Audrey Tautou

She knows how to move from childhood ears and very proud of it, loves monkeys, read books and sudden trip. She compares her life with improvisation, and despite the fragile appearance, in her soul lives a brave adventurer. She does not like fitness and when she asked about his personal life.

At the beginning of the interview, she kindly offers to go into German or English, if a journalist has difficulties with her French mother. She even studied for a while Russian language and have always dreamed of going to the Bolshoi Theater. It is considered the epitome of Parisian chic and French elegance, while it is almost indifferent to clothes. She throws a confused her adoring fans, and to most people is fraught with puzzle. Only Americans void sumnyaschesya found her his capacious definition: Audrey Tautou - it is best that France has given the world after croissants and Chanel.

Audrey was a senior rbenkom in a loving and happy family schoolteacher and dental surgeon. It was a happy childhood gave her tremendous confidence and silah.V own parents during the day dozens of times and talked to me and my brother, and sister of her love. Therefore, between us there was no jealousy, no fight for their love.

Up to 13 years old girl quite seriously planned to devote his life biology, more precisely, the study of primates and while every opportunity to visit Paris zooparke.Pomnyu, still in school, our class was taken to Paris zoo. There I quickly fell behind the group and found me hanging on a tree, next to the aviary obezyan

However, parents Audrey were not very enthusiastic about the prospects of a big career for their daughter primatologist, and persistently, but convincingly, dissuaded her from such thoughts. And yet, many years later, Audrey embodied part of their children's dreams come true - a trip to Indonesia in the most that neither is a real jungle, along with her younger sister. And with reliable agents of two sisters examined everything, even the most secret, the corners of the reserve and, of course, made the acquaintance of his amusing inhabitants - obezyankami.Priroda helps solve problems. A surveillance monkeys useful life of each nas.tak likes to explain his genuine interest Audrey.

But there was another passion. Audrey entered a music school, where he learned to play music on the excellent oboe and piano. A little later in the prestigious Sorbonne the Faculty. There she comprehended the intricacies of world literature, wrote a thesis on the works of Oscar Wilde, worked as a secretary and attended acting classes famous Parisian Cours Florent. Audrey soon conquered the possibilities of reincarnation, which is fully able to give her only scene.

As a result, Audrey began to attend auditions television, and it pretty quickly chose the numerous supporting roles. For example, in a very popular time series "Julie Lescaut" of a female investigator.

It was there that aspiring actress attracted the attention of director Tony Marchal, a comedy which in 1999 and held a full-fledged film debut Audrey Tautou.

For the role of Audrey Marie naive "Venus Beauty Salon" Audrey was awarded the Prize of the French "Cesar", as "young hope of French cinema." But the main kinoproryv waiting for her yet to come.

Now imagine another actress in the role of Amelie is simply impossible, although this role was originally written for another actress - Emily Watson, and the film was to be called differently - "Emily". But fate at its discretion - Watson refused because of her imperfect French, and the director began to urgently look for another heroine. Already 20 contestants auditioned, but none of them could not match that Amelie that imagined by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. While he did not accidentally caught the eye of the poster for the film "Beauty" Venus "from which to him with wide eyes staring him Amelie ...

In each of the women I've played, there is something from me - daydreaming, independence, the desire not to revel in the suffering, and the most to solve their problems. In a sense, I would like to be like them, but something really similar. I like them, often leaving a, head in the clouds. I have no fixed idea about the purpose of life, but I know exactly what I never will.

As they say, the next day Audrey Amelia woke up not just famous, and it collapsed just incredible in scale fame and universal adoration. Offers new star of France fell, like a horn of plenty. Only Mademoiselle Tautou was not the girl that was able to lose your head from such things. I need to touch the soul of the film, and was at least not stupid - said publicly Audrey. - For example, I love comedy, but such that knocked off balance. Another thing I want to do only those who opens before you unfamiliar miry.

One of the most beloved and respected actresses for Audrey is Jodie Foster, and they even had the good fortune to know each other when Jodi agreed to play a small but passionate role in his wife's "A Very Long Engagement" - one of the most impressive and beautiful films in 2004. In the same year, by the way, Audrey received an invitation to join the Academy Award. And soon he was subdued and Hollywood with "The Da Vinci Code"

Audrey Tautou to ask about his personal life is absolutely useless. Silent about it is its principle for many years. Completely get rid of the paparazzi, of course, impossible. And then I did not make a decision, and they are: leave me alone, or continue to monitor. But if I as little as possible to chat about his personal life, it will protect my space.

We only know that Mademoiselle Tautou allegedly met with Mathieu Kassovitz (partner "Amelie"), which certainly was in love with her on the ears. And do not hide their feelings, caring for Audrey. It was she who did not comment on it, but he also admitted: Audrey moves gracefully and gently as my Siamese cat. Smiling as if he promises to love only one you. Smiling to each of us, but it looks as though I am in danger ...

In 2004, Audrey had an affair with an American poet Lance Mazmanyanom, which lasted almost three years. And in 2006, Tautou acquainted with the famous French singer and musician Matthieu Chedid, with whom she had a new sense of flare. And yet we know that Audrey does not believe in brak.Obychno I'm not talking about his personal life, because I want to retain still some freedom ... at least here ... You see, I do not interfere with the responsibility, and the fact that I myself in a sense ... a boy. I like to watch on TV rugby and football. Like a man drive a car. It is easier to do than to plan and discuss plans. I appreciate the experience of life more artistic. Just talking about sekse.

Most of all she loves American romantic comedies, in which a beautiful young girl can not stand some at least of a handsome young man, but in the end the love between them breaks out. I love these movies, watch them with great pleasure, but I'm afraid that in such a romantic life stories are very rare ...

Audrey loves painting, bad draws herself and loves classical music. That reading is a part of her life, has already been mentioned - Tautou is often called the "intellectual beauty". Her favorite "desktop" films - "Barry Lyndon & quot; Kubrick and "Breathless" by Godard.

Audrey itself periodically calls his ordinary life. Although adds that everything that happens to her is, perhaps, "improvisation." my life is quite ordinary. I come home, cook a light dinner, chatting on the phone with their friends, drinking tea, sitting on the couch, legs crossed and watch your favorite movies. Very fond of old black and white pictures.

Tautou is known as a great dormouse, or a lover of sleep, and though she sleeps at least 9-10 hours per day, even because of that Audrey is almost always late for semki.Ya really love to sleep, and my crazy schedule only sharpens and strengthens this love In her home are often friends with whom the actress loves to spend time in conversation over a glass of wine.

And every time at the end of the next interview, Audrey takes pictures of his interviewer, "watering can" manual rewind the film. This is her hobby - shooting at the memory of all the reporters. Want me to have something left from this meeting. Here you have, for example, will be an article. I also want to get something!


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