Bullying Islands

Photostory blogger lawyerdv on a trip to the nearby islands of Bali.

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Go to Bali island that is also from Odessa in the Crimea - the country and the sea are the same, but the feeling is different. On islands in Indonesia, there is no deficit, which would neither come - all the same island, different sizes. We decided to explore the smallest - Gili.

Lived (Gili) is not one, but three small islands near ostrovischem Lombok (Lombok). Word gili is a general concept, "small island", so when planning better for yourself to understand which of you have lived Lived.

1. First you need to get there once. Distance something in the area of ​​80 kilometers surmounted by sea for a couple of hours and $ 77 dollars per person on a fast boat. Water and pills for seasickness included. Departure from the hotel by car to the port at 6:30 am.

2. Together with us on the boat 15. The boat traveled man driving fast enough, so far as the waves every hit on that at this speed evoked a desire as quickly as possible to be on the island, no matter what any of us were waiting.

3. Lived Islands are an original conservation area, where ground transportation horsepower is not an abstract value but a living no alternative way to move around the island on a long distance. By such means the transfer of the schooner to the hotel - 200 unbearable for tourists exhausted civilization meters. But even in the name of preserving the island cloven-hoofed livestock, I do not want to ship to the ball engage in trade with the local cab, loaded with suitcases so I got a couple of minutes on foot.

4. Small island - the best way to ensure that the Earth is round. I could not wait to empirically confirm the hypothesis that if you go all the time, right along the beach, you can reach the same point from which it came. The assumption proved correct, to prove lasted two hours walking in the midday sun, and two bottles of beer, however, is the revelation of spiritual exaltation did not cause. But the walk itself was very informative in terms of familiarization with the local infrastructure. The entire perimeter of the island in greater or lesser concentrations are hotels that differ in terms of comfort and degree of distance from the cluster of humanity in the entertainment business. Below is the budget option - $ 25 a night for a room with a bed and uncomfortable facilities.

5. The population of tourists is mainly composed of Australians, that is puzzling, because they have not much cooler climate. True or not, but we were told that over Australia in the world record ozone hole and instead run the risk of sunburn Australians fuck big problems with the skin. And those who want to hide from the sun in the water, waiting for the bloodthirsty shark. So Australians are buying (or building) on ​​the island of your own bungalow, which is probably also possible to rent. View they have quite decent:

6. There was one hotel that I liked the most. It is practically the last on the west coast (the busiest of the island). For $ 150 you can get a separate bungalow with a private plunge pool and luxurious sofas on the beach. Unfortunately, I can not remember the name, but it is not advertised online. If anyone is interested, I will show a finger where it is on the map.


8. Is there an island without the Cote d'Azur? I always wanted to dive in such an ocean, in clean water wildlife color of copper sulfate in the basin of my grandmother's vineyard. I imagine my surprise and later disappointed to learn that this color is obtained by dead corals covering a hundred meters of the seabed around the island. Petrified and burnt under the sun all the coral ruins are white, chalky color and tint ocean water during high tide. So the day you can devote yourself bultyhaniyu in water depth of not more than a meter from the bottom disgusting - coral cut his feet and without slippers to go there just is not possible.

9. And at low tide the coral cemetery is laid bare and looks very sad, as the following photos. I tend to do the most artistic scenery, which is why the next frame is not fully disclose the unsightly beach at low tide:

10. But for people interested in biology there is a paradise - you can walk on the reefs and treat all living creatures, which remains in small puddles similar to aquariums:

11. Close to the beach (the beach where you can call anywhere in the coastline, since the perimeter of the island more than anything and not) stood an old ship. More precisely, his remains. Linger a while he was there as an alternative source of production of construction materials on the island. In other cases, they have to bring to the big island, which is quite expensive. In the evening, several local formic carefully analyzing ship parts for bungalows.

12. The island is full of places where you can sit and have a beer. Variety, as the price, the whole united Indonesia - Bitang $ 3 for a bottle of 0, 75. The beer is good and wonderful.

13. But not a single beer treat themselves to the inhabitants of the island. At some point I voziklo impression that Indonesia has decided to make the island a local Amsterdam, to all the freaks and rastomany concentrated in one place. Hear Russian speech, any local Indonesian ingratiating starts broadcasting: "Grass, grass." Presumably these words cut out key etymology of the name of the island Trawangan. Ironically, according to Indonesian law, a guy offering me the grass was on the verge of shooting actually risked his life. Although for me it remained a mystery how these lovely people in general can someone shoot. A few cafes open mushrooms are invited to buy drugs in various combinations of cocktails or meals. A guy with a cigarette in a picture, you think he smokes Marlboro? My God, what his eyes when he talks to you, it seems that it broadcasts from deep space, which is also confirmed by the delay in his reactions and terribly bad because of his consciousness.

14. Even before the trip to the island, I read about mushrooms and firmly decided for myself that I'll try. Long did not have to look, no one hides advertisements.

15. So, that night, the courage, I decided to fill up the collection of experience mushroom cocktail. I brought booze brown color with a sweet taste and smell of mushrooms. Actually, it was just sweetened water with mushrooms. At first I decided to drink slowly to follow the reaction. But as a result of discussions in the battered man, brought me a cocktail, found that the effect occurs at most an hour. Therefore skorenko finishing his drink, it was decided to go for dinner. Of course, in a more decent place than this freaky Handel. After half an hour I started to stir well. In the cafe I have completely lost my appetite, to be precise, it was the opposite sense of desire to eat or drink. So I bravely suffered 40 minutes, while maintaining the sobriety of consciousness, which I at this point saying, "Dmitry, you're drunk poisonous mushrooms in a dirty gadyushne. The fact that you feel sick it is more than natural! "That is, Not that everything was going according to plan, but it was quite logical. By the time when I began to think that I am on the edge of the earth, in a place where the best that doctors can do - to establish the cause of death and it is not today, I suddenly felt better. After that, everything was pretty harmless. First leg, and then the whole body began to go numb in the manner of anesthesia stomatkabinete when you cease to feel polscheki. There was a feeling that there is no gravity, and I'm not going to - floating above the ground. Otherwise, nothing supernatural had happened, I could speculate, I kept a sense of humor, and that shows the soundness of mind, peacefully landed on the sofa in the cafe overlooking the sea, to plunge into thinking about life. I waited hallucinations, but they never came. It was a quiet evening at a nearby table, two young couples hysterically laughing at the ashtray, and then started jumping pike in the sand. Life on the island took its usual course. The greatest happiness I felt when once again felt the gravity. I realized that I landed and it was really very nice - to meet again with the familiar reality. I ordered more whiskey and satisfaction realized that it was my choice. I could not resist the photo supplement fiction. This is the cocktail.

16. The next day began with a beach. Actually I rarely do so, but for the sake of "tick" lain under that same tree (see how comfortable) for about an hour.

17. Not knowing firsthand what Kitesurf I watched in horror as a couple of guys were worn on the kites in the place where any fall would certainly fail.

18. reverent attitude to nature on the island is evident not only in horses. All hotels without exception, from the shower pouring sea, salt water. Desalination systems consume too much power to be powered by solar panels. A different way of electricity on the island does not produce - diesel generators banned for polluting the atmosphere.


20. On the second day came to understand the island. Imagine that you are invited to a big private party. You do not know anyone, but it is assumed that all around friends. So here. You can sit around in cafes and stare at the sea as you like, you can walk, drink, eat plants (about it later), or simply lie on the beach. Some ride bikes, run a lot with the players around the island. Every day, wishing to meet with the sunset on the island or climb anywhere. Atmosphere full of friendliness and anarchy - the island is completely absent and the police as well as the need for it.


22. When traveling along the coast we have long wondered about the purpose of these facilities. Studying in the evening at the map of the island, we saw the "point of view the sunset" and it coincided with the place. Indeed, every day for an hour - a half before sunset, many tourists come to the island is the place to enjoy those famous than the whole of Indonesia - the highlights of the show with fiery sunset. In a few hours open bar, filled with beer and inappropriately loud music.

23. I will tell you a little secret. Just above this place there is a staircase that leads up to the viewing platform, from where the landscape is best seen and heard worse music. By the way, this way you can use to climb to the highest point of the island and see it almost entirely from above.



26. Despite the large number of boats, we have been trading for the opportunity to travel to the neighboring island - Gili Meno. I did not want to pay 35 bucks for a trip of 400 meters, and greedy and lazy natives in less than 50 disagreed. Since the neighboring island from afar looked just like Trawangan, I decided to spend the money on beer. In principle, the 400-meter swim is not a problem even for the very poor swimmer. But between the islands is really a very strong current. As a result, you can swim a lot more than the distance in the open ocean. And in Java I was planning to get a more traditional way.

27. You can travel much cheaper - that such charters are designed for staff working on the island. Unfortunately, it needs to unpredictable long wait until a sufficient number of people to travel. Return the same way.

28. Sunset on the island is really extraordinary.

29. This view of the island. Ahead o.Lombok where there is an airport with an extensive system of transfers. On the left are the neighboring islands.



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