The beauty of the underwater world. Part 2.

Coconut Island in the Pacific waters of Costa Rica - the largest uninhabited island in the world, it resides only a small group of rangers who take care of the order in the reserve as an above water and under water. A few meters from the village cleared begin impassable cliffs covered with jungle, there are many human foot where no one had gone. View from the sea to the island is very impressive - steep rock walls covered with lush vegetation from which flow down dozens of towering waterfalls. Something similar in terms of waterfalls I have seen only in New Zealand Fiordland.
Part 1.

A flock of hammerhead sharks at Alcyone, the depth of 33 meters

Despite the distance - at Coconut can only be reached by boat from the Costa Rican port of Puntarenas, it takes 35-40 hours depending on the weather - this island is very well known. It is believed that it was it buried treasure Peru exported conquistadors and later got into the hands of pirates - one of the most "delicious" unfound treasure in history. "Treasure Island" Stevenson - it is about coconut. On the fictitious island in the Pacific waters of Costa Rica, copied from Coco action unfolds the book and film "Jurassic Park." There is a theory that it was a real haven Coconut Robinson Crusoe. By all this glory team of Jacques Cousteau explored the waters around the island added fame as one of the greatest underwater reserves, known primarily for the huge number of hammerhead sharks.
Now the island is one of the national parks of Costa Rica, access to it is limited, and all three vessels are authorized to conduct the dive safaris in its waters. I must say that the quality of diving is highly dependent on the season, and the best seasons typically places on those ships have come to an end nearly a year.
On the island itself is allowed to disembark for a short walk lasting about two hours, and even then not every day. This is enough for a walk along the beach to look at the life of the Rangers and then to plunge into a couple of waterfalls.

Curious hammer on the point of Dirty Rock, depth of 32 meters

Bay Beach Chatam Bay

Night hunting Whitetip Sharks in shallow water at the rock Manuelita, the depth of 12 meters

Moorish Idols at the point Punta Maria, the depth of 33 meters

Okeanos Aggressor anchored in the waters of Cocos Island

Silver shark and manta rays silhouette in the background, Point Silverado, 15 meters

Flock trevally on the point of Dirty Rock, 25 meters

Morning view of the rock Manuelita ship Okeanos Aggressor

Hammerhead sharks at the point of Dirty Rock, 32 meters

Marble ramp at night hunting, Manuelita shallow water rock, 12 meters

A flock of hammers on the point of Punta Maria, 33 meters

Silver shark point on Silverado, 15 meters

Zodiac boat, from which proisohodili dive

The whale shark floating at the surface, Chatam Bay, 5 meters

Night hunting Whitetip Sharks in shallow rock Manuelita, 12 meters

Silver shark poses for a photo, point Silverado, 15 meters

One of my favorite objects for photography - tropical lagoon islands and the coast where I have to go to during the dive cafari. White clouds, blue sky, aquamarine sea, shallow water green, yellow and orange hues of sand - all of these colors create simple natural harmony, looking at that every time I am experiencing feelings for freedom and joy.
I unified the several meditative pictures of these wonderful specimens of natural beauty in the gallery «project lagoon dreams» - it is constantly replenished with the best photos of my future trips and archives previous ones - and I share it with you. Ref to the gallery as usual will live in the header of my journal.
Beach at Yap island, Micronesia

Carp Island, Palau

Pacific Harbour, Viti Levu Island, Fiji

Sipadan Island, Malaysian Borneo

Somewhere at the rock islands, Palau

Carp Island, Palau

Kapalai Island, Malaysian Borneo

Somewhere at Ari Atoll, Maldives

Kapalai Island, Malaysian Borneo

Cocos Island, Costa Rica

Carp Island, Palau

Pacific Harbour, Viti Levu Island, Fiji

Mangrove beach, Yap Island, Micronesia

Rangiroa Atoll, French Polynesia

Somewhere at Rock Islands, Palau

South Male Atoll, Maldives

Port of Puntarenas, Costa Rica

It's hard to tell that any new words about the beauty of the Maldives. In March, our friendly team of sixteen people, including a lot of users Learn, spent ten wonderful days among beautiful beaches, crystal clear lagoons, crazy sunrises and sunsets every day and repeatedly plunging discovering the underwater world of the Maldives from new angles.
Napoleon and diver

Safariynyh Yacht Sultan of Fervour

Paffer among sea squirts

Marble ramp and diver

A typical Maldivian Island Hotel

Amfiprion hiding in the tentacles of an anemone

Flock Kashmiri Snappers and diver

Beach on a desert island

A flock of barracuda

Hawksbill turtle and diver

Sunset on the Ari Atoll

Giant manta

Playing with a bunch of reef fish

Storm in Paradise

Whitetip sharks and trevally

Diver and Napoleon

Dense forest Maldivian

Flock plataksov

Moray and diver

Maldivian sunset

Giant manta

The diver and gorgonian

Blue anemones


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