Meet this Dima. Dima - a representative of Generation Z

Every generation of people is inherently unique. They are difficult to compare with each other, as the views and values ​​of the time they are very different. Even the staff in the office who have a difference at the age of 10 years, will work quite differently.

Website section is divided about how to work with the staff of the new generation, so that they perform tasks efficiently and on time.

We wrote about the frustration Lucy Gen Y. Lucy grew. She was 30, and she manages the department in a large company. Lucy needed trainees. The vacancy respond like Dima.

you are familiar with Lucy. This Dima. Em>

Dima - representative of the generation Z, generation of people born in the late 1990s - early 2000s. Dima 20 years old and he wants to work under the direction of Lucy. Dima like Lucy: he's funny and modern, it seems they understand each other perfectly. But it is not. Where Lucy was miserable, but did Dima happily gives up and goes to look for a new job.

These people come to your company. But this does not mean that they are bad. Each generation is stronger and smarter than the previous one. Generation Z workers to make the company better, but that managers need to find an approach to them.

Confusion pokoleniyPokoleniya combined value. Human Values ​​are formed in 10-12 years. At this time it does not assess the political and economic events, and acquires technology necessary for survival. Lucy Dima over ten years. They live in the same world, but grew up in different.

Lucy grew up in an era of change. Thanks mom and dad childhood Lucy was cloudless. She was born in the USSR, and graduated from the school in Russia. She - the migrant in the country of digital technology: in her childhood, there was no Internet, but she uses it well. Lucy is unhappy because of what did not especially like her parents predicted. But this feeling of unhappiness, she resigned.

Dima grew up in the digital environment. It almost does not use a phone, do not remember the number of friends, he did not have to choose between the Internet or phone. He almost did not write by hand, she does not consider the signs in text messages. Dima did not get up early on Sunday to see the Disney-club - he has always been several channels with cartoons and satellite TV. He even poorly understood as linked pencil and tape. Our time for him distant, for us the construction of BAM. He thinks differently.

Dima grew up in the digital environment. He thinks differently. Em>

When Dima was in junior high, it became fashionable social networks. Dima looked at friends on Facebook and knew he was not special and unique. Mom and Dad are constantly repeated: "All people are different, each is good in its own way." Dima, unlike Lucy, do not compare yourself with others. Therefore, do not disappointed in life.

Dima 354 other in Vkontakte, 511 on Facebook. He was not able to build strong ties: part with the people when it becomes uncomfortable. The same happens with the work. If Dima is not satisfied, he wrote a letter of resignation and looking for a new place. Thanks to Internet technology Dima wider world not this one so different, not the company, so the next.

Generation Z is called lazy and egomaniac. Not the best quality for the job. But the need to work with them. These people are talented and better orient themselves in the world.

Dima quickly analyze large amounts of information, provides new and original solutions can easily handle multiple tasks simultaneously. Social Networks Dima keep up to date with trends. It is - a treasure for the employer. But to get this treasure, you need to set goals anyway.

Parent zabotaDima working 16 years, so his 20 he is an adult and independent. So just think.

According to research analyst firm, "Sparks End Honey", 60% of peers Dima 20 years had three works, while 95% live with their parents. em>

Dima not ready to problems adult. His life had planned to caring parents: in the garden, he was engaged in swimming, in junior high - karate. Then he went to the courses in chemistry, history and prepare for the exam. For him, all decided mom and dad. And now he wants to do it Lucy.

The problem specifically put Dime painted all the nuances. As the child.

Do it by Tuesday report on sales of branded handles curves with respect to the schedule of sales last year.

These sales take Marina, with counting numbers help Anton, graphics draw Fyodor.

The report needs to be presented at a meeting with investors. It is important. Performing checks Lena.


right Make a report on sales of branded pens.

Do it by Tuesday report on sales of branded handles curves with respect to the schedule of sales last year.

These sales take Marina, with counting numbers help Anton, graphics draw Fyodor.

The report needs to be presented at a meeting with investors. It is important. Performing checks Lena.

In the first case Dima asks the network, how to make a report. A few examples, can not choose. As it will make to throw a shoulder problem.

In the second case, Dima will perform the task on time and according to instructions. But it will bring into play creativity, such as the visual design of the report.

Unlike the Gen Y worker a clear framework for the generation Z - space for flights of imagination. So working mechanisms enable creative Lucy:

task without limitation → «I will do better than others» → makes → it wants the chief unhappy task → → to redo Lucy disappointed em>

But so Dima:

task with restrictions → "I'll do what is necessary» → add creativity → task carried out in the framework, but unusually → Head satisfied → task is closed → Dima good "son» em>

Dima trickier. Introductory giving "mother" - Lucy. This is a necessary minimum. Dima is calm because he knows Lucy in any case be satisfied. This situation is comfortable. In the comfort of your generation Z include imagination.

The principle motivation supermenaGlavnaya Generation Z - interest. Lack of boredom and exciting challenge - part of the state of comfort generation Z.

in agricultural holding "Jubilee" on the practice of second-year students came Agricultural Institute. They set the task: to keep a diary for animal observation. Students on a mission, but reluctantly. Em>

The chief engineer suggested that trainees participate in the development of the system, endowed with artificial intelligence. He explained the purpose of the system - to reduce loss of resources. To create a system requires data from the diaries of observation. Em>

The students conducted a thorough investigation and made useful suggestions for improving the program. em>

Dima may in the short term to solve several problems at the same time without loss of quality. He - Superman em>

Dima may in the short term to solve several problems at the same time without loss of quality - an advantage generation. They are supermen in this case. But Dima is not ready to take on the task, which does not understand the essence. For him, it is important to know: what it does, why, what and how it is consistent with the objectives of the company.


right have developed three different product packaging design (three audience) and send it to marketers. Develop three design ... We want to expand. With the redesign we will attract a new audience.

In the first case Dima develop design options, but with a random set of characteristics.

In the second - will develop a design based on the company's goals. Dima analyze large amounts of information, highlight key points and issue a new decision.

Thanks to social networks hobby Dima Consult other professionals and friends. To this he will spend several times less time than Lucy. While Lucy can be formed Dima. Dima remembers the bad information, but he knows where to look. And do it quickly. His decision to reflect current trends.

Terms igryDima Lucy refers to the boss in a friendly way: in his view of the world there is no hierarchy. People are equal. If you have a question Dima, he writes Lucy private message rather than turn to a colleague for advice. Dima respects Lucy as a chief and as a person. This is the only possible form of communication with the generation Z.

Dima Lucy refers to the boss in a friendly way: in his view of the world is no hierarchy em>

Dima did not like schedules, timetables, the normalized working day. He does not understand why have to sit in an office from nine to six. Dima operates when it is convenient.

Work for Dima - a set of tasks it must perform and in time. Term - the only limitation is Dima accept. However, failure to comply with the period must be punished. Dima's mom punished if he did not have time to carry out the assignment on time.


right I need the tender documents, and consider customer complaints.

By Friday morning to prepare the documents for the tender: the conditions of our offers, presentation. Until Monday evening to answer customer complaints. Tuesday introduced me to a preliminary report. I remind you that we have a system of fines.

In the first case Dima will make the tender documents, but will not rush. Although aware that it is necessary to be done quickly.

In the second - Dima will perform the task on time. And if you have time and do not fall under the system of fines, will not rebel.

Users generation Z does not like tight control. But when the set rules of the game - time and penalty for non-compliance, - the employee understands what are the limits he can act. And the scope of this takes no irritation.

Quick rezultatDima, unlike Lucy, a realist. He saw the broken illusions about the reality of life of his older brothers and sisters. He does not want to take up clearly an impossible task, so as not to disappoint. Dima likes to win and do not like to lose.

do not like Dima ambitious goals. He was a quick result is important. Em>

The challenge for a generation Z is not to be ambitious. It should be feasible. Ambitious goals that is desirable, but it is not yet possible, should set itself Lucy. Dime ambitious targets should be broken down into achievable tasks, otherwise its effectiveness is reduced.


right We need to increase profits for next year by 50%. Find out what factors limit the sale, and eliminate them.

Understand what new technologies will help increase profits

Think of how to cut existing spending.

* Each task Lucy should specify deadlines and responsibilities. em>

In the first case Dima decides that Lucy - tyrant, score and will look for a new job. In the second - Dima will perform the tasks that they might show the result of the work of Lucy.

Unlike Lucy Dima is not set for a career. Career - long-term planning, the slow movement up the stairs. Dime boring. He works not for positions and money, but for the sake of interest. Money - a bonus that helps him pay for travel, entertainment, courses. Dima - performer. But do not dull performer problems and thinking. He is interested to solve problems just like a puzzle.

Promise nagradyDima grew up surrounded by awards and trophies. He does not consider the prize at the end of stage outstanding. But the prize shows Dima value. The reward may be small or nominal, but it must appear after the promised time.

in Yandex, there are humorous promotion. After a year of service to Yandex, the employee receives the status of "guardian of the coffee-point." The longer an employee works for a company, the higher the position of the comic. Position does not give bonuses, but Milenian Branding survey showed that Generation Z prefers a slight increase over the specific period of time than a serious increase of high achievement is not known when. Em>

Generation Z is not prepared to wait. It grew in relative safety and comfort where every wish is satisfied during the year. They do not look to the future. Their horizons are closer.

Employees of Generation Z, it is important to put not only the period of execution of tasks and achievements of the first term of promise victories.


right After a three-month internship, we will consider your candidacy and possibly take you on full time. We are ready to offer you a month internship. If you work well in a month we will increase wages and take you on probation.

During the probation period for failing to work, we'll fire you. And if you take the initiative in work, joined the staff.

In the first case Dima will continue to look for a job in the second - will try to show themselves. After a month, once a trial period, we will try even harder to reach the next stage.

Generation Z is focused on quick results. The first victory they wait after the first effort. Complex may be the second stage. But steps should be limited in time.

Dima did not believe in the indefinite future. He neobhodimot him know that he would be fired for absenteeism and for the good work will increase by a specific deadline.

Difficulties rabotyKazhetsya, the new generation is better not to work: they are unmotivated, lazy and capricious. According to theorists, they will be replaced by a generation of Alfa - talented and independent child prodigies. From them will be great leaders.

Generation Z - thinking artists. This generation is easily influenced. From them, you can sculpt conscientious workers. Here are a few secrets that will help in the educational process:

In short, write deployed and points. The head Generation Z vosmisekundny integrated filter. According to research by Microsoft pay so much attention to young people new information. Children are not able to perceive Twitter long messages. Oral task should be put in 25 words. And then deployed in writing and explain the points. Each item also must consist of no more than 25 words. Generation Z remembers the bad, because they grew up in an environment where everything can be clarified on the Internet. Writing task will recall the nuances.

Draw Comics
Put huskies. These children are praised by parents and teachers for each school competition they received the award for the contest - a certificate of participation, under their pictures are going huskies and repost. They are accustomed to praise, but do not consider them something special. Generation Z can not work without "strokes." Praise for them a carrot for the rabbit, and the fuel for the train. Praise and rewards are not motivated generation Z, but their lack of new workers knocks out of the rut.

Do not collect gadgets. They live in them. According to a study of the British company "Chayldviz" representative of the generation Z are each day using a computer, tablet, smartphone and gaming console. Setting targets in the programs, services and communicators affects them better meetings. Change tools as much as possible, use of new technologies. Do not make them carry paper charts and reports, do not deprive them of the opportunity of social networks. It's all to increase their efficiency and interest in the work.

Take their leisure time. A generation accustomed to entertainment. Since childhood, the information supplied with tambourines and dancing. Representatives of the generation Z does not do the work of a cult: they are for is more important than themselves. They do not want to be taught, but love to learn. If the work is to provide entertainment and the development, they will be committed to it.

Find their friends. Mavericks with a bunch of my friends really alone. Virtual communication is still no substitute for friendly gatherings. Open and sociable in appearance, they are not able to build a relationship. By involving them in the team, helping them to feel part of the family business, you give them what they lacked. Here are the corporate media, the portals and groups, which allow participants to feel in the pack.

clearly stipulated deadline. generation understands what terms, but because of the constant procrastination often violate them. Clearly spell out terms of jobs and fines for non-compliance. Set strict but fair control of the action. Bummer themselves will be eliminated.



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