Generation of Insecure women

In ancient times, women have always been protected. Life. Around the world, because the culture against women was everywhere. From birth until death. Similar men succeeded each other along the chain – father-husband-son. Sometimes connected brothers, uncles, grandfathers, grandchildren. To remain a woman without protection was a huge tragedy and a great shame for her family.

The woman was worshipped from birth, everyone knew that even little girls have great power and might. But, even growing up, as naive as children, they are easy to fool and easily deceived, use. Therefore, like children, should be protected. As the jewel. Life. As the Apple of his eye.

Alessio Albi

The times are changing. Gradually, the attitude towards women was revised almost all over the world. Somewhere earlier, somewhere later, women began to exploit. That is, to use, to squeeze them all the best for your own benefit and then throw it away. Lost the old respect, respect. And most importantly gone and patronage. Although it lasted a very long time, even sometimes the essence of patronage were perverted. But what happened to us over the last hundred years?

That made us a civilization

In the conflicts of the last century killed a large number of men. Huge. And during the revolution, and during the two world wars, and during a point of conflict. Add to that those men who physically survived, but the soul is broken. And then we will understand that some generations of our women's defense could not give one. Women remained without a husband and children. The children were left without a father with a grieving mother. Older women were losing sons and his support in old age. The world has dramatically changed.

Women who have not been protected, first tried to find protection in any way. Marrying someone who is, and endured. Even if it is not defended. I remember one elderly woman shared with me that she got married after she lost her husband in the war, only to raise children, the three daughters, in order to protect someone, to take care of.

But he wasn't. And drank, and beat, and girls chasing. No protection, on the contrary – from him and had to defend themselves. She was very sorry that she married, and leave him was impossible. There was no one to help her to kick him out of her house. And suffered all his life.

Then some women, especially after watching their mom, refused to protect men. Ceased to believe that the man is the protector. Although this is the first of his calling, his main job in the family. Stopped asking. No longer trust. Learned to do everything yourself.

This was the base. After all, post-war boys, there was no one to grown men. Were raised their mother, giving them protection and support. So the men were accustomed to receive, not to give patronage. Getting used to "hang around the neck" women. They did not understand his male nature, just constantly fighting with the vile feeling in a breast – alcohol, work, other women. They couldn't give what they wanted. Did not know who they are, why and how.

Not wanting to be used, we decided to use men. It's not as painful this seems like a more winning strategy. Most of these mutilated mothers of boys we learned to "finish" — to squeeze money out of them, children – and then throw it away. Not waiting until somebody will do the same with us.


And formed a closed circle. Without the protection of women cannot be women. In this position they raise from their men the same women as they are. And next to these boys when they grow up, there time no woman will get protection and care. It seems that it is impossible to break.


But that's not all the achievements of civilization towards women. What was acceptable and normal in the twentieth century, a couple of centuries ago was a crime. Manners have become too free. And loose sexual relations, and abortion, and divorce, and homosexuality, and many other things.

We like freaked out and flew aimlessly. No one stops, no one can stop us – and we roll, roll. And you can only roll down. Not up. And protect, no one to stop us. Men in our degradation are actively involved and help to move further from yourself.

When I was doing placement, I often became terribly, listening to stories girls. About themselves or about their mothers and grandmothers. Several abortions, some don't even remember the exact number. A huge number of men who have been lost. Too loose a way of life, into dependence on alcohol, pills, cigarettes. It's scary.

That's what made us modern civilization. Initially, we are "Virgo" – the divine creation. Clean, bright, full of the best qualities. Full of love, able to love, able to trust, feeling your connection with the Higher powers, loving to care and help others. But this cruel world makes us heartless dolls. Empty, lonely, but strong.

Or in the goods. In those you can use and throw away. Those whom you can make fun of someone to humiliate. Domestic violence in the world – particularly in Russia – rolls. Those who need their wives to defend their own and often kill or maim.

All this in front of their own children. The option we have like two to be a strong bitch and to Lord it over others or to be a rag on which all wipe their feet. Although we often wander back and forth between these two poles. Trusted, loved, humiliated, to become strong and impenetrable, all by herself, "never again" until I loved someone again.

Of us squeeze all that is possible. And what? Energy of beauty which is in our body. It attracts, attracts, gives pleasure to both the eyes and the senses. Now our half-naked and completely naked body with multiple products and services. As our body now decided to openly enjoy and not have any consequences in the form of responsibility is a huge amount of "men's" magazines, candid films, the desire of men to possess the bodies of different women.

Our concern also is actively exploited by the men who are waiting for their dinner, and clean shirts. Often do not take a woman to wife not be held accountable for it, but I use. The naivety is the reason that we believe in different stories, forgive those who forgive should not remain there where it is necessary to run.

In General, civilization has learned women's natural wealth to use for their not so pure purposes. In addition she also tried to explain to women that it's okay, nothing wrong with that. You have to be independent, there's no need to ban anything.

And then forbid any man to enjoy you the rest of the world – where is the justice? You can do everything yourself that you can also use other people for their goals. That female nature is a myth and fiction, in fact all equal. And to not care about what you have in your heart a dull pain pain. Just ignore it, forget it.


Alessio Albi

Civilization is explained to men, how should women be treated. Allowing the operation, calling her pretty words like "freedom" and "sexual revolution". But the problem is that no matter how much you enjoy it will always be small. Already tried this and that, but you always want more. Men in their quest to squeeze out women more pleasure, sank lower and lower. Not only the husband could not protect his wife, but also father own daughter. Women had to learn to protect themselves. And they even seemed to work.

Why are feminists right

Feminists would not have appeared out of nowhere. In fact, they are trying to protect themselves, when nobody defends them. All his behavior, they only cry about one thing – we have no protection! The question is how they do it, because the best defense is a good offense, which is happening now in many Western countries. Where men were afraid of women – not see, not do – it will be in court.

But such a strategy, the goal is not to achieve security will not be more. But if on all sides the world to impose laws and regulations, as to me it is necessary to contact, you can miss the most important things – happiness and love. Yes, and most easy to begin to go over the line, with a bunch of papers about their rights.

Feminists react violently to everything Vedic. Like, again, you want to have scoffed at us all, look how many women are killed and tortured! And they're right – the statistics are frightening. But a different kind there are no statistics. How many women, living happily, really miserable and dead? How many have tortured to death of this attitude to life when all the enemies around? How many feminists are tired to walk around with guns? And how many of them actually dream that they defended someone else, and they were finally able to trust and relax? Where to get such statistics? And somehow it seems to me that it will be worse than the previous one.

In fact, modern feminists is a scared little girl, lost in the ocean of pain of the modern world. They are afraid, it is difficult, they don't trust anyone don't trust anyone, and they have no inner resources to change. Resources was just enough to slam as a shell to preserve themselves and not die. And more "shell" continues to sit in your foxhole and shoot. She can no longer distinguish the good to her man or with the war. All shells by default, and then look at. All men become in her eyes, aggressors and exploiters.

And then it's simple. Our thoughts form our reality. If she sees all these men, the others of her life will be gone. A normal guy don't want him at the meeting shot to fought with him. He'll be on my way. A different kind of sadists and masochists such a meeting is like, they will be happy to come again and again. And again and again affirm, that all men are just like that. What more to scare a little girl in the shell.

Feminists want the protection, but as they have nobody organize, they do not find contradictions in his own theory. And continue to fight there, where they could claim asylum. But in the heart still has faith in love – they're girls. And the desire to live differently now. Therefore, this kind of pain cause them any stories about Vedic knowledge, about femininity, about the weakness.

So they lash out at those who are speaking out about women's way. Not because they are stupid. Just because it is very painful to hear something that awakens their heart. And once awakened heart, we are challenged all their life, rules, customs, beliefs. And it's scary. Because then it can hurt, can hurt her.

Not considered only one fact. That the awakening of the heart, no matter how painful, there is a chance. The chance to finally fill the void in his heart. The chance to finally remove the bags of responsibility. A chance to see another life. The chance to learn to love and believe. This chance is well worth it, although it looks too easy.

We are forming the attitude

Living in this world, we adapt, adjust. Let's calculate the norm of what we present as normal. Women absorb everything very quickly. Especially those, whom nobody protects you from most of these "norms" and "rules".


We are accustomed to this attitude, and themselves have started to treat myself. Now we, like potatoes, "sold". We are putting themselves in the shop window of the world, waiting for a buyer, in every way giving himself marketable.


We have to fight wrinkles, gray hair, excess weight. Not because we want to, but because otherwise nobody will buy it. And those who already bought back. From your fear of losing your place, we again and again run from themselves. From their facial wrinkles and cute folds on the abdomen. We do not understand how normally looks thirty, forty-year-old woman.


Alessio Albi

Once I was a cosmetologist, and she noticed my forehead wrinkles. In my opinion wrinkles in 32 years – it's OK if you are alive. If your face is moving, if you emotional. But the beautician immediately suggested Botox – like just and beauty! The lure of something great, a couple of shots and a face without wrinkles.

And when I left the office, saw those who sat in line for me. And I was scared. It's really scary – women unknown age in the bad sense of the word. The hands, the neck shows that she has definitely over fifty. But smooth constricted person tries to convince everyone that he was not more than twenty. Her phone already have a grandson, but she's still trying to sound young. As if maturity can't be beautiful. Like gray hair or wrinkles – it's ugly.

And it also starts with the idea of exploitation of women, which we are happily run into. Allow yourself to use, accept other people's rules of life, abandoning ourselves, customize ourselves to the standards of the "product that sells well".

We make these rules. We begin to use ourselves to exploit your body, sell your soul. It seems to us that in return we receive love, but it is an illusion. Love doesn't play. Love it is the sincerity and naturalness. Her every wrinkle, every gray hair, every freckle, every scar...

It seems to us that everything depends on men. They say that they refer to us so, and we have to adapt. In some ways it is true. But the truth is only partial, and selective. Because men often treat us exactly as we treat ourselves.

Once I watched a group of teenagers, and noticed an interesting thing. In this group were two girls and five or six guys. One girl was just sitting on a bench with a book. She barely participated in the conversation, smiled occasionally and something answered. And the second girl... She was very active. She was laughing, laughing, quite provocatively moved. And guys are the same – so many different ways to behave with each of them.

The second girl of fifteen minutes each several times pinched for all convex space (she laughed and jokingly fought back), a few times she lifted her skirt, put a couple of times on his knee, and spanked, many times called them different words. She offered herself, without knowing it, and used it. With disdain. With animal lust. She was quite attractive.

The second young lady, equally attractive in appearance, those same guys at the same time were treated very respectfully. Helped her pick up dropped books, never touched a finger on her, never insulted. In whom then is the problem? In men? Or in the way we conduct ourselves with them? Whether what we give or how they treat us?

What it all leads

Cultural decline is predicted. Century. Age of quarrel and degradation. The fact that in ancient times it was natural, is now deprecated. And Vice versa.

Now if you wear mini skirts, sunbathing in his bathing trunks, constantly sleeping with different men, have abortions, get divorced, drink, smoke, inject Botox, working from morning to night, not see your children, Swifts almost bald – it's normal. No need to explain anything to anyone, you are a normal average woman. Modern, trendy, without stereotypes.

But if you cover your body with clothes, the hair does not dissolve, do not drink, smoke, eat meat, not wear makeup, go to the temple with anyone, not sleeping, children in kindergarten do not give, do not work, then you're weird. You sure or sectarian, or behind the times, or just crazy.

This is what's made civilization and the absence of male protection. Women are too naive to be able to protect your mind from attacks of such civilizations. We do believe in everything that is presented to us as the norm. We allowed ourselves zazombirovat, and I think that their freedom. In fact, we lost more than gained. Unfortunately.

We exchanged his divine qualities, his integrity, and his openness to commodity-money relations with other people. We traded our right to be a stone wall on the responsibility to become a wall on their own. Their talents, which could create your own perfect world, we buried in the ground or spend at work for a salary without the right to work. We'd lost all the capital that we have the blessings of God, letting go of this world. And for what? Freedom is it? Happiness is it? Love it?

And what price to pay for this ourselves and all our society? In Bhagavad-Gita Arjuna says about it:

"When in the family there will be godlessness ... women in it debauchery and the corruption of women ... leads to unwanted offspring.

The growing number of unwanted children inevitably leads to the fact that family members and people who destroy the family tradition go to hell. With the degeneration of the race, the forefathers will fall, because the descendants cease to bring them food and water.

The sins of those who destroy the family tradition and thus give rise to unwanted children, stop work for the benefit of the family and society as a whole."

That is what price we pay for the things that are left without protection. For that cease to believe that we can protect. For the fact that we no longer look for protection. Because stop asking patronage. For what to do. For the fact that refuse from themselves. From his inner wealth.

And it all starts with whom? With women. Women who were left without protection, without protection. It's not our fault and not our responsibility. Yes, according to the laws of karma we have come exactly where got something to learn. But we do have freedom of choice. The freedom to make their decisions. You can stay in the flow of the waterfall, carrying us down. But you can try to get to shore to see the scale of the tragedy.

That's just to get out of their own fail. This requires the support, help, someone's outstretched hand. You need to have the courage to ask for what we need really. Not all of this money, dresses, posts. And protection. To ask for protection is to acknowledge its vulnerability. His imperfection. Your pain. To recognize, accept and share with someone.



A universal scheme for harmonization and happiness in every sphere of lifeWhy Assol waited for his gray

Let it be senior friends, priests, parents, husband – anyone, if only he was able to give you a hand. Imperfect, imperfect. At least somehow. One objective, already worth it. The husband must learn, he needs time. To get used to the fact that you don't paddle yourself. To the fact that he is the head and the support. To ensure that you depend on it. To ensure that you are still a woman.

Not an easy task in modern women. We have so many years and so many generations were defenseless, that they themselves believe that there is no one to protect us. And now I have to relearn how to trust, and trust....published


Author: Olga Valyaeva


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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