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The world is not divided into two parts, he is one. We all live on the same planet, but rarely know what was going on or happening at any given time on the other side of the world, though, making this collection, I realized that everything - good and bad - was in abundance. Of course, more on the negative events of our planet - murder, famine, wars ... the list can be endless. And strangely, it was photos with such terrible events as the best in the world. But photos of positive developments, such as such as the birth of a child, the love between man and woman, sunset and sunrise, almost no one is interested.

Such a coincidence is easy to explain, because the main task of journalism to pay attention to the problem, the suffering and the sad moments of other people, to those who live in their own little world a little thinking ... Of course, it is unpleasant to look at photos, full of pain, but not much interesting flipping photos with the same type of kiss, which in fact do not carry any meaning and prevent the realization that the world is not as good as it seems.

Take a look at the Pictures of the most memorable photographs taken mainly in the 20th century. From some pictures creepy and just want to cry ... How cruel this world ... Thank God that all this nightmare I had never seen in person, otherwise I do not know what would have happened to me. Each of these photos a symbol. The symbol of the era, a symbol of the event, a symbol of all living things (it's up to you).

I shall warn that the nervous and pregnant women better not to watch these pictures.

1. This picture is really shocking. It shows the truth of the suffering of children in the Sudan during the famine of 1993. The picture, which depicted a tiny exhausted girl, with all the remaining forces of creeping toward the camp of humanitarian aid, was made by photographer Kevin Carter. For this photograph, Carter won the prestigious Pulitzer Prize, but it cost him a great deal. The photographer had to wait specially hungry vulture, who calmly walked in circles waiting for the death of the baby, only for the frame to be the most epic. After 20 minutes, Carter still made photos and drove the bird from the child. After receiving the award for the picture and the wave of criticism Kevin Carter committed suicide. This happened in 1994.

2. August 6, 1945 the picture was taken mushroom cloud over Hiroshima. The spectacle is really frightening.

3. November 25, 1963 John F. Kennedy family said goodbye to him. The slain president was buried with full honors 3 days after the death of the two bullets elucidated Lee Harvey Oswald (who is not officially listed as a killer, but he was the prime suspect). By the way, two days very well shot Oswald in a police station. It is not known what motives prompted the worker stacks to kill the president.

4. This picture taken by photographer Robert Capa September 5, 1936, has long been a symbol of this bloody and ruthless Spanish Civil War. The photograph captured an armed militia, who had just received a fatal bullet. The picture, of course, very emotional and tragic, but it turns out it's just a successful production. To such conclusion experts came after carefully studied all the details (location and the location of the Battle of the dead body of a man).

Photographer Dorothea Lange 5. in 1936 made a picture that brought her international fame. On it you can see Florence Owens Thompson, who has called the symbol of the Great Depression, with the children. The name of the protagonist picture became known only 40 years later, and she was very upset by the fact that the photographer has published this photograph and sent her a copy. Thus, Dorothea Lange got everything, but Florence is anything but grave inscription "Florence Owens Thompson. Nomadic mother - the legend of the Mother of America »

6. The world-famous photograph of the Vietnam War, which depicted the horror and the suffering of innocent people, just hit the world. Young children fleeing napalm, which ruthlessly dispensed South Vietnamese armed forces in the village, were captured by photographer Nick Ut. Once the picture was taken, he picked up the girl in the center (Kim Phuc) and drove to the hospital. The photographer did not expect that the child will survive, but the doctors failed to save her life, despite the fact that Kim had horrible third-degree burns all over his body. Now Kim is alive and well, she devoted her life to helping people, and medicine. On those terrible times and the photo she often tells in an interview:

"Napalm - it is the worst pain you can imagine. Water boils at 100 degrees, and the temperature of napalm from 800 to 1200. Forgiveness made me free from hatred. I still have a lot of scars on the body, and I feel a lot of pain almost constantly, but my heart is pure. Napalm is strong, but faith, forgiveness and love which is stronger. We generally would not be wars if everyone could understand how to live with true love, hope and forgiveness. If the little girl in the picture was able to ask yourself, can you? »

7. This photograph was taken February 1, 1968, when the Viet Cong Nguyen Van Lem executed Gen. Nguyen Ngoc Loan. Photographer Eddie Adams, who made this landmark picture immediately became known and began to be criticized. So he had to apologize to the general for what he inflicted irreparable damage to his honor. That's what the photographer said afterwards: "The general killed the Viet Cong, I killed the general with your camera. Photos are still the most powerful weapon in the world. People believe it, but the pictures lie, even without such intention. They - only half the truth. Photo not say, "What would you do if you were this general at the time and place on that hot day when you caught the so-called bad guy after he blew up one, two or three Americans? '."

8. September 11, 2001. World Trade Center towers in New York. The day was made a lot of photos, but this is the picture that was called "falling man" became the most powerful images of human despair of the 21st century. This photo was taken by photographer Richard Drew before the fall of the Twin Towers, because the man in the photograph prefer to die hit the ground instead of choking from the smoke in the walls of a skyscraper.

9. 1956. East Germany. Little girl meets her father - a German prisoner 2nd World War, the Soviet Union which was released to freedom.

10. 4 June 1962 at the naval base of Puerto Kabello was made very symbolic picture. Mortally wounded by sniper soldier asks for forgiveness for their sins, holding the priest Luis Padilla.

11. June 11, 1963 in South Vietnam Buddhist monk named Thich Quang Duc decided to self-immolation in protest against religious persecution by the government of Vietnam.

12. September 1965. The mother and her children without any help go deep river to escape the aerial bombardment by US forces.

13. A few months later - February 24, 1966 in South Vietnam was recorded with the camera here is bestial attitude of the US military to the South Vietnamese rebel.

14. 1974. Nigerian drought and a little girl who has experienced all the intolerable life without water on himself.

15. July 22, 1975 in a house in Boston started a large fire. The woman and the girl, who could not get out of the house at the very beginning were forced to jump from the windows.

16. South Africa. August 1977. The police decided not to hesitate and sprayed tear gas at rioting in illegal settlements Modderdam. By the way, those people just tried to protest against the destruction of their own homes.

17. In the area of ​​Cambodia, Uganda, in April 1980 was just unbearable, no food, no water is scarce. This proves that this picture, which depicted the hand of a small boy and depleted missionary who came to help all those who suffer in Uganda.

18. mercilessly massacre perpetrated September 18, 1982 in Beirut, Lebanon. In the photo you can see the killed Palestinians who killed Christian Phalangists in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camp in Lebanon.

19. The devastating earthquake in Koynorene claimed the lives of many people. The photo, taken on 30 October 1983, shows a mother of five children Kezban Lakes, who found her sons dead. Mother's grief - it's scary ... (

20. 12-year-old girl Omayra Sanchez got into the dangerous trap in the ruins, which are caused by the eruption of the volcano Nevado del Ruz in Colombia. Photo taken on Nov. 16, 1985, after nearly 60 hours after being trapped Omayra. The girl was not able to pull out, so after a while she lost consciousness and died.

21. December 18, 1987. Kuro, South Korea. Inconsolable mother begs police policing release of her son, who was arrested at the demonstration. The woman's son has accused the government of fraud, for which he was jailed. The police do not pay attention to the mother's grief.

22. The terrible famine in November 1992 in Somalia. Mother raises the body's own child, to take it to the prepared grave.

23. It is very important on which side you're on. Made in June 1994 Photo male Hutu ethnic group confirms it. Police crippled young man, as soon as there were suspicions that he was sympathetic to the rebels Tutsi ethnic group.

24. 1996. Kuito. Landmine victims in Kuito, Angola could not be happy in those days, because in the course of the civil war, many of their relatives had been killed, and they are traumatized for life.

25. August 1, 2005. Nigerian woman with her child waiting to be served free food.

26. John Lennon and his killer Mark Chapman. This is the last photo of the popular rock musician, which is made at the time of John gives an autograph to his killer has not yet knowing that he put a bullet in the forehead.

Let's try to move on to more pleasant. Here are the pictures that will forever remain in the history as one of the most beautiful and unforgettable.

Ernesto Che Guevara

Albert Einstein

Winston Churchill

Afghan girl (in 1984 and 17 years later)


Lunch atop a skyscraper

Kiss in Times Square

Yuri Gagarin

Charlie Chaplin

Marilyn Monroe

Salvador Dali



Flag over the Reichstag, in 1941

Buzz Aldrin on the basis of Tranquility

Ali vs. Liston


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