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We continue to journey through the Caribbean islands. Today, Virgin Islands. They share three territories: British Virgin Islands, US Virgin Islands and Spanish Virgin Islands. The Spanish general, few people know because they belong to Puerto Rico. Virgin Islands have become famous worldwide for its offshore. It is a merit of the British, it is often called the capital of the offshore world, because there are registered 40% of offshore companies. The US is the most populated of the islands, they sell diamonds and engaged in oil refining.

01. Swim in the British Virgin Islands (BVI local abbreviated as Bi-V-I, the first letters of the English name of the territory).

02. Citizens of Russia to visit the BVI needs a separate visa, which is issued by the British consulate.

03. The islands all with a steep terrain on which the houses stand. He lives in the BVI 25 000 people. Such a big village.

04. Virgin Islands, we are familiar with. It is the world's largest offshore. In the British Virgin Islands is no corporate income tax and tax on personal income, as there is no VAT and sales tax.

05. The BVI registered 40% of all offshore companies in the world. Why here? Here, you can open the company for 1 day, no one finds fault with the documents, and most importantly - Confidentiality: the British Virgin Islands do not have a single register of beneficiaries. However, recently the authorities of the British overseas jurisdictions have begun to discuss the possibility of creating a single public register of owners. So soon the bench, maybe closed down.

06. Let's see what it looks like offshore capital of the world. So, Road Town - the capital of the British Virgin Islands.

The guide says that here there live 10 000 people. I do not know where they live here. The whole city can be bypassed in 10 minutes. We have this town hesitate to call. Large village, probably 4 streets, 2 store.

07. This island administration.

08. In order to somehow brighten up the experience visiting tourists, all the houses in the center painted in acid colors.

09. The brighter the better.

10. However, none of the local resident because his house does not paint.

11. In the city there is nothing at all. That I am not exaggerating. Several streets with colorful shed, which houses a café and gift shop.

12. Several shops with junk.

13. Market.

14. The main supermarket in the country. Public transportation available: Only taxis and car hire.

15. Not really imagine why tourists come here.

16. A local resident.

17. After 10 minutes, the city is over, the forest begins.

18. The city is one of the main centers of chartering a yacht in the Caribbean.

19. Let's go back.

20. On the outskirts of the old houses remained.

21. To the right is the oldest building in the city: this former royal prison on Main Street, built in the 1840s

22. Now I understood why the BVI only need one day to register a company. More then one will not stand to be.

23. A great place to come for an hour and will go back.

24. The offshore business center of the capital.

25. All. Then it is necessary to take a boat and go somewhere.

26. Other Islands BVI sparsely populated.

27. Let us swim in the neighboring country - US Virgin Islands (ABO, or just Virgin Islands). English Virgin Islands of the United States, but the Americans say "Virgin Islands", it is meant the US. We often say "Virgin Islands", referring to the UK, where offshore. In the US no offshore islands not. So it is wise to talk about an offshore paradise "British Virgin Islands", but about the travel - just "Virgin Islands".

28. In contrast to the British Isles, the US is much more interesting. Firstly, there is the old English double-decker buses. Secondly, lives here 4 times as many people - 100 000. It's all live off the tourists. As well as Puerto Rico and Guam, is "an organized unincorporated territory of the United States." That is the local American citizenship, but their laws.

29. The streets of the capital, Charlotte Amalie. By the way, the Americans bought the Virgin Islands from Denmark in 1917.

30. This is a local taxi-buses, taxis. It is difficult to imagine a more ugly car. Rates for fixed and taxis registered in the special plate.

31. Visitor Centre.

32. bobblehead driven.


34. Tourists are well in the Virgin Islands.

35. Beaches, yacht, sun



38. Someone removes the advertising clothing.

39. Models

40. Sunset

41. But the main thing - it's shopping. All of the main street in jewelry stores. Here are all well-known brands. Americans traveling to the Virgin Islands for diamonds.

42. Shops do not know how to lure tourists to itself, even offer free wi-fi. Why is a free internet in the jewelry store?

43. In the evening, all the jewelry in the city are closed and you can even walk.

44. In general, I wonder why all the shops closed at 6:00? Restaurants are open until 9 locks on the jewelry.

45. Main Street

46. ​​That's it. via Ilya Varlamov (zyalt)



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