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Boys, however, as the girls do not grow by themselves. In order to educate the present and loving man, you need to work on themselves and develop it the best that is in you.

Website publish rules to help you raise a happy son.

Teach your son to express in words what he feels. The kid can cry out of desperation to hide from embarrassment, biting excitement and crying with fear. Explain to him that it is the emotions that dictate the body how to behave. Talk with your child their own emotions. When he one day will grow, it will know the difference between anger and confusion, between disappointment and grief, learn to cope with their emotions and express them properly. Be a fan of the most important of their child. Most likely, you do not just embarrass her son that will begin to sing songs of his school rock band and will show his baby pictures girls, collect the most idiotic letters, awards and achievements, writing in his blog that I have problems in school, and so on. Most likely, he will tell you one day: "Come on, Mom, stop." He will blush, but be aware that there is at least one person who is always root for him. Teach your son to clean up after themselves, cook, wash and iron a shirt socks. It is possible, he is not never come in handy, but one day his wife will be grateful. Read it and with it. Children become readers on their parents' lap. The child should see you reading, too. To tell him about their favorite books and characters. Explain why it is important to read, and read together, and then discuss, think out, dream, draw your favorite fairy - learn to express his point of view. Encourage him dance! music, rhythm and dance - it is a universal language understood by all. A fluency in his body - a necessary skill for harmonious development. Dance with your child, praise it awkward pas! Make sure that the front of it, there are examples of good men - smart, brave, strong, talented and honest. Told him about the great writers, travelers, explorers, scientists, artists, photographers. About how they lived and what they should succeed. And that inner beauty is often more important than the outside. Be an example of such a person. You have a superhero - it's true, do not doubt it for a second. But to prove every day to his young son, that you are beautiful, intelligent and honest. You - his ideal woman, the rest of the sample. teach his son some manners to say "thank you" and "please", to shake hands with women, to offer help, to give way, and so on. This will make the world around better. Give it into something to believe Your boy is not just to feel fear or anxiety, pain or sorrow, or just need you when you will not be around. Give him something that he can turn to when they feel lonely, so he knew he would never be alone. Never. teach him that sometimes you have to be very gentle - to small children, animals, flowers and the feelings of others. Give him the opportunity to spoil the number of things he still spoil If you get frustrated every time your boy will come home to a dirty and torn clothes, you enter into a losing battle. Do not waste energy on anger before the inevitable - the boys know the world, climbing trees and fences, jumping in puddles, spilling and falling. This order of things. He is fond of his interests - Learn the ins and outs of football and learn the names of his favorite team. Teach songs favorite band, understand the difference between Gryffindor and Slytherin, or learn how to draw panda ... Be an active participant in his life, not a bystander. Get together on the street Turn off the TV, turn off the video game, put the phone to charge and store away the camera. Just go outside and follow your child, look at it, examine his reactions, ask questions. It's like magic, try. Allow it to lose It would be desirable, your child will not always be a winner. And that's good, because sometimes life issues such rotations, from which we have all the forces trying to save our children. But this practice is useful to him later, when he loses again (and again and again, and again ...). Teach him that he sometimes wins and sometimes loses. But this does not mean that we should give up. Give him the opportunity to help others There is a big difference between being given the opportunity to help, and in order to get help. Enable - a light flame in the heart that one day turn into a big bonfire to light the whole world. Be an example yourself - help each other and help others. Explain to him that the practice helps achieve perfection. This applies not only to sports or music, but everything in life. Cultivate good habits that help has grown man easily cope with everything in life. to answer him when he asks, "Why?». to answer him or look for the answer together. Show him where to find the answer (ask the fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, or found on the Internet). Ask him another question, that he began to think. If ever it will be too embarrassed to ask you about something, he will know where to find the answer. Let dad taught him the most important things If you allow the pope to be immersed in the process of raising a child from the beginning, ever the son formed the correct opinion, his dad knows everything. You will always be beloved mother, but my father for the boy special person who knows all the answers. Give him something to make energy - drums, punching bag, open space, water or dog. Give him something that he can "rave" and "go crazy" - or he will use something is yours, as you can then very sorry. Build his castle Drop to the floor cushions, slide together chairs, throw with a couple of blankets on them - and your living room will turn into "a cave of miracles." This is important knowledge that every ordinary thing is the inner potential to become a fairy. You can kiss and hug him! Any mom will tell you son that little boys are very loving and gentle. They can be harsh, wild and destructive power all day, but there are times when they are very kind, gentle and sensitive. Do not be afraid to turn it into a sissy - the boys are very much in need of love! Be his home When a child learns to walk, he moves away from you just a few steps, and then returns. Then, a little farther, and again runs to you ... When he learns to draw, he will be waiting for your proud smile. When learning how to read, it will be 20 times to read the same book aloud, because my mom would listen to him with enthusiasm, and 20 and 50 times. When he is playing football - he will seek your face on the podium. When he is sick, he will call you. Even when he becomes an adult and strong, he can cry on your shoulder, do not hesitate to their senses. Even when he did grow up in his life will be a new woman and a new home, you'll still be his mother. Something permanent and unchangeable, as the sun. The most important thing is to know your son - is that it is always in your heart, and all the rest, as they say, will follow

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