12 facts about celebrities, in which time seems to have no effect. No, well, judge for yourself

These 10 stars look younger than we think. Someone lucky with genetics, someone - with plastic surgeons. Never mind. The result is that it seems that the time they just do not deystvuet.1. Gwen StefaniBelokuroy beauty, brain and lead singer of No Doubt, note 45. Yes. We also do not believe.

2. Salma HayekEsli you were shocked by the age of Gwen Stefani, better sit down, because Mrs. Hayek 48 years. But it is still pretty darn good.

3. Alison HanniganMy first fell in love with Alison in the distant 90's, when he saw her in "Buffy - the Vampire Slayer." And then in the "How I Met Your Mother." Pull will not - in general, it 41.

4. Jennifer EnistonKazhetsya, Jennifer Aniston has signed some sort of deal with the devil. Because the actress does not change at all. Even the hair is the same as in the first episode of "Friends." But time can not be fooled - it is now 46 years old.

5. Jim ParsonsVy probably agree that the actor who embodied the image of the legendary Dr. Sheldon Cooper, looks 27 years. Well, at 30. In fact, his 42 years. Such cases.

6. Elijah VudMilomu hobbitses Frodo Baggins of the Shire as many as 34 years. Do not believe us - google.

7. Halle BerriNeunyvayuschey and beautiful Halle Berry 48 years. Everyone would be such genes!

8. Rachel MakadamsKanadskaya actress impressed audiences and critics by playing in "The Notebook." Then she was 25. And now - 36, and it is still talented and charming.

9. Keanu RivzSamomu secretive and good actors in the world for 50 years. Yes, I think I spent 20 years of commercials in a lethargic sleep, because his half-century - the most unexpected.

10. Jared LetoBez comments. He was already a byword.

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