11 superpowers that technology has endowed man in the near future

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Everyone in childhood were favorite superpowers - flight, invisibility, strength and agility of a superhero. Even as teenagers and young people, some of us secretly hope to develop psychic abilities such as telekinesis, precognition, or mind reading.

Now, thanks to advanced technology, developed by a number of public and private corporations and research institutions, the age of transpersonal and superhuman powers have in front of us - an age when people use technology to master the magic and psychic abilities who once enter the world of science fiction in our world. < br />
1. Flying at an altitude of almost one kilometra7966c47538.jpg

«Martin Aircraft Company» New Zealand has developed an extreme ultra-light aircraft, which will give wings to man. By the end of this year the jetpack will be available for police officers and firefighters. By 2015, 200,000 of these devices will be available for sale to the general directors, daredevils, and anyone with a fetish Tony Stark.

Jetpack allows fly about 30 km at a speed of 75 km / h at an altitude of over 900 meters.

2. Telekinesis in your kitchen and on the boyad4c3db109c.jpg

The technology, known as an electroencephalogram (EEG) by the control device will soon pave the way for a new way of life: you will be able to manage complex mechanisms and other objects, such as a coffee machine, as you lie in bed - with the help of the thought.


At least two companies - «Neurosky» and «MC10» - hoping to sell real telekinetic power to consumers as well as manufacturers of medical equipment, and industrial and military enterprises.

3. anticipation of the archive of the new software, called "Recorded Future» («Recorded Future»), is more than 100 million events of the past, present and future (planned future events). This technology uses algorithms to merge and analyze all information and predicts the possible outcomes in the future.


The tool is considered by marketers, investors and security services as a way to predict the development of events.

It's not only technology that made the revolution in the field of the paranormal. Project simulation Ministry of Defense uses similar data in real time for the study of how an individual or a crowd can react to certain situations in the future.

4. These invisibility cloaks already exist ... pochticb51b5bdd6.jpg

Fairy invisibility cloak for a long time been a part of pop culture, and it may be closer to reality than you think. Scientists in military and research institutions are working on a device that can bend light around an object so that it disappears from view.

5. A good ear, like koyota11ec9a3753.jpg

You know how well they hear a dog? If you include a wider range of frequencies that they hear twice as good a person - up to 45 kHz. And coyotes can hear the sound frequency up to 80 kHz.

Good news for those who, for whatever reason, really wants to have the same ability.

London company «Industrial Facility» is developing a new technology to enhance hearing. The device looks like glasses, equipped with four microphones which pick up sounds and converts them to a three-dimensional sound is perceived by people in some way to strengthen their ears to the level of a coyote.

6. Mind reading: pick up where the doctor threw Brauna64b28f68c.jpg

Who would not like to read the thoughts of other people? Imagine that you can find nuggets of information about the investor or appreciate the love interest of potential fans.

There are countless ways to terrible abuse of this technology, but it does not stop a team of scientists from Yale from trying to read the minds of their subjects, using brain scans to reconstruct the image based on neural activity.

"This technology can be used to find out what it is like to be autistic, or have a strong latent racial or gender bias, or are under strong hallucinogenic drug," - said Alan S. Cohen, lead author of the study.

7. Superhuman Strength / skorostf157da2874.jpg

Would you like to be more, is not it?

The company «Raytheon» states that created an exoskeleton that allows you to raise and lower the 90 kg several hundred times and not get tired. Also suit allows repeatedly struck seven centimeters of wood.

This is just the beginning. When nanotechnology and materials such as graphene and diarsenides trikadmiya enter into practice, we will enter a golden age of exoskeletons and sverhchelovechesih opportunities.

8. Artificial zhabry8cee4114b3.jpg

For those who like scuba diving, this technology is likely to show the best of the entire list.

Many companies have tried to create artificial gills, but «Like-A-Fish Technologies», seems to have cracked the code. They have developed a scuba gear, which can get the air out of the water.

In 2010, the inventor Alan Izhar-Bodner said that their prototype can provide a diver "breathable oxygen extracted from the water and produce carbon dioxide," and they are working on a fairly compact version, so that it can be used by divers. < br />
They better hurry: many companies are trying to patent the technology.

9. Bionic vision and supermikroskop403955240a.jpg

Currently, researchers from the University of Washington create a bionic contact lens that can add to the human vision navigation, Internet access and even games. Same as Google Glass, but even cooler.

Even more incredible that Tokyo-based company «JEOL» microscope has created, which gives an increase of 50 million times compared to the size of the object. It will be very useful when you choose a good look at the latest quarks.

10. Crawl on the walls, as Man-pauk0e3963d4f6.jpg

This device for quick coupling, and Cornell University researchers say that the technology manipulates the surface tension. The technology, which is funded by DARPA and the National Science Foundation, one day allow people to walk on walls and other surfaces.

You can already look for yourself Spider-Man costume.

11. Clairvoyance: the use of biogenetics to hold all knowledge chelovechestvac287e6596a.jpg

Nigel Körner created futuristic microchip "Soul Catcher 2025» («Soul Catcher 2025"), the capacity of which will collect the huge amount of information about virtually every moment of communication between people.

Dr Chris Winter of the team of "artificial life" British Telecommunications believes that this technology, coupled with advances biogenetics will one day be able to recreate the people as artificial objects and all the information that they had - essentially creating a database of all human knowledge.

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