Most abnormal island. Sailing - do not be afraid, do not cry Flee

"Island, an island somewhere waiting for us the island" - Vyacheslav Malezhik sang, and we listened to and believed. Someone dreamed of privacy in the style of Robinson Crusoe. An accomplishment others were Canaries, and became the Maldives and Bali. Ukraine and Romania, holding the figs in his pockets, sued for the only island in the Black Sea, called the Serpent.
But not all people have in mind only comfort, bliss, but all sorts of benefits. Those who are called extreme, ready to give a half-life and / or half a million of money, just to visit this place, which they say metaphors. Such as "Hell on Earth", "Resident Evil", "Pole of Inaccessibility", "zone", etc.

1. The Izu Islands are waiting for tourists in gas masks
To the south of Tokyo in the Pacific archipelago located in Izu. One of the islands in the chain, Miyake-jima, creates a unique challenge to visitors. Joke of nature that the island is Mount Oyama, who over the last hundred years, woke up 6 times. Under the Miyake-jima constantly bubbling magma. Therefore, on this island - the world's highest natural concentration of poisonous sulfur gases in the air.

In 2000, the population of the island was evacuated because of off-scale sensors poison content in the local atmosphere. In 2005, some brave allowed to return. They are on the island economy, engaged in normal Japanese business, but are forced to carry a gas mask ready for use. Automated notification system - as soon as the concentration of sulfur gases exceed the limit, vzvyvaet siren and all wear masks. Howling may hear at any time of the day or night. Even if people have a holiday.

Though Miyake and looks post-apocalyptic borough, tourists visit the island with a live curiosity. The fact is that if the island is purposely not sniff and be mentally prepared for the team "Strip!", You can admire the elegant nature or scuba diving, play with the dolphins, which is found in local waters very much. And the masks of all colors and sizes are sold in tourist shops.


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