Fact of the day: Half of the people who died in the history of mankind, have been killed female mosquitoes

These little monsters are not only able to peep over the ear - they are real bloodthirsty killer!

About 45 billion people in the history of mankind have died from diseases contracted through the bite occurred mosquitoes. Mosquitoes and mosquitoes are carriers of more than hundreds of potentially fatal diseases, including malaria, yellow fever, dengue, encephalitis, elephantiasis, and anthrax.

Komar, napivshiysya blood of a patient with malaria, is able to infect another person a week or more. Despite the fact that there are pockets of malaria in the southern regions, is not excluded importation of infection and the northern regions. Mosquitoes genera Culex, Taeniorhynchus and Anopheles carry filariasis, helminth damage internal tissues.

Even today, every twelve seconds, this insect "kill" one of us.

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