How to make a fool of customers fish producers (13 pics + text)

If you really like to eat salted fish with beer,
Then be sure to look in the sequel, as manufacturers make a fool of their clients,
for example, this product is dried tuna.

Tuna on the skin. In fact - chopped Smoked- salty (or just salty-dried) strips bluvaytinga.

Sometimes fillet bluvaytinga sold in its original form:

Salty, dried (salty, smoked) strips of tuna (tuna meat).
In fact - a product produced from surimi - crushed and painted by special technology white fish meat.
Several years ago, for the manufacture of surimi massively used pollack,
now used saithe - most cheap white fish.
Just surimi produced plenty of other "imitation" of seafood (in particular -
crab sticks, which gave rise to the famous saying "the production data Surimi crab none were harmedĀ»).

Salty-dried strips of salmon. In fact - the same tuna: surimi product.


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