One woman died and gone to heaven. She went to the gates of heaven but it was not allowed. Then she walked over to the fence and said: & quot; let the tree grow here and it will be so many branches of how many times I changed my husband & quot ;. And increased high-prevysokoe derevo.Zhenschina climbed on it and hit the fence. So let us drink to the fact that we all are in heaven. (Execute in a purely female company)

Once a bee flew up to one tsetku, I asked nectar, but this uvetok she refused ... Then she flew to another flower, and also asked the nectar! This gave her a flower nectar! Then came the winter! He uvetok who gave nectar broken, but the one who gave remained standing & quot; !!! So let's drink to it to give and not break!

From the earliest years of our lives on earth Dragon. Once a year, he flies out of his cave and flies to cities. Flying over every city he devours all virgins.
So let us drink to the fact that we did so flying over our city, he podoh hunger!
(performed only in male company)

Long ago, God made the earth ... and populated it with all sorts of creatures, each creature decided to give 100 years of life. First galloped lloshad.Vtoroy ran sobaka.Tretey hobbled monkey. And so it came to God every single creature. And the people (as usual with a hangover) came the latest and it got only 25 let.Obidno he felt and he went to a horse with a request for his horse pomoschi.Dala 25 let.Poshel it to the dog, and she also shared with him 25 years. Well obeyana also not denied him as their next of kin. Glad people received as much as much as 100 years of life. But only the first 25 years - he lived as a man, the second 25 - runs like a horse, and some 25 - barks at all like sobaka.I past 25 years, he is an old wrinkled pozhozh obezyanu. So vypem same for all people lived 100 years and remained a man !!!

Here's to kiss! After all, a man invented it, because they do not find another way to close the mouth woman.

GOES DONKEY IN DESERT DAY GOES 2, 3, the heat pestered HERE SEES two barrels: IT WITH WATER and the other with VDKOY! DO YOU THINK THAT HE WAS TO DRINK? WATER COURSE! SO let's not donkeys have a drink VODKA !!!

Let friends, have a drink, then the next world will not give!
Well, if dadut-
Drink there and have a drink here!

To the table breaks from
A bed of pleasure!

So let us drink to the ladies, because I do not give a bad word.

I wish you dear women: young soul and body bёdrosti!

As you know, a woman passing through the shallow river predpodimaet ubku as let's vypem for shtob woman borozdily our seas and oceans.

Women - the flowers, and the flowers are beautiful when they are dissolved. So drink to loose women!

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