Boracay Island

So, it will be about the island "Boracay", which in a number of rankings among the top 5 best-ku resorts Planet.

Moreover, Boracay beach has long been considered the center of the Philippines and its key attraction is the many kilometers line, which consists of white coral sand color. It is for this on the island of Boracay and travel hundreds of thousands of tourists.

As for the climate, here he pronounced monsoon. Roughly from November to May is blowing north-east wind, thereby creating excellent conditions for kite surfers and surfers usual. During this period, the sea is clean and quiet, but in the period from April to June is the hottest season begins.

Boracay - 4 mile white sand beach, cozy cottages on the shore of the ocean in beautiful lagoon, scuba diving, windsurfing, many shops, azure water surface and exotic dishes.

If you raise the issue of food, then in Boracay with this too, all in order, there is food for every taste and every budget. This island will allow to touch the Italian, French and Chinese cuisine. In this case, for each separate kitchen imprint imposed local conditions and peculiarities.

Despite the fact that it is quite tiny island, it is desirable to move on tricycle, the latter can be rented here at the price of 150 rubles / hour.

Boracay Island is famous for its treatments that cleanse not only the body but the soul. Set of procedures is always assigned to a doctor, it may include meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, exfoliation, massage, body wraps, sauna and more. There on the island and more exotic, if not unique procedure.

But the hallmark of Boracay still are beach areas ...

The first beach, which is worth mentioning - "White Beach", he called, because the sand is incredibly white and incredibly fine as flour. By the way, the beach «White Beach» has twice recognized the cleanest beach area of ​​the planet and every year he recognizes the best beaches in Asia. The length of the beach area is 4 km away, it is considered to be a landmark proud of this wonderful island.

In the Philippines, you will not find many restaurants, hotels, bars, dive centers and shops in the 1st quarter. miles, as White Beach. Here bustling 24 hours / day.

The second beach that you must visit - Bulabog, it is located on the east coast a kilometer from the legendary "White Beach».

Also deserves attention "Puka Beach", which is located in the north of the island, it was so named because of a small round and white shells. These
shells have become incredibly popular in the late '70s, when in public Elizabeth Taylor was seen in the original beads, made from the same shell.

Well, in the end we would like to mention the "beach-Iligan Iligan," which is
in the east Boracay. By the way, not far from this beach there are three caves inhabited by flying foxes, fruit and berry, but for the sake of propriety, it is worth noting that the sea is not calm.

Boracay Island - the most beautiful places of our planet, this has seen tens of millions of people. This is the island that is sure to visit!


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