What do you feel on your life today? Do you live every day to the full? Do you like what you do? You are delighted by the fact that woke up today? You live the best possible lives?

If the answer to any of these questions - "no", "do not know" or "maybe", it means that you live an incomplete life, what really should not be, because you and only you are the creator of his own happiness. Why do you waste your time on something smaller if you deserve only the best ?!

But since 2010, when I left the corporate world, every day is filled with my drive, pleasure and achievements in the areas of interest to me. I look forward to each day and that's why I want to share with you some thoughts on the matter.

This is a list of 100 principles that I try to follow, to live their lives to the fullest. The moment you begin to be guided by these landmarks - everything around becomes filled, interesting and bright. You start to live in the present.

100 ways how to live your life to the full
Every day is a new start. Do not get attached to what happened yesterday, the day before or after. Today, a new life, and even if something was wrong before - you'll be sure to try again and again.
Be a real. Stop trying to please others and be someone else. Much more interesting to live a unique version of yourself, instead of trying to become someone's duplicate.
Stop complaining. Enough to look like a whining dog that does not do anything, but it creates a lot of sound. Stop complaining about their problems, and proceed to their decision.
Be proactive. Do not wait for someone to do something, instead of embarking on themselves conceived.
Instead of thinking "what if" thinking, "the next time." Stop thinking about things that you can not change, or that makes you unhappy. Instead, concentrate on the action on important things in your life. This is the most meaningful action you can do at the moment.
Focus on "what" rather than "how". Focus on what you want before you decide how you will achieve this. If you are open to new opportunities and are willing to take action - everything is possible.
Create opportunities. You can expect that she will be an opportunity in life, or try to create them yourself.
Live more consciously. Stop being a zombie that moves along the same route, and eat the same food. Enjoy !!! Try to feel the breeze, hear the birds singing, enjoy the new dishes.
Be responsible for your growth. You and only you decide how to live your life - dozens of hours on social networks are less productive than the time spent in school. In the end, shoot the one who most inquisitive and trying to try his hand in many areas.
Know the true self. Try to give yourself an honest answer to what you want. Abstracted from public opinion, which imposes you desire to have a Mercedes, although it is possible in fact you want to live all summer in a tent on the shore of the Black Sea.
Determine your calling. Your value is a guide when choosing a calling in life. Understand what is important to you, and based on that, the basic forward motion vector.
Live in accordance with their vocation. In front of me on the whiteboard written question, "What am I doing?". Often I encounter it during my working day and trying to understand how what I'm doing at the moment corresponds to what I'm trying to come into my life.
Identify your life principles and act on the basis of them.
Learn their values. Value is what you make of this BAC. For some, the values ​​can be friends, other family and financial growth.
Focus on the highest bar. My father always says - "do everything well - very bad happens." Try to act in accordance with the highest quality and the best approach with respect to any matter.
Design your ideal life. What is your ideal life? Create it. For starters evaluate what you have at the moment, then ask yourself what you should add to it that you get the most out of 4 main components - health, financial status, social participation, and spiritual development. Once you determine what you need - immediately proceed to action. It is surprising that sometimes a trifle, as a change of dishes in the house or buying a rocking chair, it may bring a lot of joy in your life.
Stop to put life on pause. To live in the present - it is to be happy on all counts. Why build a career and bring her to sacrifice personal life? We have so much to give something for something that's different and does not envision further advance. All of the most successful and happy my friends achieve maximum balance and everywhere at once, one complements the other sphere ... If you want to go to the Tretyakov Gallery, but put it back every year - make it somehow possible. Remove the break with an important and desirable and steal some time from the right.
Keep a notebook. It write down your values, principles and plans, reflect on its pages. In the future it will become a starting point for reflection on the most important events.
Make a list of goals. Create a target at 1, 3, 5 and 10 years. The more precise objectives - the better. My goals in the short, medium and long term, complementary and contribute to each other.
Take action to meet the goals and dreams. Create a list of actions with its strategy and immediate steps.
Create your wish list.
Do not do something just because it is necessary sdelat.Lyubaya task must carry a meaning. Do not be afraid to give up something, if it is outside of your life plan.
Do what you nravitsya.Zachem postpone trips to the theater, fishing or traveling to pension ?! Pamper yourself. Spend your time and energy on something that will fill you.
Identify your passion zhizni.Esli would you have unlimited resources and no obligation, what would you do with it? Passion - is to follow his path, regardless to any problem. It's amazing how few people know, or are trying to determine his vocation in this short life.
Create your career around your vocation. Roll finally the hated work. If you do what you do not like, then just sell your soul, but with a very big discount.
Turn your vocation into money. You may ask, okay - let's say, my passion - gardening as I can on this to make a career or money ?! In our time, the full version of the monetization of their vocation - blogging, video, paid training and so on. The only thing that often stops people is that profits will be in the long term, but believe my experience, the profit (the correct approach) will exceed all your expectations.
Take lessons from criticism. Criticism - it's something that can teach you to be the best. Do not worry if you make notes - take it as a sign of the fact that you need something to change and become a better version of yourself.
Be positive. A glass really is half full. Think of life as an adventure and play. Exudes optimism and giving people a smile.
Do not speak ill of others. If you do not like something in the other person - tell him or her that in person. In any other case, do not say anything.
Put yourself in someone else's place. Try to see life from the perspective of another person. Maybe this morning you rude janitor, but why did he do it ?! Probably, it simply no one pays attention, maybe it is considered unnecessary and serving staff and did not appreciate his work. Think about how to make sure that the next time he met you smile.
Be compassionate. Indeed sympathize with someone else's problem.
Cultivate unconditional faith in himself. Believing in yourself - this is when you keep moving forward, even when all of this dissuade you. Analyze their small victory, remember how you were going against the tide, remember the fun of the fact that you were right and all - no. If you are planning something - you can be sure that everything will turn out.
Release the unhappy past.
Good-bye to those who ask for forgiveness. Do not hold a grudge against the people, and know their weaknesses and accept them for what they are.
Remove unimportant. Understand the short duration of such things as the status, fame, recognition. All these things, if you are focused on self-realization, and not on the social recognition.
Stop relationships that do not help vam.Uberite his entourage of people that add to your life unnecessary pessimism.
Spend more time with people that inspire you and support. Try to create a circle of like-minded people and laborers. It's really super cool when you are together something came up and in 10 minutes started to implement.
Build genuine relationships with people around you (strangers, family, favorite). Take the time to strengthen and improve your relationship.
Reunited with his old friend. What you would not say - unlimited number of friends. Meet up with people from your past.
Take a day schedrosti.Podumayte that from what you can do today to improve the world if only for a bit. To do good to others - this is the best way to boost your mood.
Help people when they are in this nuzhdayutsya.Vosprinimayte the move as a long-term investment. Once you get help, not expecting this.
Take inventory of your life. Once a week, a month, 3-6 months - analyze your progress and advancement to what was intended. Adjust their actions on the basis of the results obtained.
Do not tighten. Get rid of the habit to delay decision-making. 9 out of 10 missed opportunities due to the delay of the actions taken.
Help complete strangers. A friend came to American from the United States to help a complete stranger to overcome the disease. This determined his fate in the future.
Make new acquaintances. I never cease to repeat that there are opportunities, thanks to new acquaintances. Do not be afraid to force myself to put in the circle of people you are interested in and make friends with them.
Build strong relationships.
Become his adviser from the future. Imagine yourself in 10 years, and mentally ask for advice from yourself better, relatively complex decisions. What would you do if you were 10 years wiser?
Write a letter to the future itself. I recently read one such letter, and my room was filled with laughter from that naivete and inexperience. I think I'm in 5-10 years will laugh even louder Z-today.
Remove superfluous. Remove excess from the table, out of the apartment, hobbies, life. Make room for more important things.
Continue to learn. I have often said in his blog that surprised that people stop learning, finishing school. Learn - it does not mean sitting behind books - you can learn to ride behind the wheel, learn to dance, learning rhetoric and so on. The main objective - is to keep the brain in constant tension.
Develop yourself. Try to identify their weaknesses and develop them. If you are too shy - Train to be more sociable, to go toward fear.
Do yourself a permanent upgrade. Deepen already acquired knowledge and experience, become an expert in many areas.
Always try something new. You just can not imagine how many more new and interesting things you can relive and experience (for example, try and find out what Watsu massage).
Travel. Pull yourself with their routine movement - work- home home-work. Discover new places, which a lot even in your city. For me, any journey - it is always, always something new.
Do not settle in one place. Always live dynamically and try to tie him credit, repair, and so on as far as possible later.
Be the best at what you're doing. When I realized that I was good in the corporate world, but not a star - I went out into the sphere where the odds to become a better and achieve more is much higher. If you have found his calling - be the best out there.
Break their borders. Put the most impossible goal - Achieve conceived and think out something even more impossible. All your clips on what someone once told you that it is possible and what is not.
Absorb and try unusual ideas.
Create a place for inspiration. This can be a cabin, which houses all of your inspirational items (books, photos, videos), this can also be a park, cafes and so on. Create your own paradise.
Behave the way you present yourself perfect.
Create roles in life. Try somehow to act as if you were Bill Gates, Michael Jordan or some famous and successful man.
Find a mentor or guru. Study the life of his guru and try not to make his mistakes. Consult with a more experienced mentor.
Find your previously invisible strengths.
Increase your awareness.
Ask that you constructively criticize and give advice. On the side it is always better to be seen.
Try to create a stream of passive income. It may be a bank%, income from renting apartments to rent, or something else. Passive income will enable you to be free in their experiments in life and build on what you want, rather than what is necessary.
Help others to live as-possible. If you see that you can help a person to improve his life - must help him find the right path.
Get married and set up children.
Better world. The world is still very much that can be improved - to help the poor, unhealthy, deprived of opportunities for people to live normally.
Participate in the humanitarian aid program.
Give more value than you receive. When you are giving ever more - you start to eventually receive much more in return.
Try to see the big picture. Focus on the 20% that generate 80% of the results.
Let your ultimate goal is clear. What is your ultimate goal? Is what you are doing, pushes you to achieve the conceived? As long as you think of things that pushes you to your ultimate goal - you are on the right track.
Always try to find a way to 20/80. Minimum effort, but maximum results.
Prioritize. Sometimes it is more convenient to move by inertia and hard to switch to a more important task, but it is this property will make your life much more effective.
Enjoy the moment. Stay. Look. Thank fate for something nice that you have at the moment.
Enjoy the little things. A cup of coffee in the morning, 15 minutes of sleep during the day, a pleasant conversation with a dear man - all this may be the way, but you try to give due attention to all the small but pleasant moments.
Take a break. It may be 15 minutes or 15 days. Life - this is not a marathon, walk to the fun.
Try to avoid conflicting objectives.
Focus on building. For me interested in the process of creation - the creation of the game, new business and so on, when did you get out of candy.
Do not condemn okruzhayuschih.Uvazhayte others for who they are.
The only person you have to change - it's you. Concentrate on its development and growth, rather than a change in ambient.
Be grateful for every passing day.
Expresses its gratitude to you dear people.
Have fun. I have such friends, who laugh non-stop - with them I forget everything. Allow yourself to this experiment and you!
Often be in nature.
There is always a choice. In any situation, there are always several outputs.
More often, and laugh louder.
Be ready for a change - it is the essence of life.
Be prepared for disappointment - it's part of life.
Do not be afraid to make mistakes. Think of mistakes as a lesson, but try not to take the same lesson several times.
Do not be afraid to take risks. The risk - this is when all your senses to the limit and you know your limits.
Fight your fears. One of the great advised that every day to do something out of what you're afraid of. It is very difficult, but it is important.
Engage in physical activity and exercise. Do not let your body rust.
Develop your intuition and follow it, even if logic tells you that it is not necessary.
Love yourself.
Love others.

WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE? Stop and think about it ... just 15 minutes!


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