Really bad people

One of the most common human fears – the FEAR of being WRONG. What bad men do, on the basis of previous convictions, and, in many ways, our generation?

  • bad people take care of yourself first;
  • they can say no to a request;
  • "bad" is not drawn into the rescue, do not try to please;
  • they do not straighten out their children when they behave freely, without regard;
  • and even "bad" people alien to have "good" attitudes and beliefs.

Those "bad" irritate "good", and good – armed with the righteous, will not fail to send a signal about how bad to be bad, because bad people nobody likes and die, useless, alone.

So, if you have the intention to become "bad" and not to die in this horror, under a barrage of protest, criticism, please note on your child's part, where under a thick layer of protection buried these fears. There you are – small and dependent on the approval of all of these, as it seems, the big people.

Truly bad people, not those who only pretends to be bad, so really bad people, respecting yourself, able to respect the good that have their own, different view of the world.

My respect, they Express the fact that do not try to alter good, change them and influence, leaving them alone with their sense of rightness and superiority.published

Author: Veronica Brown


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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