20 unique photos that shocked the world. From some of them blood run cold!

Photo - truly amazing invention of mankind, because it allows you to forever capture those unique moments and seconds, that will not come back. Some images evoke people smile, others are depressing, and some may even make the viewer shudder with horror. Our world - a vast palette of different events, shocks and experiences. Today the team of the online magazine has prepared for you a unique selection of not just photos and ingenious images, which depicted a stormy history of the XX and the beginning of the XXI century. At one time these shots struck millions of people. They show us the world as it is, without embellishment, baring his every nerve, opening all his flaws. These photos will not leave anyone indifferent. We will no longer torment with the explanation, look yourself in the shocking footage that shook the entire world. Each of them hides its chilling story in his veins.

1. Baby in the womb

This unique picture was made during surgery on the spine of the fetus at 21 weeks from conception. As you can see, the baby clutched a tiny handle the finger of the surgeon. So he literally grasping at life.

2. Fall

For a long time this image was not aware of the world. It depicts a man jumped out of his own accord from the window of the World Trade Center during the attacks September 11, 2001.

3. The war in Vietnam

The picture, which led the world to think about the war in Vietnam. It depicts a girl running away from exploding napalm. Photographer Nick Ute thought a long time about whether to publish a photo of naked little girls, but then still decided to take this step. In one edition of the frame is called the best in the history of the last century.

4. Buddhist monk

This legendary photo made by Malcolm Brown, who witnessed how in the middle of the square is one of the Buddhist monks set fire to himself. Such a gesture the priest was a protest against repression and illegal detention of monks.

5. Human embryos

Now, virtually every mother can be seen during pregnancy ultrasound machine to their child. But in 1965 this photo of a human embryo created a furor. So the first time the public saw, it looks like the baby before will be born.

6. Burial child

In 1984, the Indian city of Bhopal was the victim of a large-scale man-made disaster. Giant toxic cloud ejected by the US for the production of pesticides, in minutes claimed the lives of thousands of people. This photo has been excellent evidence that human civilization faces self-destruction.

7. Rodent with a human ear on the back

In 1997, British scientists managed to grow a human ear on the back of a laboratory rat. This study is the first to demonstrate that human cloning - not fiction and not fiction, but very real prospect.

8. The execution of Saddam Hussein

It was December 30th, 2006 before the dawn. Eyewitnesses say that Hussein behaved with dignity and did not ask for mercy. Iraqi television captured the moment of the death penalty by hanging leader. There is a version that in addition to official records there is also an informal survey process on a mobile phone.

9. Hand hungry

The photo shows the difference between what looks like an ordinary person's hand (missionary) and brush terribly hungry boy from a poor African country. It was in Uganda in 1980.

10. Afghan girl

This gaze of the young Afghan women was captured by Steve Mc Curry in a refugee camp on the Afghan-Pakistan border. Once this picture was on the cover of the famous magazine National Geographic, he has become one of the most publicized personnel in the world.

11. Mushroom cloud

Toxic cloud over Nagasaki in 1945.

12. The terrorist attack 9/11

The most famous photos of the ones that made September 11, 2001.

13. White and colored

It "speaks" frame, made by photographer Ervitom in 1950, shows great discrimination by skin color at the household level.

14. The officer shoots a prisoner

Photography, for which the author won the Pulitzer Prize, completely changed the attitude of Americans to what really happened in Vietnam during the war.

15. Father and son

This picture was taken not so long ago - in 2003. Loving father struggles to comfort her son in a POW camp.

16. The boy returned to Grozny

The little boy looks out the window of a bus loaded with refugees who have decided to leave the epicenter of military events. Picture taken in May 1995.

17. Severed man

This man is an ethnic Hutu groups was crippled by the police who suspect him of involvement in the riots Tutsi ethnic group. June 1994. Rwanda.

18. A woman confronts police

A local woman trying to stop the police squad, which according to the decision of the Supreme Court was instructed to dismantle the homes in settlements in the West Bank.

19. Death Omayra Sanchez

In 1985, a volcanic eruption in Colombia claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. The photo depicts a girl who was the victim of a terrible disaster. She was up to his neck in the mire, her legs were trapped rubble concrete structure. For three days the girl kept bravely and fought for life in such a position, but unfortunately, it did not manage to save.

20. Naked Runner

It happened in 1975 during the final of the UK Championship rugby. Rumor has it that this spectacle of the Queen fainted.

Here's a he, our world. Many of these frames downright shocking fact that they were sealed. As you have already seen some of them and turned the story at all. Therefore, it is time to all your friends to see these pictures. To share with them this unique collection!

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