Trinity Islands

In this article we will go about the islands of the Trinity, or as they are called «Whitsunday Islands». This beauty is a beautiful archipelago of islands. And there are islands off the coast of Trinity Queensland, which is 900 km from north of Brisbane. In the heart of the archipelago is the largest island of the group - the island Trinity. As far as the commercial center of the region, then it is considered to Hamilton Island.

These islands are called so because of the fact that the ship Captain Cook passed through the strait that separates the mainland from the archipelago, and he gave them these names. Trinity is an island of some part of the Great Barrier Reef. It is worth noting that these wonderful islands tourist destination began relatively recently and only recently in the region have begun to actively develop the infrastructure in order to attract tourists.

As noted, during the 1990s. the number of people visiting the islands began to grow rapidly, and in the period 2008-2009 these islands are visited by about 700,000 tourists. Such rapid growth in popularity is that these islands are characterized by natural exclusiveness, which is especially evident in the National Natural Park, which is located on this beautiful archipelago. This park is always ready to take the visitor on a tour and overview short-term visit. In addition, in this wonderful park can put the camp, but it needs to make a preliminary application.

As an archipelago of islands adjacent to the Trinity Islands of the Great Barrier Reef, it also washed by the waters of the Coral Sea, which is famous for its unique marine fauna and flora. Every year, from May to September a group of humpback whales near these islands purposefully migrate, thus attracting many tourists. From October to May, these islands can enjoy the beautiful, but the most dangerous spectacle - namely, the migration of rare jellyfish. By the way, the latter burns to humans can be deadly, so gently!

On the islands of Trinity there are many sorts of "interesting", but the main attraction of this place is fabulous beach areas. Only here you can see the sparkling white sand and glowing azure water. In total, the group officially listed 74 islands, of which only eight are inhabited. This suggests that the islands are ideal for professional fishing, sea solitary walks, surfing, diving or windsurfing.

Trinity Islands - an incredibly romantic place, just imagine the starry sky, dazzling sunsets, secluded beaches, beautiful scenery and a purity of air, which literally get drunk from it! In these places you can sail, dive, swim, to engage in all sorts of water sports.

Definitely, if you want to relax your body and soul, the Trinity Island - a great option! It's safe to say that the local scenery, these places make one of the most beautiful on the planet. And the opportunity to retire on some islands of the archipelago, make this area unique literally! All of this suggests that the islands of the Trinity - is a place that you should visit, and if you have the opportunity, you will certainly take advantage of it!


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