How not to shoot the wedding

That's what happens when the bad taste and bad Photoshop together in eternal lyubvi.Kto blame for that wedding photos are such that I want to push them to the farthest corner of the top shelf of the closet? Most often, of course, is the photographers.

But looking at the images presented in this article, Website questioned in wine alone photographers. Without the "creativity" of the newlyweds themselves are not exactly cost.

Remember: do not need to start at the end of

And from the beginning also not necessary

If a picture tells a story, even if it does not scare

Photoshop - that's fine, but be aware meru

Otherwise you'll have to prove that you do not kentavr

Follow the online trends with intelligence and humor

If the marriage was stormy and gromkoy

And entailed razrusheniya

You do not need it dokumentirovat

Watch the expression on his emotsiy

And for the way they express your guests

Manipulating the size of the bride's long out of mody

As well as the manipulation of the size zheniha

Or the size of oboih

Only if these dimensions are not laid prirodoy

Do not show all the charm of living away from goroda

Especially - iznutri

Or at least watch for background

Although, in spite of all the advice, there are situations

When there is nothing to fix


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