What is it - to be schizophrenic? 10 facts from the person with the diagnosis

For most of us with schizophrenia - only a word which "suffer" the characters of books or movies. But there are those who come with it zhit.

1. Schizophrenia occurs on average at 0, 5-1 people. It is much more common than many serious diseases, which is afraid of most people.

2. If a parent has schizophrenia, it can give the baby with a probability of 25%. The decisive nature of the word itself says.

3. Researchers studying the life of the great world, indicate that the clear signs of schizophrenia met Gogol, Joyce Van Gogh, Vrubel ... As they say, the list goes on ... I do not undertake to assess the contribution of schizophrenia the talent of each of them, but the fact on the face schizophrenia and great potential - creative, intellectual, labor - are quite compatible.

4. Auditory hallucinations in schizophrenia can not be distinguished from reality.

In particular, there may be so-called "echo voting" - any word or sentence uttered by the patient or someone else, can long hours "stuck" in his ears.

5. among schizophrenics is much less violent people than among ordinary citizens, that schizophrenia and aggression - not synonyms.

6. Schizophrenia can not be cured. Drug intervention is reduced to a constant receiving drugs that keep state "within».

7. incurable schizophrenia is caused by the fact that its causes had still not been established. It is known that the symptoms occur as a result of metabolic neurotransmitters. It is well known, and more, but not all.

8. Schizophrenics are resistant to different types of shock: temperature, pain, histamine, and ... to radiation!

9. Of all the persons involved in a serious responsibility before the law, people with mental illness - about 3%. The remaining 97% is called, zdorovehonki. Generally, as already mentioned, people with schizophrenia are usually quite calm.

10. The fact that patients with schizophrenia do not experience emotions, it is a myth. So it might seem from the fact that ordinary people with such a diagnosis is quite difficult to express their feelings, but inside they could "boil and seethe." But on the other side of the schizophrenic may indeed be observed emotional disorders such as excessive emotional inadequacy, coldness, apathy, and so on. D.

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