couple has until the end of the walk. Newlyweds kissing on it, under it, along with her, and take her to bed on their wedding night.

That's actually the "signing" with "eclipsed»:

Well, the "circumcision", where the same without him!

Guide to what exactly this process are obviously specially made for the wedding plates, I do not know. The extent of his depravity of course I would suggest another option, but refrain, yet it will be read by novice photographers.

And it certainly is a brilliant example of proficiency manufacturing fashion photography - "Offset", "obscured", "blur" and "signing" in one shot! That's what I call the key to beautiful lavstori!

Well, the winner is recognized as the work of "sea of ​​happiness." This sea of ​​happiness I've ever seen, already jealous.

Frame number 8 "Blur»

Continuing the search for new approaches to the wedding photo, fashion photographer offers the following indisputable argument - newlyweds necessarily be in focus. Wonder whether the industry has adjusted release of cheap lenses with tilt-shiftom? What is not a reason to make half of the frame zamylenny? But a true professional not limited to blur the landscape, so to break the rules, so disturbing, and it blurs into the trash, and the newlyweds. What all of these delights with filigree hit in the focal plane of the cilia of the bride? What all these attempts to get a shot of the newlyweds focused on the blurry backdrop? Dilute need everything to heram dog! Who ever said that the couple in the photo must be in focus?

Of course, a professional perfectly mastered the "blur" is not able to resist the temptation to increase the expressiveness of the image by combining it with such "stewed»:

Or "offset»:

In very advanced cases - with "circumcision»:

If you are going to award the palm, I hesitated between the two undisputed masterpieces, "blur necks»:

And the incomparable work, in which the focus is not anything other than the actual author's copyright:

But in the end I still prone to being to give wondrous shot victory, demonstrating a truly creative approach to work with Fish:

And who said that fish eye gives Rasfokus background? Wail, clumsy! In the hands of a pro fisheye bokeh gives the most tender of all, what you have just seen in your miserable life. Perfect composition, blurred newlyweds, and a clear shadow of pristine svetopistsa ... Creative as he is.

Frame number 9 "Flying»

Since the days of Copernicus and the Wright brothers dreamed of a miracle man flight. Gone century, until this dream come true, and the man conquered the sky. And now, even though aviation and became commonplace, nevertheless strives into the sky silhouette of a graceful silver bird still embodies the romantic dream of the man apart from the earth, it is a symbol of lightness, flight, and boundless freedom.

Capturing the newlyweds on the background of the airplane, the photographer receives a frame, symbolizing the life-flight him coming young family full of accomplishments, hopes, dreams and happiness. Production of this picture is quite simply, the bride and groom depict the joy and the plane in the background ready at any moment to break away, and in amazing honeymoon carry distance, toward dazzling happiness.

True, not everyone has the opportunity to be photographed against the backdrop of personal Boeing, so that as the plane - a symbol commonly used dirty zachehlёnny sometimes polurazobrannom, and standing on the moors corncob.

Of course, in the manufacture of this picture was not without a fine combination of the basic idea of ​​"flying" win-win with other productions. For example, "Removal»:

Or "Morgan»:

A bold hybrid of "flying" with "shift" and "Blur" in general leads customers into a state of shock lung. See how charming small airplane came out! What couple does not dream to have such a picture in your wedding album ?!

Well, the first place goes to snapshot "gnawed AN-2»

Frame number 10 "Standing»

Ten of the most memorable performances the experienced professional crowned the undisputed masterpiece of all time. It is pleasant to note, that this well-deserved shot in time completely lost its popularity, and the idea of ​​its performance when shooting weddings and today is the most enthusiastic response in the hearts of wedding photographers. I think the reason enduring popularity of this picture lies in the infinite variability of its implementation. After all, "stand" can be in the open field (I hope you have correctly identified a hybrid of "standing" and "Removal»):

And against the backdrop of sights:

And even in the beach cabanas!

Truly limitless number of incarnations and combinations of this masterpiece.

For example, "Standing" and "eclipsed»:

And "Standing" from "eclipsed" including the shadow of the photographer and cement bags:

And "standing" to "blur" and radical "Circumcision»:

Or the option to diversify the "Standing»:




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