Bamovskie wedding: how to marry romance taiga

Especially that first about any of amenities and infrastructure development for family and speech could not be - only hiking romance at minus 30-45 degrees. But there were many of those who gave BAM not only friends for ages, but also love: single Komsomol members who went on his heart in a distant region, happily fell in love, got married, had children and still remember that time fondly in my heart.

From birth to BAM was all right: after the high-profile weddings one after another family celebrated a new holiday - the birth of the firstborn.

Photo: from the personal archive of Victor Botkin

BAM 40 years - 40 years of marriage

One only Tynda per year on average 500-600 celebrating weddings. For 10 years from 1974 statistics registrar's office keeps a record of almost six thousand registration of marriage. None of the taiga romantics do not mind that registration of marriage took place not in a magnificent palace, decorated with balloons and flowers, and in a small and cramped apartment.

"Komsomolskaya Pravda" phoned to the Head of Registry Office for Tynda and Tyndinsky District registry office in the Amur region.

- Oh, it was a long time ago, of course, but all the files since survived. Time is gold then what was, from all over the Union to us to Tynda went romance! - Galina Vorodyuhina noisy sighs into the phone. - For 10 years, from 1974 to 1984, played in Tynda wedding constantly. We walked around the city! Often marriages were multinational. In the 74th and did every other couple - husband or wife from Ukraine. Since then, even the streets are left with the telling name - Odessa, Kiev, Donetsk, Zaporozhye, Ukrainian. They, however, is not densely populated and built up, but nonetheless. In general, if you look at the list of names in a long list, you can see besides Russian Ukrainian, Belarusian, Jewish, Georgian, Moldavian, Azerbaijani, Armenian surnames. Love is an international concept.

In the tent city Mining, despite the field conditions, the bride did not refuse from the white dresses. They, of course, were on hand.

After the completion of construction projects, many of Tynda departed, but then blame them difficult: after all, is not all fit the local weather conditions.

- Someone moved to his small home, someone fate and scattered all over the world. We often receive inquiries from abroad. Very often write from the CIS countries and Germany. - Says "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Galina Vorodyuhina. - To the festivities in honor of the 40th anniversary of BAM our registry office did not stay aside: we honored those who are not afraid of the severe Taiga, the complexities of life. We got a double celebration: Tynda still live those who tied his fate 40 years ago! So when the city hosts the main celebrations, we also congratulate our special eight pairs bamovtsev: This family couple chitin Storchous, Glushkov, Zhuravlev Anufrieva, Rozbitskih, Mitrofanov and Baklykova. It is symbolic that in the next year should appear in Tynda monument of Saints Peter and Fevronia - patron saint of lovers.

Wedding Invitations are processed in a popular style then: the couple in the back of the legendary Magirus.

Photo: from the personal archive Antontiny Delnova

Marriage proposal Commissioner

When I heard about that, "Komsomolskaya Pravda" has launched a special holiday section on the site dedicated to the anniversary of BAM, from across the country began to come and readers to share their memories of the events of those years.

So, one of the participants of the photo contest "BAM in the history of my family," Nina Titomir from Saratov, also told how she met her love in a distant Tynda.

- My husband Vladimir Titomir for me and my children's hero. Only without the asterisks on the chest. He was a delegate to the 17th Congress of the Komsomol, the commissioner of the Moldavian squad. May 3, 1974 №14 special train his squad arrived in the village Tyndinsky - says Nina Titomir. - By profession he is - a carpenter. Built the first house in the village of SMP-567, worked as a lumberjack paving the clearing of Giluy to Sivachkana, build bridges to the 107 km line BAM -Tynda, he was even lucky enough to live at first in a tent in December 1974. Building art. Bestuzhevo, station, central boiler, heated today Tynda, shop built locomotive depot, built a high platform at the station. Tynda. Was a master, foreman, deputy. Head of the train. All the time among the people. Of course, it was impossible not to notice it.

Beautiful and unmarried girl Nina, too, was one of the first Queen of Tynda. Then worked as a teacher in dormitories SMP-567. With a smile recalls how unusual it made a proposal of marriage.

- In January 1975, bypassing the dorm and into the SMP-567 was three (two men called bicharni and one female - chudilnik), the guys with the Moldovan unit offered me to marry their Commissioner. I jokingly agreed. And two weeks later, on February 8, we were married in the dining room "Taiga" - tells the reader. - By the way, the wedding was a frequent occurrence. For example, on the same day in the dining room of the SMP-544 played a wedding Commissioner Chechen-Ingush squad Anatoly Kalinin and Luba Pronechkina. Her husband was not in 2010, but we have lived together for 36 years. We have three children.

According to the stories of Nina Titomir, Tynda became a point of attraction for the boys and girls from all over the Union. Those who are not able to go to the advanced construction, with all my heart hurt and worried about the scouts. Telegrams, gifts, parcels with sweets, warm clothes, cards bags come in Taegu.

- Old-timers remember the parcel with books, souvenirs sent from Moldova to the Moldovan squad that even with such address as "Irkutsk region - Commissioner Moldovan squad Tapamir Vladimir" reached Tynda. I even remember the apples that came in the month of November - as many as 225 parcels when loaded full "Magirus" and take them to schools and kindergartens. And operation "Nut"! When hundreds of Moldovan students sent to the address sending unit with nuts! - It's an incredible experience! - Says Nina Titomir emotions.

In Star - wedding International

Wedding, of course, magnificently celebrated not only in Tynda - the capital of the BAM. In the Star, Kichera, Taksimo, Mogote and many other small villages life raged no less brightly and quickly.

As told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" while one of the residents of Star Antonina Delnova, then no one paid attention to some domestic difficulties of nationality, appearance, size of the purse - it was important to quite another.

- This is the time of our youth, so, if there were some difficulties, but now they seem so insignificant! - Recalls Antonina Delnova. - My then-future husband - Arcade - went to the BAM in 1974. The train is celebrating its 19th anniversary. Imagine, what hopes, what enthusiasm there with all the guys rode Union: everyone believed in what makes a great cause. Each rode a dream. We were married two years later - in 1976. There's also our daughter was born. In the end we stayed at BAM five years. Did not want to leave - everything is so rooted to the place, the people, friends and colleagues. Of course, there would continue to live there, but Arcadia drafted into the army in 26 years in a construction battalion in the Khabarovsk region.

Despite the modest living conditions, wedding tables laden with abundance.

Photo: from the personal archive of Victor Botkin

Antonina and Arkady Delnova lived in the village of Star from 1976 to 1978. Then moved to Kichera.

- It's hard to describe how things were friends, how are located to each other as help. Weddings were international. While the friendship between the peoples existed not only in textbooks. In Kichera, for example, there were many mixed marriages. This is not something that did not surprise anyone, we do not even understand, but what is there to wonder something? But people from across the country came. Worked together. Rested. Acquainted. Fell in love. - Antonina Delnova. - I remember our neighbors in a dormitory on the mailbox was the inscription "chicken coop." My husband is a good laugh: I think that this is such Hochma. But it turned out that this is not a joke sign, but it is a real name: Lisa from Belarus, Moldova and her husband! On international weddings danced lezginka, gopak, polka, bullseye.

Wedding boom officers

A few years after the great renewal of the Baikal-Amur Railway, one after another began to play the wedding of the military. While many military units had served at BAM and soldiers, officers, non-commissioned officers were as full and direct participants in the events, as well as young members of the Komsomol.

Of course, initially those decreases on taiga construction, forbidden to bring combat girlfriends, brides favorite girls. Even the officers and warrant officers, who already had families and children, not recommended to carry them in precarious housing. Yes and where to bring? Deaf impenetrable forests. Cedars yes larch. Cold. Flimsy huts. Dirty track frozen ground. No kindergarten, no school, no stores normal.

But very soon the situation has changed. Villages were built, people settle in, build houses, shops, clubs, bathhouses, laundries, restaurants and canteens. BAM appeared and radio, and television. It was then that rattled military bands: lieutenants and ensigns celebrated weddings. Wives of military helped equip BAM life, establish the work of kindergartens and schools, clubs and bread bakeries. At the construction site of the legendary life in full boil.

By the way

Bride on the truck

It is now seeking to mark the triumph of the couple as possible luxuriantly. Expensive dresses, restaurants, limousines. BAM a wedding just would not understand. But here's the mentality feasts certainly not refuse: Walking around the village, young and old! Tradition ride on city sites at BAM also did not fire: severe builders and their beautiful bride in white beautiful dresses preferred photo on the steps of Magirus. It was so popular pastime that even wedding invitations were decorated in this style.

Young couple loved to take pictures on the memory is powerful trucks.

Photo: from the personal archive of Joan Gorbachev (Staroverova)



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