10 frank facts on why young men choose women older than themselves

Today, in the age of fashion, so a couple of 'young man and an older woman, "quite recently was considered misalliance, you can meet more often. What is so attractive "green" guys in the "mature" beauties? 1. Confidence - it seksualno

Confidence is sexy at any age; Nevertheless, the majority of young women do not have this quality. Why is that? Because the girls are constantly comparing themselves to the ideals of the model and celebrities, as well as their friends.

Older women have passed and many have ceased to worry about the place they occupy in life. They just try to be the best version of yourself. For the young men is very attractive: they know that with these women they do not have to constantly worry that they hurt their self-esteem or cause them to jealousy.

2. Older women often look molodo

Today's range of anti-aging has completely changed the situation: you can not always guess the age of your interlocutor. Farewell, wrinkles, "crow's feet" and nasolabial folds! 60-year-old woman look 50 years old, and 50-year-old will go easy for the lady 40+. We finally entered the era when age has become irrelevant - at least in regard to appearance.

3. Rich sexual experience - not the last argument

We tend to think that sex is easy to cope with male-dominated, but the boys might just be enough experience for that. This leads to the fact that many of them are looking for a mature, experienced woman who will reveal to them, what do women still want sex and how to achieve it. Here, years - the years of sexual activity! - Will play a positive role, and experienced ladies will be more than happy to instruct the young lover.

4. No "ticking of her watch"

Young people born between the 1980s and the 2000s are different from previous generations of men who sought to marry and start a family of up to 35 years. Many of today's youth are eager to live freely and have fun for several years and do not want anyone to them crushed. The obvious advantage of a romantic relationship with a mature women for them - that they are also "catch the moment" and buzz, not long-term plans.

5. No hidden smyslov

Women aged more than realistic and very interested in the relationship without the ultimate goal. They live here and now and have no illusions "about the future of our relationship." Not that mature women are not serious about relationships or avoid attachments - they just do not expect much from the relationship sadly misinterpret this principle, and the world will not collapse if something suddenly goes wrong, like they had planned.

6. Mature women happy doing seksom

It's not just the experience gained; women aged more looseness and free in respect of sex. They know how to have a good time and not afraid "of the awkward moments." They love sex, they want sex, they are ready to have sex. Boys know this and know how good they mature darling in bed.

7. Discussions are in bed straight and open

Often men and women difficult to clarify certain points in the relationship, including in regard to sexuality. It can be frustrating, especially when it leads to imitation of orgasm and walking around it so that never will be affected because of the embarrassment.

Young couple is difficult to speak openly even about everyday needs, not to mention sex. Mature women are more focused on the sex and pleasure - and their partner than how they will look when talking about something.

8. mature women are much less than expected from muzhchin

Usually from men expect that it will take the initiative to make a lot of money to be romantic and overwhelm a woman with compliments and gifts. Young people do not always meet these expectations, causing them anxiety and depressive moods.

However, with age, the woman comes to understand that all those endless "should" live rather in the world of fantasy than reality. Nobody is going to put his life on the altar of unrealistic expectations, and older women are sensitive to it. They are less demanding - because wiser.

9. When you meet with a gorgeous mature woman - a lstit

What a magnificent woman aged spends time with the young man, flatters his vanity. He understands that in her age, she was free to choose anyone - but chose it. That's it! It increases self-esteem and self-confidence, and ultimately has a positive effect on the relationship.

10. These women know what they want muzhchiny

One of the key arguments for choosing a mature woman - that she knows exactly what men like and what they want. In particular this applies to sex - perhaps they know about the male preferences more than the men themselves (especially at a young age, when men of themselves know little)! Well, all that is left to the man - to be a good student and enjoy life.

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