My report is intended for all those who want to become a donor

Yesterday I was the first time in the life of donated blood. All my friends and family saw the bandage on his elbow, rounded eyes, and asked the same question:
 - Why do you want it?
After a brief explanation of 9 out of 10 people fell into a light reverie and said:
 - Yes ... I, by the way, also recently thought to pass the blood ...

My report is intended for all those who "also recently thought," but still can not meet. Step by step and I'll show you why and how to do it.

The main question - why? The answer is very simple - your blood helps to save the life of the sick person. Blood is needed for patients with hemophilia, oncology, surgical patients, with injuries, pregnant women and children. When asked why it is necessary for you personally answer everyone should own.

So the way the donor begins with a medical examination. It is carried out for two reasons: first - to prevent the transfusion of contaminated blood, the second - to ensure that you will suffer the consequences themselves without donations.

I had to visit a therapist, an infectious disease specialist, make cardiogram, pass on the analysis of blood and urine, as well as get help in SES (valid for 3 days). The survey is conducted in a free clinic in your neighborhood. Focus on the survey can be obtained in your city blood transfusion station. By the way, the opportunity to have a free inspection - one of the motivations of the donor.

Once collected the necessary help, you go to the station.

What rules must be followed before giving blood?

1. Over 72 hours should not take drugs, blood thinners, such as aspirin, analgin, no-spa, and others.
2. During the 48 hours can not drink alcohol.
3. Be sure to sleep well, and in the day of donation - it is easy to have breakfast.
4. It is recommended to refrain from smoking.
5. Do not eat fried, spicy, salty, smoked, bananas, eggs, dairy products and butter. It is better to drink sweet tea, juice, juice, mineral water. You can eat jam, bread, biscuits, boiled cereals, fish, vegetables, fruit (except bananas).
6. At the blood donation with a need to have an identity card.

It's not difficult, right? At the station, the first thing you will need to fill out a form:

After that go to donate blood from the finger to determine group and Rh factor:

The blood from the finger did not like to take a child, but where to go?

Blood type is determined immediately. You see, the tablet the nurse three drops of colored chemicals? In each of them, it adds a little bit of blood taken from the finger, flip the hourglass and wait 3 minutes. Blood in a pink puddle collapses, but not in others, then my second group. Rh factor is determined in the laboratory.

Next, we visit the therapist, which measure pressure and weight. If everything is OK, the next office on the list - is operbloka, but donations to the compulsory attendance "tea." There donor treated strong tea with sugar and sweets.

All. We lay down on the couch. Nurse pulls arm tourniquet, asked to work with his fist and deftly puts the needle into the vein. Does it hurt? No, almost did not feel anything. From where to take your finger as a nuisance.

Then we relax and not think about the bad. No physical sensations there, blood flows seamlessly, so the main thing is simply not to worry.

However, when the nurse leaves, rolls panic: "Do not go! Do not leave!". Just kidding. Just hamming for the camera:

That's all. 450 milliliters in the package 30 and still in test tubes for analysis. I was disconnected, thank dispensers. My place on the couch covers the following donors. Now my blood 6 months will be kept in quarantine, then I pass the tests again, and if did not reveal any diseases, the blood goes to the cause.

The donor gives blood unselfishly, but for donations relies on increased food subsidy. Personally, I, as a newcomer, from the cash given 150 rubles. On the stick kebab enough.

The same donor is issued a certificate for presentation to the employer:

"On the day of cottages blood and blood components for donors to maintain wages at the place of work and given an additional day of rest, which at his request may be attached to the next release.

Justification: The Regulation of the Council of Ministers on 30.11.55g. »

An additional day of rest - another argument for some donors.

After passing recommended to eat well and avoid physical exertion. Personally, I did not feel any weakness, dizziness, etc. All day like to drink tea with sugar and there, which I did. After removing the bandage, I found that of all the tracks on his hand only a small dot on the puncture site. At night, I slept very well.

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