Audrey Hepburn

"The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes, shape or hairstyle. It is - in the glare of the eye. After all, the eye - is the gateway to the heart, where love lives "(Audrey Hepburn)
Charming Audrey Hepburn - a true standard of femininity, beauty and charm. She was simply incomparable actress who has always distinguished elegant style. In her address, you can say the millions of compliments, but none will fully describe this amazing woman. Audrey was not only an actress, but also a dancer, humanitarian, as well as a model, so it remained a lot of professional photographers. But today I'd like to show you do not have them, and those rare photos that show the incomparable Audrey Hepburn with a completely different side of (among these images are professional, but not particularly publicized).

Audrey Hepburn - the daughter of an English banker and a Dutch baroness, was born May 4, 1929 in Belgium, in a small town near Brussels Ixelles. But beauty school years were held not as many might think (my father - a banker, mother - Baroness, well, Audrey - a spoiled little girl), because in fact Audrey childhood took place in Nazi-occupied Arnhem (Netherlands), where she lived with mother after the divorce beloved parents. During the war, Audrey seriously ill, but recovered some time after a steady peace.

Audrey was a fully developed girl - she loved to dance, paint and even a little singing. Audrey was engaged in a ballet school and attended classes of acting. Because of its desire to become an actress Hepburn starred in several British films, and later it was noticed and she landed a role in the film "Roman Holiday," which earned her a resounding success. For his role in the film "Roman Holiday" Audrey received the "Oscar". Subsequently, she was nominated for "Oscar" four more times, but failed to win.

"I am more than ever was in awe of those giants with whom I was fortunate enough to work with. Therefore, I can not thank you for this wonderful award otherwise than thinking about all of them. Because they helped and polished, encouraged and taught, pushed and pulled, dressed and photographed, and with infinite patience and kindness, and were brought up completely ignorant, shy, inexperienced, dystrophic Woman bringing her in "marketability." I am proud to be engaged in business, which brings pleasure, creates beauty, awakens the conscience, is compassion, and perhaps most importantly, giving millions the opportunity to relax from our this cruel world. Thank you: Screen Actors Guild and friends for this great honor and for this unique opportunity to express my deepest gratitude and love to all those who gave me a career that brought me happiness alone. "(Audrey Hepburn, speech at the presentation of" Oscar »)

"People associate me with the time when movies were pleasant, when women in the movie wore beautiful dresses, and played beautiful music. I love it when people write to me to say "I had a terrible mood, I went to the movies, watched one of your films, and everything changed.» »

In addition to a successful career in film and entertainment business woman Audrey was happy in my personal life. It is known that she had three favorite men who at different times gave her a piece of happiness and her two children. This was a great actress and social activist, clearly worsened her health.

She had a lot of plans with respect to its humanitarian activities, but they were broken in 1992, when, after another trip to Somalia, she was diagnosed with "colon cancer". Their last months of life, Audrey decided to spend with your loved ones and children. Later she called Christmas spent with them, the happiest of her life. Audrey Hepburn died on January 20, 1993 at the age of 63 years, carrying the charm and sophistication through a brilliant year.

"If you need a helping hand, it's always with you - your own. When you're older, you'll understand that you have two hands: one to help yourself and others - to help others. »

"Life is like running through the museum. And then you start to really realize that you saw, thinking about it, to make inquiries in books and remember - because you can not take it all at once. »

"Beautiful mouth of those who often say kind words. Those beautiful eyes that are trying to see in others only one good. Slim figure will be the one who will share their food with the hungry. And the hair will be silky, if every day is stroking the child. »
Luxury woman!


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