20 rare photos of Audrey Hepburn, who will open it to you with a completely different side.

What the people of our time is usually associated Audrey Hepburn? Style Icon '60s,' Breakfast at Tiffany's, "" Roman Holiday "... But it was not only a beautiful woman and a brilliant actress. Today, perhaps, it's time to talk about this extraordinary personality. Most of his childhood and adolescence Audrey held in occupied Holland, where her family had a hard time as the second. Due to the innate charisma that talented women achieved unprecedented success. So, in 22 years without much difficulty Audrey got the role on Broadway in the play "Gigi" and two years later she became the idol of millions, starring in famous films "Roman Holiday" and received the "Oscar" for the role. Since then, Hepburn was one of the highest paid actresses of her time. However, this did not prevent Audrey to be a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations to help the starving people in the Third World and become a loving mother of two wonderful sons.

How many good words have been said in the address of this great actress! Today, therefore, offers to your attention a selection of rare photographs unsurpassed Audrey Hepburn, who will open it to you with a bit of the other side. These images are so vivid and fascinating that they want to look a long time, considering every detail.

Audrey always had a passion for animals.

dance - Hepburn's favorite activity. In the photo she is trained old French dance the gavotte for the film "War and Peace" (1955). B>

Emotions do not hold back when cherished statuette is finally in the hands.

So the preparation for the award ceremony "Oscar" (1954).

And here is a really unique frame: Audrey in the company of friends slacking on a block of ice on the roof (1949).

Dancer - it is not a profession but a vocation!

Hepburn in the role of a mermaid in the production of "Ondine».

Name Audrey among the lights of Broadway (1950).

«imp in a skirt." Her facial expression is so inimitable that she could to win over the audience from the very first second ...

A walk with her beloved husband Mello Farrer in the autumn forest.

Living in perfect harmony - it's about them ...

This housewife - its weight in gold!

Hepburn and her first-born Sean. This exquisite ladies doted on their children and to give them full attention. B>

Gentle gentle: Audrey and Pippin, her handmade baby deer.

Filming posters to the famous film "Breakfast at Tiffany's" (1961).

Get Fooled forces that have and still be feminine and graceful - so could only Hepburn.

Perfect - the second name of this actress. Campaign Givenchy (1964). B>

radiant smile Hepburn on the set of the film "Two for the Road" (1967).

New York, I Love You (1967).

The man, timeless age (1988).

These unique frames, hopefully, a little reveals a flamboyant life of Audrey Hepburn. Sophistication, sense of style and sensitivity, extraordinary femininity were her companions in all areas, whether it's cooking dinner at home or walk in the park with her beloved husband. That is why we adore Audrey what it is. Show your friends these fantastic pictures - I am sure they will be by Hepburn in even more enthusiastic.

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