15 Scariest mythical creature from which the blood run cold

When we are dreaming scary monsters, we understand that this is just a game of imagination: the beast out of the darkest depths of the subconscious, and embody our secret fears (special thanks to the film "Aliens"!). However, there were many cases when people really believed that a creature actually exists. About Bigfoot heard everything, but there are others - the evil and scary enough that some people are even afraid to mention them


15. Jovi

Jovi - Australian equivalent of Bigfoot. He noticed in different regions of Australia, mostly in the vicinity of the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. Reports of encounters with strange beings appeared soon after the settlers from Europe have decided to inhabit the area, and do not cease to this day. Do Australian Aborigines are also many legends about his meetings with Jovi. At first it was called "Jehu» (yahoo), which means "evil spirit." Although cases of direct attacks on human Jovi, itself a creature gains on terror are not fixed. They say he stands and stares at you without stopping, and then disappears into the thicket.

14. Yakumama

Rumors of a giant anaconda that lives in the jungles of South America, have always existed. It is not about the usual giant anaconda and an unknown reptile truly monstrous proportions. Witnesses claimed that this snake - more than anything ever seen by them, and its length is 40-50 meters. The natives gave her the name "water mother". Said the head of the snake is almost two meters in width. It can cut down trees in its path, not to mention the large animals or man - in an encounter with the monster they are doomed


13. Brownie

Brownie - a creature from Slavic mythology, evil spirit. It looks like a small little man with a big beard. It is believed that each house has its own house and that house-like purity and help support it. These creatures do not seem angry, but quite the contrary, useful in the economy, but if the house-something not like it, he can begin to build evil machinations and spoil your life. With it certainly better not to get involved. If he loves you, it will help you, and if I had taken a dislike - will pluck the night before the bruises, lean heavily in his sleep at the top and push so as not to breathe. In general, the house - the figure is ambiguous


12. Bunyip

Bunyip, which is also called "kianprati" - Australian sea devil or an evil spirit. This creature is large-sized and rather distinctive feature: it has the head of a crocodile, the dog's snout, fangs and flippers like a walrus, and on top of that horse's tail. Bunyip lives in swamps, streams, rivers, ponds and lakes. Reports of meetings with him did not come from the mid-19th century, but the natives still believe in its existence. Bunyip bloodthirsty: they come out at night to hunt, devouring animals and people, and especially women love to eat


11. Bigfoot

Almost everyone has heard of Bigfoot. But if suddenly you do not know - this creature of large size, which is seen in many parts of North America. It is known that bigfoot is very high, it has a thick brown or black hair, and he still stinks terribly. There are reports that he kidnapped people and held them for a long time in the forest in their shelters. True or not, it is unknown. They say he loves watching people, looking in the windows of houses at night.

10. Dzikininki

Dzikininki - very peculiar mythical creature. This is a Japanese evil spirit, goblin, people devouring corpses. We know that once they were people, but for the sins after his death, were turned into horrible ghosts. If you are a bad and greedy person, you will be cursed after death you will have forever wander the earth in the guise of dzikininki endowed with an insatiable hunger. They say, outwardly they look like a decaying corpse, with very bright eyes, eyes that they can immobilize you. So it is better not to get caught their eye.


9. Yeti

Yeti - a Himalayan yeti. It is said that he hails from Tibet, from where it spread to the nearby mountainous areas. Witnesses claim to have seen the Yeti, carrying a large rock and eerie whistling a tune. Bigfoot walks on two legs, with white hair, and even his huge fangs. Do not treat lightly the yeti because Tibet recorded many cases where people are exposed to it.

8. Chupacabra

Chupacabra - Goat legendary vampire. This being a rather modest size, but very aggressive. The first mention of Chupacabra came from Puerto Rico, and then there were many reports of a meeting with the monster in South America and in the North. Chupacabra means "goat sucking." It kills animals and sucks their blood. No serious evidence of the existence of Chupacabra not, but people still believe in it.

7. Beast of Gévaudan

In the period from 1764 to 1767 during the French province of Gevaudan (now Lozère department) terrorized creature that looks like a huge wolf. It is known that for three years ruthless wolf-eater, who was believed werewolf, committed 250 attacks, 119 of which resulted in death. The killings continued for several years, and even King Louis XV sent hundreds of professional hunters to arrange round-up of the beast, but their efforts were unsuccessful. It is said to have killed him in the end a local hunter - consecrated the silver bullet. They found human remains in the stomach of the animal.

6. Wendigo

Wendigo - Indian bloodthirsty spirit-eater. It is said that if a person is cursed, he can turn into a Wendigo, especially if this person was practicing black magic and cannibalism. And even if he was cursed by a witch doctor or bitten another Wendigo. The danger is that the Wendigo is always hungry and very fond of human flesh. This creature is three times taller than a man, his translucent, but very hard skin, which does not take no weapon. Kill it can only fire.

5. Gugalanna

The Sumerians were interesting people. They built a highly developed civilization that rose above the rest. Their epic as epic and other ancient peoples, tells the story of various strange creatures, gods and goddesses, including a very bloodthirsty. One of the most famous mythical monsters Sumerians - it Gugalanna, celestial bull of the "Epic of Gilgamesh". This creature has killed thousands of people in search of the city, home to a great king, and it was looking for him, too, to kill. To cope with this bull succeeded, but not without loss. Gugalanna was terrible heavenly punishment, which one of the gods sent down to people.

4. Manananggal

These creatures, legends which are common in the Philippines are like vampires. They are also very fond of blood, but they have characteristics that distinguish them among other vampirelike beings, these monsters love to feast on the hearts of babies and are able to share their body in half. They say that at night they still do - leave the lower half of the body to stand on the ground and the top of the shoulder produces membranous wings and flies away to search for prey. Mananangaly fly into the house, grabbed pregnant women, drinking their blood and stolen their heart language of the child with his long-proboscis. The good news is that they can be killed. To do this, fill the bottom half of the monster's body salt, crushed garlic or ash.

3. Black Annis

Black Annis known to every Briton. This is an evil witch with a bluish skin, long, sharp teeth and claws and frightening smile that wanders through the wilderness of rural and steals small children. From it is necessary to protect not only children, but also the animals, because it eats children and young sheep, tearing off their skin. From this then it makes the skin belts and wear them. She inhabits a cave, which is called "Housing Black Annis" and witches claw claws into the roots of an old oak tree - the only tree left over from ancient forests in the county of Leicestershire


2. Dybbuk

Dybbuk for Jews - is the same as that for Christians, the demon or spirit that inhabits the human and which Catholics expelled during the exorcism, and Orthodox - otchitkoy prayers. Dybbuk - is the soul of the dead person wrong. It can not rest and looking for someone to settle in. It is said that Dybbuk can cling to the good man and make him demoniac. Like Dybbuk desperately looking for help and support in this way, but in the end brings only evil, fully mastering the man. To expel dybbuk, one needs a righteous and ten other members of the community, dressed in a shirt burial.

1. Koschey

Tale of Koshchei Immortal common in the Slavic peoples. This mighty and powerful magician, who always plotting, and is considered one of the most terrifying precisely because of its immortality. It looks like a tall, thin old man or a skeleton. He likes to kidnap foreign brides. He has a weakness - his soul, but the soul is enchanted and turned into a needle "death Koshcheeva" and the needle is very well hidden. We know it by heart: a needle in the egg, egg in a duck, a duck in a hare, hare in the iron chest, the chest is buried under an oak tree, oak tree on a magical island. Not the best way to spend your vacation.

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