20 facts about animals that will surprise anyone

Editorial We adore animals! A selection of interesting facts, dedicated to our younger brothers, for sure will surprise and amuse. And at the same time - expand erudition!

1. Water worms hagfish h2> Water hagfish worms - the only animal on earth, which in the language of the two rows of teeth. These rather beautiful worms grow up to 70 centimeters and eat away at the insides of the fish (yes, including the heart). They are found in Russia, for example, in the Barents Sea.

2. Predators h2> We predators, including in domestic cats, the eyes are located in the front, in time to see the production. His eyes are located on the sides of herbivores, so they just saw an approaching predator and began to flee.

3. Octopus h2> Octopus has a rectangular pupil and angle of his eyes is 340 degrees. The man - 190 degrees.

4. Panda h2> Pandas have a special place to sleep, they sleep there, where there were at the time of fatigue. And if sleep overcame them at the time when they climbed up a tree, well, so be it.

5. Dolphin h2> While sleeping dolphin looks around one eye open, it also analyzes the situation a "duty" side of the brain! While dolphin dreaming about how during a speech at the Dolphinarium found that it does not have pants, "duty" brain ensures that the dolphin just took a breath and choked.

6. Albatross h2> albatross can sleep during the flight. Effective bird on the same principle as the dolphin: an albatross in flight at the resting one half of the brain, while the second ensures that he was kept in the air and with nothing faced.

7. Kalan h2> To otters (sea otters) have not taken over during sleep, they hold each other paws.

8. Guinea pig h2> Swiss law prohibits keeping a guinea pig at home. Only a few, because the pig - social animal. And in the case of the death of one individual Swiss should urgently to buy her another.

9. Deer h2> Each year in Finland under the wheels of up to 4,000 deer were dying, but now it's in the past. Resourceful foresters began to spray reflective liquid deer antlers.

10. Mouse h2> In the state of New Mexico Mouse burned house. Not that she did it on their own. Just homeowner threw it in the oven, and the mouse is nothing to do but to jump out of the fire and the flames spread across the shack.

11. Pig h2> In the early XX century, the German authorities have banned the Danes of North Friesland posting Danish flag. In response, the Danes brought pigs, suspiciously similar to the flag. And that suspicion turned into certainty, the breed was named "Danish pig protest».

12. Baboon h2> When an accident took away his legs James Wyden, signalman w / d paths from the South African city of Uitenhage, he decided that he had a job no one will take. James, who had to sit in a wheelchair, started chacma baboon Jack and trained his team to change direction. Jack worked under the supervision of James nine years without making a single mistake.

13. Dolphins h2> From all the splendor of mammals represented on Earth, only humans and dolphins make love, not only for reproduction but also for pleasure.

14. Kalan h2> Male otters very nicely looked after, but right before mating bite through the blood of the female nose. Therefore, the female sea otters, which had recently contacted the imprudence with a male, easily recognizable by hemorrhagic nose.

15. Giraffe h2> The baby giraffe is already in the first seconds after birth realizes that life is not an easy thing. Born, baby giraffe immediately drops from two meters, because the female giraffes give birth standing up.

16. Lions h2> lions mating period lasts for several days, during which they mate up to 40 times a day.

17. Orca h2> Killer Whale, although a relative of the dolphin can calmly deal with the shark strangled her!

18. Opossum h2> Once the opossum is frightened, it lies on its side, he closes his eyes, his nose bleeding, and in general he masterfully plays dead. But when the danger has passed, the opossum magically comes to life. In English there is an expression, even playing possum - «pretend no».

19. The slothful h2> sluggard prefers doing nothing on the ground does not go down: there is a lot of nasty beasts, that and strive to eat. But once a fortnight he still impressively slide the barrel to relieve themselves. Why did he not make it on the tree, it is not known.

20. Coyote h2> Coyotes and American badgers - are big fans together to hunt. Their goal - to prairie dogs, which are deadly from a distance when he saw a couple, are hammered into the hole. Badger clogged track and throws the dog directly to the coyote.

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